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  1. you can try the website: www.gamebygame.com It is reliable, since I got my TTDSi from there
  2. Hello. For some odd reason, I can't get the fast egg hatch code to work Code: 12028EA4 000020FE Is there something to activate it? Because it won't work I'm using a DSTTi flash card and Pokemon Heart Gold ROM with KazoWAR's patch.
  3. Thank you very much, I got it to work.
  4. Hello, I have been indeed a lurker of this place, now to presume with my problem. I want to change my OT with the help of Pokesav english HGSS in my Heart Gold ROM (I used the KazoWAR patch thing).. I want to change the current OT to: 'もり' . When I copy and paste these characters to pokesav, "??" comes up How can I fix this, and are the Japanese characters wrong? thanks.
  5. well i did go back to gyarados, anyways You know what hidden power by the IV's of the pokemon, i look if they are correct and hope that it is the right hp.
  6. Lol, well my Fav's: Umbreon,Metagross,Latias,Rayquaza,Ninetails, Blaziken ... off the top of my head.. The Uglies: Dragonite, Charizard,Salamence,Lucario, all the pokemon Wrath Listed..., Swampert,Sceptile..
  7. ok so this is one of my many teams that i have made but is on a losing streak atm and i just want to know what i should change.... At the glance: Weavile , Porygon Z , Kingdra , Scizor , Dusknoir , T-tar :bidoof: The Lead Weavile @ Focas Sash Ability: Pressure EV's: 4 hp,252 atk 252 speed Nature: Hasty(+spe -def) -Fake Out -Counter -Nightslash -Taunt Ok well they story on Weavile is pretty simple i tested a ton of leads/anti-leads before and found that a fake-out lead was amazing so i tested a few and found weavile to be the most usefull with counter.. The Special sweeper.. PorygonZ @ Choice scarf Ability: Download Ev's: 4 def /252 spA/ 252 speed Nature: Modest ( +spA - atk) -Tri Atk -Thunder bolt -Ice beam - Hidden Power Fighting Well this is a strange story with porygon Z.. i was with my old team and it lacked a special sweeper so thats when I started using it and it is amazing, i love this ugly duck -.^~. The Dragon Dance sweeper... Kingdra @ Leftovers Ability: Sniper Ev's: 4 hp 252 atk 252 speed Nature: Adamant( +atk -spA) -Yawn -Dragon Dance -Outrage -WaterFall Well in this case i used to have a gyarados instead but later used a kingdra ( i forgot why but i did) anyways it has been good but i dont know if i should put back gyarados or something different x.x; The Choice Banded poke' Scizor @ Choice Band Ability: Technician Ev's: 248 hp/ 252 atk / 8 speed Nature: Adamant(+atk -spA) -U-Turn -Bullet Punch -Brick Break -Pursuit Scizor i have used a long time and i mainly it as a pursuit'er sometims bulletpunch is usefull and U-Turn for celebi but pursuit is what i mainly use it for..... If I should change it then i dont mind so much o-o;. The Wall/Tank Dusknoir @ Leftovers Ability: Pressure Ev's: 252 hp, 28 atk, 228 def Nature: Impish(+Def -spA) -Pain Split -Wil-o-wisp -Shadow Sneak - Fire Punch hm.With Dusknoir I lacked a wall and wanted one to also be offensive so thats why i chose it. Painsplit/Shadow Sneak Combo is extreamly effectiv and helpful... anyways it is a good pokemon to have and thats pretty much it.. Wil-o-wisp is for pokemon like t-tar and salamence where Fire Punch wont help....yeah thats pretty much it, lol.. The Physical Tank o_o Tyranitar @ Leftovers Ability: Sand Stream Ev's: 6 hp, 252 atk, 252 speed Nature:Adamant(+atk -spA) -Crunch -Stone Edge -EarthQuake -DragonDance Well i like t-tar alot... it is just so epic...anyways after a Dragon Dance This thing Kills anything in sight...anyways i would change it if needed.. Anyways please rate it and give me a good reason to change if needed
  8. Well GG i dont think taking out iron head is a good idea; in fact its amazing Seren Grace + Iron head is like every time it hitsu get a flinch this is usefull on the now popular smeargle leads
  9. underxray; if u need help with wifi requests i can help
  10. Well i dont think i would like hard gyms I mean seriously what good pokemon could u get in game?? anyways i think it is fine the way it is ; but if they gave like each gym leader a stradigy to use like they switch pokemon at different times then i think they can stick with the same pokemon just add a little twist..
  11. well There both ok but i think the best in my opinion is Jirachi well here is mine; dont say that what i did is stipid; EV's 252 atk/252sped Item: Choice Band EDIT: Hasty nature Serene Grace Move set: -Iron Head -Ice Punch -Fire punch -Grassknot ============ You people might think it is screwd up but it takes out salamence leads,Swampert,Weavile,ect Flaws: Infernapes ><.. or if swampert survives Grass knot ( some occations)
  12. Oh if u need any help with wifi trades i got a new action replay so i can now help with requests
  13. Mew pwns!! EW shaymin... looks like a pile of weed <_< manaphy is weird
  14. its ok now could u put this behind the umbreon and grass.: http://wilhelms-ct.us/Fog-Bound.jpg it is a bit big but i think u can shrink it
  15. i would like this to be the backround other then that thnx!!! http://www.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/5238008/2/istockphoto_5238008-grass-vector-illustration-horizontal-black-silhouette.jpg
  16. well. good luck with that
  17. hm find a cool gray backround... Put "morizuno'' in it Pokemon: Shiny umbreon
  18. lol thnx so much ----wtf iswith is ugly Face...WHERE DID THE BIDOOF'S GO! and um if the backround could be this: http://www.getpaint.net/users/tjackson/fire_gray.jpg
  19. um its ok but i would've prefer'd the Font to be a Teency-weency bit bigger... and um could u please make it a bit darker ''
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