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  1. Problems with gen 3 egg event mons

    @theSLAYER @Sabresite Thanks so much guys for the information!
  2. Problems with gen 3 egg event mons

    So wait, does that mean that Eggs marked with a "Fateful Encounter" do not retain this when they hatch? Also, for the Pokémon Center 5th Anniversary Eggs I can't seem to get this one to read as legal. Even though the PID is from method 2; Am I doing something wrong? 280 - Ralts - 890E875733CD.pk7
  3. This is a really awesome website! If I uploaded a box as locked, how would I go about unlocking it? Thanks!
  4. I have no idea why 410 people wanted to view my meager profile. Sorry, there really isn't anything nifty here yet. 

    But just in case you haven't heard of this yet.

    >EventAssistant (Event and Item injection, Pokemon Editing right on the 3DS)

  5. Pokemon XD physical/special split patch
  6. 33c3 Conference

    Thanks for the update. It was really informative. Soundhax seems extremely useful for those who are yet to obtain custom firmware. Sighax sounds amazing, as downgrading is horrifying.
  7. What is Sanity?

    So Sanity is just an un-encrypted byte?
  8. What is Sanity?

    What exactly is Sanity? In PKHeX's Batch Editor there is a command to edit Sanity, and I'd very much like to know what it does. If anyone could provide an explanation/point me to a place where I can read about it, I'd really appreciate it. Cheers!
  9. FireRed LeafGreen GBA VC Save Fix [?]

    Have you tried this one yet? Ah, I see. Well if some point you end up reinstalling, and playing through (since the save error message is harmless after the agb_firm patch) I'd very much like to know if you have the same issue. Best regards!
  10. [Request] Pokemon FR/LG save

    Do you still need this?
  11. FireRed LeafGreen GBA VC Save Fix [?]

    Hello there, This might help to provide some inspiration. This patch fixes saving, but does not disable the save error message. On a side not, have you tried flying in Fire Red when injected into the virtual console? If so did it work for you? Do you have a N3DS, or an Old3DS? Cheers!
  12. Sun Ultra Beasts

    Here you go. Sun Ultra Beasts.rar
  13. I'm assuming these are for ORAS since Pokebank isn't out for Sun and Moon yet. Anyway, I have them ready. Put a Cascoon or Silkoon on the GTS for a lv 100 Ditto. Afterwards we'll trade via acquaintance.
  14. [Resolved] Batch Editor doesn't edit pokémon level

    Don't feel bad, I had the same problem haha. Cheers!