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  1. i just got 3ds powersaves so i could plug in 3ds games into my mac i wasn't sure how to look at the files so i made a backup and copied the backup to my desktop i opened the bin file but it gave me a cpgz file which i cant open from the terminal or any other way i know of it says permission denied anyone know how to access pokemon files once the game is plugged in?
  2. thanks, yha i don't have an exploitable 3ds but i dont need to play the game or edit the files, i just want to look at them so as long as i copy them i should be fine.
  3. i want to look at textures, models, files and stuff for x/y, oras and other pokemon games. i know i need to use action replay to connect the game to the computer, but once im there how do i skip the action replay hack stuff and look at the files? also do i need to use a rom hacking program to look at the files or is that just for editing? keep in mind i dont want to hack the game i just want to look at the files.
  4. oh, ok thanks, just to be clear i need action replay to plug the game into my computer correct?
  5. i want look at the source files for Pokemon (game logic, models maps ect.) in unity or maya, blender or some other 3d program and sort of see how it all fits together, that sort of thing any way. now i looked through the sd card and it became very apparent that i need a card reader or action replay device but is there any way to skip all the hacking and cheat codes to look at the actual game files?
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