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  1. bubble bursting time most 3rd evos arent cute at all and what can drifblim evolve into.... drifzep (zepplin) see no good names no really i cant think of a third evo for it O_o
  2. i woulda done it my self like i did my current one but i got a ton of stuff to do and i got to help my dad with something
  3. great i dont mind who does it but you did make the sig
  4. i kinda want a avatar to match the sig telos made for me so if that can get done after you guys finish Narwal's that'll be great
  5. Ready for The Fight- The Young Punx and Count Bass D
  6. Corsola and Luvdisc are asking for a evo but so is Spinda it should get a 2nd and 3rd evo base 40 stats equal 1 st evo
  7. I was so beast in that game .... so much that i beat round 2 with NU pokemon but that was gsc it was possible (*sigh*)
  8. im a houndoom im quiet and nice with my peers but get in my way and get roasted
  9. Well you haven't seen mine which has hp ice (i have 2 thyplosion one with hp ice and 1 with hp grass great iv's and ev trained on my pkmn platinum ) takes out areodactdyl and salamence and if i get a crit a dragonite for roasting the hp grass one is a risk but usually i get swampert swamped 2 too
  10. Comrade, thyplosion is my choice because of the Boom Boom Firepowa! Eruption+Stab+Scarf=pwn i strongly disagree with the dethoned statement
  11. I wish to ask you if you can make me a houndoom signature under a night sky with my name somewhere if possible any font will do
  12. hows my cat .... is that better? no more cups. i found it on my hdd
  13. ill get another pic up when i can ... i was on my ps3 i didnt have many pic's. by the way i need a sig .... every time i join a forum i forget my sig (i want a houndoom in russia we have guarddogs that pokemon would make a great guarddog for my landlords mill.):cool:
  14. Im good everything is fine
  15. My avitar is fine as long as it's allowed but if its not ill do so thanks.
  16. Preach, I personally like to customize my movesets. I dont need no elitest group tell me what I need to do. I do what im want to as long as it's ok
  17. Hows it going i cant think of a good introduction so .... hi
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