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  1. Yep it is Thanks for the response guys! Also @Halfshadow, like they said it should be jap only since it was only released in Japan (correct me if I'm wrong tho) Also there's a lot of illegal pokes that can be transfer in pokebank so you might wanna reconsider that
  2. Hi I just want to ask if this Old sea map Mew event that I genned is Legal to use online? Never thought that it will appear as legal in pkhex without TID/SID. thanks!
  3. Last question sir, for gen 4 static encounters, should I use method 1 as well?
  4. Okay. Thank you so much for the tip sir! Have a blessed day!
  5. Can you tell me which one should I use? I tried method 2 to H-4 and its still giving me error ;-; It should be PID and the IVs I should be copying right? Thanks for the response btw.
  6. Hello! Can somebody tell me what's wrong with my Registeel? I want it to have Seismic Toss but the legality checker says "Encounter Type PID mismatch". I don't know what is that so please help me ;-; Here's my Registeel if you want to check it out.. 379 - Registeel - B5C01A5D5A90.pk7
  7. Hi! Can somebody help me what's wrong with my Hitmontop? It's telling me that Sucker Punch is an Invalid move but I'm pretty sure that it was a tutor move on gen 4. Is this a glitch or what? Cause I have a Sucker Punch Golem from Gen 4 as well but I was able to gen it legally.. please help ;-; I attached the Hitmontop that I made. 237 - Hitmontop - B8887F5DCDA8.pk7
  8. Thank you! I was just wondering 'cause I thought it was impossible until I was able to get it right. lol Thank you! I was just wondering 'cause I thought it was impossible until I was able to get it right. lol
  9. Does anyone here were able to get a legit shiny Manaphy from Pokemon Ranger or atleast gen a legal one? Thanks!
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