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  1. Ok, I might be dumb but i cannot figure out how to map pokemon to their portraits. We know how to output the portraits, but all of the data in face_graphic.bin has around 10,000+ files of junk that just appear to be the same backgrounds (for the portraits) repeated over and over again, I was thinking if I could figure out how to get the portraits for X pokemon, then i could just output the non-junk files, but I can't find anything super obvious in any of the .bin files. Someone posted what looks like what i'm wanting here: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?p=211133#post211133
  2. where is the link to the source code? i'm trying to organize all this information since a ton of stuff is on dropbox or pastebins which are not guaranteed to stick around
  3. Random second post: I am currently unable to do anything as I can't find a decrypted rom of this game.... But I looked at the previous pages of this topic, and I noticed the portraits with the debug looking text on the bottom. just asked my sister who knows japanese, and she confirmed what the text underneath the graphic portriats are: awkward, difficult, bitter ウルウル teary eyed so the text is probably just debugging information saying what portrait should be displayed, and probably correspond (the number on the image as well) to the list of 'types' that someone posted earlier:
  4. Is there a list of things to look into / work on? I skimmed the previous pages but didn't find anything obvious. also my 2 cents: i hate code that is platform dependent, and it seems that the majority of 3ds programs are windows only. Id prefer if stuff was written in python/ruby/java/etc i don't think the awakening emera works on all pokemon, i used it on my main character and it provided the frontal shield but it didn't evolve it. I haven't tried it on any other pokemon as I've only seen it once in like 45+ hours of gameplay
  5. i just tried signing up with a gmail.com email address, and no matter how many times i clicked the 'resend' button, (and yes i checked my spam folder), I didn't get any email. I changed it to be another gmail address (but google apps, not a gmail.com address but went to the same place I guess) and then I got the email instantly Perhaps google has blackholed emails from this site?
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