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Found 1 result

  1. Yes, this is one of those debates that generally ends up in religion vs other. Anyway this is the debate: Same sex couples should be allowed to go through the legal process of marriage and receive the full legal rights of matrimony. -vs- Same sex couples should not be allowed to go through the legal process of marriage, and should not have access to the legal rights of matrimony. Anyway, here's my stance. Rather violent actually, so be ready. --- What I really hate about this debate is when people bring up AIDS. That disease alone is probably the absolute largest gay stereotype there is. Firstly, straight 'normal' sex can bring about AIDS. Unsafe sex, no matter which kind, remains unsafe, whether or not its two men or a man and a woman. Okay, onto my 'belief'. Personally, I think gay marriage should be allowed. I live in a part of the country where I basically never see a gay couple anywhere. Actually, I've only seen a few around here in my entire life. I live in Seattle, where its so totally frowned upon that theres actually sections of west Seattle where people avoid it purposely and where real estate sells for rock bottom prices. I know I shouldn't make an opinion because I barely ever see gay couples, but I don't think its disgusting. Think about what you feel like when you pass a sexy woman. No really, think about that. Sometimes you wont feel anything, because your distracted for some other reason, but you know what I mean. And especially realize that you notice that that woman is attractive. Now think for a minute. What would it be like if every time you saw an attractive male, you felt and thought the exact same thing. Wouldn't it be weird? I bet most of you can't actually imagine what that would be like. And many don't want to. But how unfair would it be if you were forced to? If you didn't have a choice, even when you, above all, didn't want to. You think gay people choose to be gay? Why. Please, tell me what reasoning you have for someone choosing to be gay. You can probably come up with some kind of an argument related to being good friends with girls, or something related to that, but really, there ARE no perks. For your entire life, as soon as someone finds out your gay, you'll be avoided. Put down. Ignored. Why would you choose that life? So, assuming its not a choice, where does your beloved Christianity come in? If everything has a reason, then there must be some reason as to why gay people exist. If they are born that way, then isn't it the fault of their creator? I understand that sometimes gay people grow up to be gay because they didn't play sports, so they didn't mingle as much with guys and spent more time with girls (which, ironically, can be a cause of people being gay once through puberty). Is that the fault of the kid? No, its not, because 6 year olds are often stubborn and refuse to play sports for no reason at all. Also. For those of you who are married. Imagine what it would be like if you couldn't have joint assets with your wife, couldn't share any of the legal privileges of being married, couldn't adopt, didn't have visitation rights, or anything really. Is that how gay couples feel? Is that right? Politically correct is bullshit, I don't care about that. It comes down to morals. The US was built on the ideal that all men are created equal. The right to life, liberty, and property. Are gay people 'people'? Do they have those rights? No. Is that right? Is that moral? Honestly, I can't understand people who are homophobic. It just seems ignorant. I totally understand if you find gay couples kissing in the street disgusting, but should you really take away their rights because of it? How can you use Christianity as an excuse for it when it calls for treating all people of all races equally? The church is as corrupt as the government is, bleeding with money. And what about gay people who commit suicide because of all the social hate? How can you LIVE with yourself if you know that you contributed to the reason they died? --- Discuss, and don't mind my violence against religion, I posted this first on another forum and I was slightly irritated with the previous poster's incomprehensible point of view.
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