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  1. I know I'm not the only person here with an imported cartridge. I received an email this morning advertising.. something.. Can't really tell. My browser gives me boxes whenever there's kanji/katakana/hiragana present. Upon logging into my Daisuki Club account, I traveled to their rewards page. This month it's a Victini doll (to scale) and a Poké Café bag. Would some one be able to make a video or tutorial on how to order this stuff? Cause I managed to get to the page where you put your address and info into it (as said the URL bar at least) but like I said everything is just boxes so I can't translate it.. Thanks! Also, in the past have you ordered anything from Daisuki Club? What'd you order?
  2. Question about the DW and visiting other houses.. It used to be that whatever code is in your pal pad, you could visit those houses. But I have 3 pages in mine and not a single house to visit. Granted this is a japanese cart game to english cart houses. Would that be my issue there?
  3. Please PM me if you're able to help me out. I don't have the TM on Pearl anymore otherwise I'd breed this bugger out.. It'll need to be traded to me cause I don't know a single thing about the sav files and putting it on my game and stuff like that.. I can transfer it from gen 4 to gen 5 if it needs to be made there (I'm pretty sure this'll be the case as Umbreon can only learn Dark Pulse in gen 4) I want it to look like I hatched the bugger >.<
  4. For the past 5 days now, when I've tried to put a 'mon to sleep, I cannot. Every pokémon in the PC is grayed out and it gives me the message, "Pokémon wa nemukunaimitai (desu)" I'm trying to translate it, but I'm having problems. If some one could help out, that'd be nice. Or, if some one knows if the Dream World is down, that'd be great, too. Though the website for Global Link is working fine, same as the JP pokémon daisuki club so none of that would make much sense. I did notice that there's an announcement on the side. Again though, I can't read it I can provide a screen shot though if need be.
  5. I have about 5 UT Wishmaker Jirachi on my Pearl. I could give you one.
  6. That's odd that you can't access the Dream World. I live in the USA and obtain a DW 'mon every morning. Even after the update.
  7. I thought it said exe on it. Even still, that doesn't help me much :\ the guide you gave me on how to get those things confuses me a little.
  8. It's just a link to another page here in the forums with an exe file. That doesn't give me the 'mon
  9. If it's left blank, you could just assume I don't care. They're just going to be bred anyway. I'd be happy with it if you caught one in the wild and shift'd it over (if that's a possibility) over a created one. But anything works.
  10. Well darn. :\ I never woulda thought that person to cheat. Thanks for the info.
  11. I know I have another thread already. Sorry for the spam. I figured since those are Events and these aren't, I should make a new thread so it doesn't look cluttered. Anyway.. These are for Gen 5 games. I need them by the english release of B&W as I'm breeding them for a friend. Getting these on my game via shifter wouldn't be a problem if I had a second DS.. but I don't ._. (I left stuff blank because I don't want anything fancy.)
  12. It is, but only if they're female. Hence why I request on all of them to be female. I was meaning that he's saying that it's most likely not possible.
  13. Sync'ing the skin is the same as the C Gear skin. Just choose the 'dex skin from the list and click the 'ok' button. When you get your 'mon back from the DW, it will be changed.
  14. ;-; dash my hopes for that. But see that doesn't make sense cause I know some one who has a female speed boost Torchic. (they've yet to respond to a request of mine to get one from them)
  15. After I had pre ordered my JP cartridge of White, I began collecting things over the Dream World. It seems, however, that I'm incapable of obtaining a few of these because they're coded or require you to put in a password (which my computer seems to hate even translating Hiragana and Katakana.. even with Fire Fox's app for typing in either one, my browser still failed to give them to me xP ) Here's the list.. I know it's a little large and is a bit demanding... I don't care if they were AR'd/poké-sav'd/etc to be cloned, I'd just like them to be able to complete the dex. Anything left blank means I don't care if it's there or not. Every Pokémon on this list will be from the Dream World.
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