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  1. Hi, I need a rom that has few changes. That pokemons evolve without necessity of exchanges, with level or level + hold iten... that is only one suggestion, Poliwhirl >> Politoed = Hold King's Rock and level up* Kadabra >> Alakazhan = level up 36 Machoke >> Machamp = level up 36 Graveler >> Golem = level up 36 Slowpoke >> Sloking = Hold King's Rock and level up* Haunter >> Gengar = level up 36 Onix >> Steelix = Hold Metal Coat and level up* Rhydon >> Rhyperior = Hold Protector and level up* Seadra >> Kingdra = Hold Dragon Scale and level up* Scyther >> Scizor = Hold Metal Coat and level up* Electabuzz >> Electrivire = Hold Electrizer and level up* Magmar >> Magmortar = Hold Magmarizer and level up* Porygon >> Porygon2 = Hold Upgrade and level up* Porygon2 >> Porygon-Z = Hold Dubious Disc and level up* Dusclops >> Dusknoir = Hold Reaper Cloth and level up* Clamperl >> Huntail = Hold Deep Sea Tooth and level up* Clamperl >> Gorebyss = Hold Deep ea Scale and level up* * will have problems with the item and level up can place only for level up to put if somebody to obtain to place iten+level up+level min 36~42 would be excellent. good I thank the aid since already, if somebody will be able to help will be very been thankful me. (I placed this topic to put I do not know if it has another equal one/seemed with this, will be had orders link please to me)
  2. Does anyone have a .pkm of the event Shiny Beasts (or at least the wonder code card). Plz, I know it's a bit early, but does anyone have one!
  3. Can make somebody a PokemoN Blacka nd White german translation?
  4. Hello everyone. I'm Corbin. I'm new to Project PokéMon, but I've been using PokéSav for almost a year. Recently, I had to give my R4DS and AR to my little sis because of DSi incompatibility. I am getting an R4i Gold in 2-4 weeks, but I can't make PokéSav PokéMon and put them on my HeartGold game cart because my little sis is stingy (and/or a brat). To the point of this thread: I'm looking for someone that would be nice enough to make PokéMon on PokéSav for me and trade them via the WiFi Union Room. I will request a lot of PokéMon, but I'll try not to ask for too much. Here's what I am looking for: Jirachi Lv 30 (Shiny and Pokérus) Nicknamed: Wish Nature: Bashful Held Item: Master Ball Friendship: 255 (I know that after trading, the friendship value is reset) OT Info: OT: Corbin OT ID: 03995 OT SID: 32959 OT Gender: Male Stats: All Maxed Moves: 1) Spacial Rend 2) Draco Meteor 3) Tri Attack 4) Softboiled PP Ups: Max PP of each move: 99 Contest Stats: It doesn't matter. I'm not going to use it in contests. Ribbons: All Fateful Encounter Met at Lv. 30 in "Johto Region" Met on May 31st, 2010 Hometown: Johto (HeartGold) If you can help make and trade this PokéMon to me, I will gladly appreciate it. My Friend Code on HG is 2193 0835 1925. Please email me at corbinraymond92@gmail.com if you can help me out. Thanks!
  5. So, I missed the Yellow Forest event for the Pokewalker. I'm requesting a Pikachu that knows surf, and another that knows fly. I'll do this: - One Event Jirachi ( Level 5 or 16 ) for both. - Lv. 69 Spiritomb ( Naive ) for both. - I have other stuff, ask and I'll work things out. 1463-0248-1279 Soulsilver.
  6. i am sorry if someone already asked for this or if i am asking for this in the wrong place but can some hacker or anyone please make this code for me a speed modifier that mods how fast your main character runs. like multiply it by these #s 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 i really want a code/codes that do that please someone help me. so i want a code that makes the main character run crazy fast(or make his speed multiplied by 2,4,6,8 and 10)
  7. Hi, could anybody with an AR please load these Poke's and trade them to me over Wi-Fi? The only thing you need to do is put in a Secret ID, so feel free to put whatever in it. If you could do it today, I'd appreciate it. Will be trading random poke's I caught in-game for these. And, I'll be online, just PM me via Inbos or at chrismax9@hotmail.com. Thank you! EDIT: Mewchu was nice enough to make this into a code, so im just looking for somebody to load it and trade it to me now. PokeSAV.sav
  8. I cant get it to work on my soul silver version, so can someone help me out.. i need a shiny eevee egg with high IV's in HP,Def,andAtt (if you can, high everything). Also If you can, you can just send me a working code to copy for Soul Silver. Its for an Umbreon, if ur wondering... Thankx in advance
  9. Most people think that Gen IV development is near dead when it comes to map editing. I created AlphaMap back in July of last year and it is finally nearing completion (picture below). My current obstacle is with these matshps (or could be potentially something else). I just want someone to check them out and see if they can find something relevant and document it properly. Current documentation: File is divided into two parts. The number of entries are determined by the first two UInt16's. The first section begins at 0x4 and every entry is 4 bytes. The first UInt16 of the entry is the size and the next is the offset, unless the second part is 0xFFFF. The second section is the more complicating part. Each entry is determined by the previous section. What they do... is in need of documentation. Each entry corresponds to a particular object. Where to start: I'd go to a known spot. Object 0x9 is the Bell Tower. So see if you can modify that to change it and document what changes physically happen. The file is located in /root/fielddata/bm_field_matshp.dat in HGSS. (picture of AlphaMap)
  10. hey thank you guys 4 answering my last thread!!!:grog: i have one more sry:rolleyes: can u guys make 9 for heart gold ho-oh pkmn file??? soul silver groudon heart gold kyogre raikou(from heart gold or ss) suicune(hg or ss) entei(ss or hg) lv 1 palkia from heart gold or ss lv 1 giritina from heart gold or ss lv 1 dilga from heart gold or ss all has to be japenese and also has to be exatly like in the game thank you guys
  11. can anyone give me a file for the pokemon lugia from soul silver and the WiFi mew you get from wifi event in heart gold or silver???? thanks!!!
