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  1. Well I have tried using the Platinum download today because there are some pokemon I wish to get that you cannot get less you trade and I no longer have my old games. Though besides the point I've been trying to make an egg appear in my 16th box. and I've been trying to get Celebi. Though I'll customize it with nature and input my trainer id. Nothing really special. where I met it and I'll save it, and I'll get the code and paste it into my AR manager copy it the AR etc.. turn on my game, then proceed to press the L+ R triggers.. But low and behold nothing happens.I'm not entirely sure what I am doing wrong. And ontop of that I'll get to game codes for recognizing the game; D07 and 3811DEF6. *I can't remember the entire code but I used 38* So if someone has some sort of idea what I could be doing to somehow mess this up I would like if anyone may have a general idea. I'm sorry if I'm spamming or if this question has already been answered. I just couldn't find any answers browsing beforehand.
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