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  1. Thank you, theSLAYER. I have been using PKHeX for a while now, but I’m very new to the forums so I don’t know my way around yet.
  2. Hello everyone! After spending a good hour and half trying to figure it out, and with a little help from the forums... I was able to generate a shiny, 6IV, Timid Manaphy that I wanted to share with you all so that you may have it as well. PKHeX is not flagging it as illegal, and it is able to trade through Link Trade! Feel free to download this 6IV, shiny, Timid Manaphy below! I have included both the .pk7 file, as well as two screenshots of PKHeX (one showing the Pokemon's info, and the other showing the IVs) where you can see the beautiful green check mark. 490 ★ - 6IV FOX Manaphy - E49D7942EF72.pk7
  3. NovaMac... I don’t know what you had to do, but thank you so very much! I was working on this for over an hour trying to make it legal and was about to give up because of that one error. I am so grateful for your time, and work. Thank you again. Hey, NovaMac... thanks to your help I was able to generate a legal 6IV version by going off your changes and RNG Reporter. I have included the file below. Thank you again! 490 ★ - Legal 6IV FOX Manaphy - E49D7942EF72.pk7
  4. Hello there, I was needing help with the legality of a shiny Manaphy. I have everything edited the way I want and only have one error: Encounter type PID mismatch. I've included the file below, and any help would be incredibly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Update: it does Link Trade over WiFi. 490 ★ - FOX Manaphy - D2F7D0F77477.pk7
  5. Thank you SkyLink24, I thought as much. I was just thrown off because it was able to be traded.
  6. Hey there everyone, so I got this PCNYb shiny Mew off someone from HeartGold (Met Location: Poké Transfer), it was tradable through Link Trade on a Gen VII game (USUM). But, PKHeX is flagging it as illegal. Is there anyone who can verify this Pokémon for me? Any help would be appreciated. Like I said it was tradeable through Link Trade. And if it is legal I’d like to contribute it.
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