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  1. I really appreciated your answer, thx! So since i have a 9.5.0-22 3DS which i only use for web injection and an updated New 3DS to go online guess i'm fine with... Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. What if i update the game on an updated 3DS and then i use the last patched ORAS cartridge on a not updated 3DS i only use to run this exploit? Will i be able to run PCedit?
  3. Does PCedit still work with a 1.3 updated game on a non updated 3DS (<9.5.0-22)?
  4. Ehy guys !!! Is still unknown the code to modify the play time ? And is there already a code to have 99X(+) rare candies in the bag?
  5. I've imported the US Version of Black, here in Italy the translation is scandalous and adapted to the childrens . However, i always played the North American version since Pokemon games came out. They helped me to play on line, meet people worldwide and learn a better English than what have teached me here . In my opinion, the US versions are the best gaming experience for this brand.
  6. However i saw, for example, a Pearl Version marked as NTR-APAE-CAN (instead than USA). Mmm, btw i cancelled the order today and i'll buy it in another place just to be sure .
  7. Greetings guys! Here's my question : I preordered Pokemon Hert Gold some week ago on a canadian site who makes import. Well, i was sure it was the USA version until some hour ago, but i recognized they are canadian version, so they have a bilingual instructions (english-france) on the cover too. Btw now i don't know if this game is distribuited by Nintendo Of America ( and it's NTR-XXX-USA, so will have only bilingual instructions) or Nintendo Of Canada ( so NTR-XXX-CAN maybe). Does the ar codes for an USA pokemon game work for the imported canadian version too ? Because i'm so worried i'm going to decide to cancel the order and buy my copy in some other place. Hope you can answer my question, thx in advance
  8. Hi m8, I'd notice you Ho-Oh should be type 1, at lvl 45 as met level since you're using HG and not a fateful encounter, to be legal. Change the PID with a Type 1
  9. Wow! This clip have incredibly suprised me. I think an improved graphic is under the eyes of everyone. I have only one doubt about the DSi facts. Since i'd like to buy the English Version of this game and the italian DSi, i'm worried about some locked region problem .
  10. Could i ask why the event Pichu (12th movie) has the 46 and 47h hex considered with a diamond hometown ? Thx
  11. "Maybe" it could leave some trace, but since that could be considered legal that's not a great deal in a tournament lol. I can confirm you they'll care especially about your party pokemon, your box pokemon and your bag . So pay attention when you make legal pokemon and keep safe your bag from impossible items
  12. No, you're safe about the trace. They almost check only illegal things through a cartridge similar to AR (PID, movesets, the most important items and also if you have more than 1 TM you could get DQ'ed). It's important keep your bag safe and clean from suspect items. Well hacked/legal pokemon always pass the hack check.
  13. No, since their gender ratio through the evolutions is the same
  14. No, that's makes the pokemon illegal. The easiest way is to nickname the pokemon and renickname back to its original name at Eterna nickname rater. This will reset the trash bytes (and they'll be corrected) and the pokemon will have the nickname box ticked , but with its base name.
  15. For wild pokemon that's right, since there's a 50% chance to find an illegal PID with a female gender number, impossible for gallade. However if i try to make a legal hatched Gallade, or also e legal hatched Kirlia ( both male), they always a right gender number (240+) and same male PID. I guess that's a point of legality. How could you explain this ?
  16. Indeed with an hatched the gender number is always ok. We've just to pay more attention if we wanna make a wild pokemon .
  17. This can be applied only for wild pokemon, for hatched the gender number is always ok if you check. For this pokemon is 236, so is right
  18. This program sounds wonderful. And it would be nice to mantain order on my desktop. Hope it will completed soon
  19. Well, explained how to fix the pokesav traces, since the difference between a legit and a legal pokemon is only in the seal coordinates, now the question is : why the seal coords change when a pokemon is putted and taken back off from the GTS ? Thx
  20. I don't know. The unique thing i can say the pkm file (after being taken back) is drastically changed , as if it was legalized, without any pokesav trace and illegal thing.
  21. Here there's the key point. Putting a a legal pokesaved pokemon on GTS and takin'it back you'll notice this : And just to let you know
  22. Greetings . Is confirmed the 85h value as 05 for Regi's trio in Platinum ?
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