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  1. (Im not joking I'm serious alert) I have extensively used pichu in melee and In brawl the trainer is beast Triple finish <3 super effective is super
  2. Oh that's how they got it ..... I'll wait >_>
  3. Yeah and I noticed the tran weakness but my team is almost set in stone unless the metagame changes
  4. Epilogue: This battle between two people that Thought that this was just a battle a test of sorts created something so epic...with class ...that it made the crowd stand up and cheer. That it made people call their friends and say with force "You got to see this!" without telling him/her the channel it was on because they were too into it. That if you missed it your friends will annoy you to no end about how great it was but as we have seen before. Two seemingly plain Individuals may create great epics....without knowing that it was one. Thats what makes an epic....the unknowing making the unbelievable happen But who are these combatants? The Veteran SilentFox who has taken down some big names in wi-fi and in netbattle and now shoddy. And Naru-Chu now I wouldn't call him a noob most people will and personally its not fair you'll see why very soon. also hes known for some awesome sigs ....like mine The Team As Presented by SilentFox The Team As Presented by Naru-Chu Enjoy
  5. I say that this is a very sad case........I say that .....Maybe i may be wrong....but it may be ....OCD....
  6. 55kb/sec So GreenCat I can understand ...
  7. So you'll get beat up, shot at, cut up, blown up, etc etc you might want to reconsider
  8. I have some time I normally don't post here .... yes I can work on stuff regardless of what my age is I'll try to make Spanish and Russian
  9. IIlithian i believe these are (Crono correct me if im wrong) OHKO clause Sleep clause Stadium clause (6 to a team but you may only choose 4) Legal Legendary clause (if you have Zapdos no Moltres)etc etc No hax teams ie togekiss with serene grace and air slash No luck items (King's rock, Brightpowder,Lax Incense etc etc) Freeze clause Draw results in a sudden death where only 2 pokes are chosen No ubers (latias is OU no soul dew though) so i think thats it
  10. They really should.....I miss the P.A Announcer guy too
  11. Heres what we all do.... hack all the computers and steal all the code and make a program that once launched will effectively let us understand this phenomenon and destroy it using a weapon based of that knowledge behind a altered missle sheld. (altered so nothing except air and the people already inside can enter) and fire it from a distance of 2,900 meters so that the javerlin style weapon can effectively reach maximal altitude and explode just as a MOAB would(Fuel-Air) fired from a altered MLRS right above the target for maximal annihilation ....btw im 15
  12. Rofl .... they were really remastered sound the guy who did the sound work is now gone but here are a one of epic themes from it *sigh* www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrIFyilEWQc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnMhdFALzUs listen for the entry sounds
  13. Welcome to ProjectPokemon....hope you enjoy your stay (psst not a bot .... Rofl)
  14. Not having a specific strategy is a definite problem maybe putting Alakazam in as a late game sweeper ... i do have my set for that but i have to actually look at it this time instead of writing whatever comes to mind.... And having a swampert,hippo,or bronzong lead to put down rocks would be good. Brongzong may even aliviate your ground weakness with 0 Iv's in speed and put gyro ball in .... but if thats how your gunna do it dont lead off with that set ok. Another thing and maybe people may disagree and thats fine is that a metagross may very well end your gyara problems ... zapdos does too as we definitely do not want yet another ground weakness and btw another way to end your ground troubles is the basic yet frustrating Pikablu Azumarill set which may help tenta [sprite]184[/sprite] Pikablu the Azumarill@leftovers HP 252 Def 176 SPd40 Att or Spa 40 depending on attacks Rain dance Substitute Waterfall/Surf/HydroPump Toxic/AquaRing/BellyDrum for waterfall if this set fails people have been known to fix it
  15. i know it is .... i just run by and wrote without looking thanks though :]
  16. thank you bob i can make sets ... i just dont know exactly what i would like to say X_x
  17. Maybe both ....j/k ...lol
  18. Welcome To Pokécenter heres my top 5 5 Pichu .... because i pwned in melee with it lol 4 Porygon 2 because i pwned in shoddy with it 3 Houndoom because i pwned crobat and bronzong with it 2 Ariados because i pwned in doubles with it and finally my top poke..... 1 PorygonZ : because i pwned in OU all day long with it
  19. Continuing the status theme i know your gunna think im joking but [sprite]012[/sprite] butterfree / leftovers Ability compoundeyes since it raises the powders acc to 97.5% Timid 252 spe 252 sta 4 def (someone get me a better spread) stun powder sleep powder bug buzz u-turn or hp/ice/ tailwind for venusaur
  20. .... Movesets ? ev's i know you just restarted but... for many rmt's this is nessicary even a planned one ... so do you have any movesets in mind?
  21. Hello .... please try not to be too stupid ....(as in funny stupid is fine ... other kinds....idk lol) Welcome To Project Pokemon nvm me i joke a lot.... not too good at it either X_x:cool:
  22. cm MewTwo .... yep thats new sweet
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