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  1. wow a foreigner ( i love that band) what language do you speak
  2. Rate my hack Ninetales (it's legit) Ninetales Name:Ninetales Type:Ghost Level:100 Nature:Naive Shiny:Yes looks more ghost that way Ability:Illuminate Moves: Hypnosis Dream Eater Shadow Claw Night Shade This is not my strongest pokemon but its my favorite
  3. My team Omastar Watch out the snail will own you moves constrict withdraw mud shot water gun comment: You think your deoxys can beat this snail, this snail is better than you alien pokemon will ever be Ninetales Hah your pokemon only has one tail moves ember nasty plot roar comment: not 1. not 2. not 3. not 4. not 5. not 6. not 7. not 8! but 9. sunkern My seed has eyes; does any of your seeds have eyes? Thats what i thought. moves absorb growth ingrain leach seed comments: whats better than a seed with eyes, it grows into a sunflower with legs ledyba weird ladybugs look like guys close up moves tackle supersonic comet punch lightscreen comment: The bug is a beast you can't deny that shelder the reason its tounge is sticking out is because its trying to piss you off moves clamp ice shard leer tackle
  4. this is a long way down but a arcanine with wonderguard could do it and i think venemoth or kecleon deserves another form
  5. I believe that the Arceus that you capture in pearl,diamond,platinum,heartgold and soulsilver is not the real Arceus, because in descriptions it says that Arceus created everything with its 4,000 arms and that Arceus only has four legs and if it was the creator of everything wouldn't it be able to learn all the moves. I believe that the old man that came to Floaroma town was Shaymin, because it was the gratitude and gave the blessing to floaroma town. I believe that there is a fifth Regi because Regigas has four marks on it if it is the king the four marks would represent four regi's or something special that was never finished or explained. If you have any other beliefs please share
  6. I need a code to unlimit the amount of times i use vitamins (iron, calcium, etc) on pokemon
  7. giratina-o darkrai mesprit palkia deoxys-atk
  8. These have really helped. thanks
  9. Here is a code for the 10th anniversary celebi. Press L+R then walk into a pokemart and talk to the guy in the green suit. 94000130 fcff0000 B2101d40 00000000 2000005c 00000001 E000b5d4 00000104 00000001 00000001 27ab9361 dc6a0000 3d84a779 559494a6 F7a6fa9e 277ad974 52297eac ad61385f Cfe0587c 71d4432c 03446f06 6e965a92 4063fa8f 1dd4fe3e A8973e37 a054702b 3733b370 57dd59c9 43fba0d2 27947140 Abd81cd0 5d0c2e1a Eb54b001 5dfc4f23 809208c5 f92234b0 8d3f3b7a abd4ac3b 667577b1 97615ecc Ea2bea88 2d11325e D5dfadb0 f0ed1cdc 2ae8c8fb 94a4d51e 62b4fe44 a481544f D728a9da b2924507 37e241f6 39fd6f5c B698eeb3 c3733a68 9bbe7b7e 9a71be37 3a68ab75 7b4d4afe 4dd76286 a94e0509 73fb4bdc 26836e7a 0f3a6ffc 85142f3f Ccd5ef5e a1c23e27 8ccc99a7 13d93eb9 0f4b6423 00000000 00004000 00000000 00000000 00000000 D2000000 00000000
  10. Oh and if there is anyways i can help in my field of expertise (bored teenager) ill help.
  11. I just had this thought of a road right up through mount coronet. So i thought about a map editor. This is why i turned here. I want a road of stairs directly up to spear pillar so i wont have to waste my time walking around in caves wasting my time battling wild pokemon that i can ko in one shot. So i need this. Please. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> :\
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