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  1. can someone please use pokesav for me for those pokemon i posted at the top of this page? cuz i was going to show them to my friend but no one has offered to hack them for me yet, again i need them over wifi so i know thats kind of a hassle but if anyone could help me out with this, that would be awesome
  2. *note i recently just edited this post, i just need 6 hacked pokemon not 7 that was a mistake and th last one is a slowpoke, some one please help me with getting these, its been a while and again i need them over trading, thanks in advance
  3. Oh yeah and i need you to make the code, put it in AR then use that code and send it over wifi to me, i know its a lot of work but i really want to get these pokes even though i dont have the right stuff
  4. im in need of some hacked pokemon that are legit, sure they are bad pokemon but i need someone to hack them for me to make them amazing with their stats and stuff because i cant do it myself (dont hav the right tools). Here are the pokemon im requesting: Magikarp Delibird Munchlax Ditto Friend Code For WiFi Trading: 3952-3668-0219
  5. can you get me one of those event pichus thats pikachu colored? cuz thats the one i want
  6. I dont know if possible yet, but can anyone get me a pikachu colored pichu
  7. i have the member card and im right in front of the canalave inn but its not letting me in, do u know whats going wrong aeturnus cuz u traded me it
  8. well i found out what went wrong nm i was just confused
  9. i have a question on actually downloading all the software for the roms', which software do i need because i downloaded pokemon chaos black and have platinum but when i opened the files i was asked how i would use the files do i need specific software to use the ROM files?
  10. im trying to make a whole team of the weakest looking pokemon but all hacked so they can beat anything i already got a metapod thanks to aterna any suggestions for wimpy pkmn?
  11. ok i also gotta get my charger real quick its almost outta battery
  12. i got ur message did u get mine giratina?
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