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  1. Uh-oh! Double Post! Skyla solution discovered, thanks to science! 521EF1B4 63206B60 121EF1C4 0000XXXX 121EF1C6 00002802 121EF1C8 0000D300 121EF1CA 00002002 121EF1CC 00004770 D0000000 00000000 Try it out, to see if it works. Use the Black 2 Code as a reference.
  2. The Mistralton Gym in Pokemon B2W2 is pretty much impossible due to heavy winds blowing after short intervals, so someone has concocted an AR code to modify this, as seen here: http://pastebin.com/ERM6Nd1c But that's for Black 2 only. This is White 2 I'm dealing with here, which the code doesn't work at all? Can somebody post the White 2 code for modifying the fan delay in Mistralton Gym? Hopefully within the next 10 days...
  3. I see you are using Cynthia in her Black and White outfit. Isn't her Black and White 2 outfit easier to sprite?
  4. Double Post! I say again, Deoxys. Space Virus, Four Shapes, Deoxys!
  5. Scripting is complicated, not even I know how to add overworld events.
  6. Awaiting the next release of this project. Sorry if I am impatient, but what will the next release contain?
  7. Double, Double, Double Post! BUMP! I do not want to be ignored by everybody. Show me some support, I feel lonely, I can't finish this checklist all by myself... This is where you come in. Help complete the checklist by giving ideas. I'm looking forward to every single one of your ideas. The marathon will start this May, and will be a tribute to the upcoming Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. The link to the as of this post empty checklist is in the first post. Post a reply, please, and wish me luck on my catchathon. Thanks for the support. Why is nobody replying? I can't triple post and I only have 3 months before starting the Catchathon.
  8. Thanks, I can run the frozen binary releases, but not the source releases. Too bad...
  9. In commemoration of the upcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, I will be doing a cacthathon in which I will catch all 649 Pokemon in four months, starting this May. The catchathlon will use Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, SoulSilver, Black, White, Black 2, and White 2. You can contribute to ideas on where to catch the Pokémon and what nicknames the Pokémon could have, if possible. (Some are not possible, e.g. Zoroark, Genesect, etc...) Check out the checklist. It is currently view only, but will be editable after a while. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ap5pc87LRol6dFQwVDFlTGFtU3ZDcG1FOXVZb0c2VXc Wish me luck.
  10. Bad news, I can't get the source file to work. I keep getting a syntax error when trying to open the files. Even downloading the required files doesn't fix this for me. I just hope you compress some of the features soon.
  11. Double Post! Happy Holidays! What did you get for Christmas? Now that I am in possesion of the authentic game, I can now beta test Blitz Black 2 and Lava White 2. Speaking of which, pre-alpha 6 is out now. First post... Looking forward to any ideas for the gameplay. Currently focusing on some aspects before trying out the big ones, (e.g. Type Changes, abilities, Wild Locations...) For ingame trades, On Route 4, you trade a Cottonee for a Lv. 23 Slugma in Blitz Black 2, or, in Volt White 2, a Petilil for... some... unknown Water-type Pokemon that is otherwise exclusive to Blitz Black 2, since Slugma is normally exclusive to Lava White 2. Oh, and the Water Pokémon will be Lv. 23 as well... Route 7's in game trade isn't much of a difference, still Emolga for Gigalith, but Gigalith is at Lv. 42 instead. Next is Humilau City, which the trader should request a ridiculously rare Water-type Pokemon, in return, you get a Lv. 55 Eelektross!!!! Oh my!!!!! Last up is Curtis/Yancy, which is essentially the 15 starter Pokémon with their hidden abilities. Yeah, that's 3 Bulbasaurs you can get, one from Floccessy Town by starting with Tepig and interacting with the NPC in the spring, another one from an NPC in the Castelia Sewers, and the third one from Curtis/Yancy. Same goes for the other 11 previous gen starters, the Unova starters you only get 2 normally.
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