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  1. Turn on the AP function in system settings. Then you dont have to EXP patch. Btw, V4 has loads of errors(translation, etc.). Still, you guys are doing a great job =). Hope the complete translation is being worked on. Thanks
  2. You guys are amazing. A complete translation so soon... didnt think it would be possible. I have the original cartridge too, but having a english translation is pretty amazing. Thanks to all of you contributors =). Appreciate the work. Well done!
  3. Thanks for all your effort guys. I will be waiting for the next realease and that would be it for me. Wont change every day after new releases. As long as I can read the attacks, items etc its fine for me. Again, thanks a lot.
  4. There is no AR code for that? Help anyone =)?
  5. Hello, I cannot find an IV checking code for Pokemon Diamond european version(UK). Is there any code for the EU(UK, english) version? Please help me out here. thanks
  6. I figured out my Legality checker was outdated, lol. All my pokemons are fine and legal =).
  7. Hi, I have Pokemon Sapphire Original cartridge and R4 with Pokemon Platnum(which I also own legaly. Whenever I palpark something from sapphire, the trash bytes are shown as invalid. The pokemons I palpark are 100% legal and untouched from sapphire. The same applies when I palpark on my CycloDS, the trash bytes are shown as invalid, no matter what pokemon I palpark. I just palpark on my R4/CycloDS because I have lots of rare candies so I can level them up easily after EV training. Is there any way to fix it? I dont want to be seen as hacker when my Pokemons are actually legaly breeded and palparked. If there is any way to fix it, please let me know. Thanks ---------- Post added at 01:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:54 PM ---------- By the way, it doesnt even get fixed after running through trashbyte fixer.
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