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  1. Long time no see people! So, I'd need someone who can help me to find out my SID in pokemon white, so I can edit correctly things in pokègen. Anyone willing to help?
  2. Maybe you should give another attack to Kingra and to another pokemon rain dance, maybe even with a damp rock. With this rain should stay in for more than five turns.
  3. Actually I created some pokemon with pokesav on my pc, but I have two problems to deal with: 1) I want to make them perfect, so I need the SID of my cartdrige to make it work. 2) I don't have anyway to transfer them from my rom to the legal cartdrige since I don't have an Action Replay. So I actually need someone to check my SID, tell it to me in order to complete those pokemon and then transfer them. Can someone please help me?
  4. Italian actually. Oh, and thanks to everyone for the warm welcome!
  5. Hello there people, it's nice to meet with all of you. Sorry about my bad english, it isn't my first language sadly, I hope it won't bother too much some of you here!
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