  12. I am at that wi fi club now and will be here til 5am (if you can have the pokemon hold the flute I'll understand) my name is Sid and my code is 5070 4505 0751 this is for pokemon platinum
  13. [Pokemon] Latias [Hold Item] old amber [Trainer ID] 30348 [secret ID] [Level] 50 [Nature] Adamant [Gender] female [shiny]yes [Pokerus Infected/Cured/Neither] infected [iVs]187 HP, 119 attack, 127 defense, 145 speed, 145 special attack,163 special defense [EVs]28 HP, 252 ATTACK, 228 SPEED [Contest Stats] None [Nickname] Sasha [Trainer Name + Gender] Sid (male) [Pokeball caught in] Pokeball [Ability] Levitate [Moves] hidden power, thunder, Draco Meteor, Giga Impact [PP Maxed]Yes [Met at level] 50 [Met at place] pal park [Met in Fateful Encounter yes/no] yes [Game Met] emerald [Game Region] ENG [Date Met]W/E GIVEN TO ME [Ribbons]NONE [Pokemon] Charmander [Hold Item] Azure Flute [Trainer ID] 30348 [secret ID] [Level] 1 [Nature] Brave [Gender] Female [shiny] Yes [Pokerus Infected/Cured/Neither] Infected [iVs] Max [EVs] whatever [Contest Stats] None [Nickname] Sid [Trainer Name + Gender] Sid (Male) [Pokeball caught in] Pokeball [Ability] Blaze [Moves] Flare Blitz, Thunderpunch, Fire Blast, Focus Punch [PP Maxed] yes [Met at level] 1 [Met at place] Twinleaf Town [Met in Fateful Encounter yes/no] No [Game Met] Diamond [Game Region] ENG [Date Met] 2009/09/17 [Egg Hatched] 2009/09/18 [Ribbons] None I am at that wi fi club now and will be here til 10am (if you can have the pokemon hold the flute I'll understand) my name is Sid and my code is 5070 4505 0751
  14. in platinum version Instant egg (replace XX to choose nature, replace YY to chose gender) (Press X) Are there any code like that?
  15. I would very much prefer a highly experienced Pokesav user. I don't want my game to go kablooey on me >.>. I already have Action Replay so I can put in the codes myself, I just don't trust myself to make the codes on my own since it is apparently easy to do it wrong. If there's something I didn't specify in my form, that means I don't want it/don't care, so don't worry about it. I also find it oddly fun to EV train myself, so my codes will probably be easy to make. Also, it'd be groovy if you could PM me the codes as my internet isn't stable and I don't want to lose them should this thread get buried, haha. Thanks Oh - one more thing: I plan to trade these pokemon from my Diamond to my Platinum game. I'm paranoid of horrible errors, so I bought a used copy just in case. Not sure if hacked pokes are tradeable, but I figure this is a significant thing I should mention. Its not that I don't trust your abilities, it's that all the horror stories make me wary. . Another note: I like to train my pokemon from the ground up, probably because I am OCD. So my shinies are requested in their pre-evolutions, with normal stats and legal abilities and such (except for Milotic, I'm out of Wiki Berries ). Oh, and could the nicknames not be in all caps? It bugs my ocd. .
  16. Please and thank you ^^ EDIT: I added another so it's 5 now.
  17. I need a TRU Arceus MYSTERY GIFT/WONDERCARD/EVENT code that looks and works like the REAL DEAL Arceus for DIAMOND/PEARL Version =) --Thanks =D
  18. The title says it all, I'm requesting a code that lets you use items in the Battle Frontier. I've only started experimenting with AR codes so I don't really have the experience necessary to figure out how to do this. Any help/codes/suggestions are appreciated.
  19. Takes up 6 pokemon in the party. My FC is 1290 6176 1532 Thanks so much =D
  20. I'm looking to get these pokemon made and traded over wifi please? my FC is 3266-5437-5240
  21. Hey. I would like it if someone made me these six pokemon. Follows is their info: All pokemon use this format: ALL POKES ARE LV.100 AND DO NOT HAVE POKERUS ALL POKES SHOULD HAVE THE OT "ENZO" AND THE ID. NO 11925 (I don't care about the hidden ID numbers at all) Aself Azelf @ Light Clay Ability: Levitate EVs: 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd IVs: 28 HP / 30 Atk / 23 Def / 31 Spe / 13 Spa / 29 Spd Jolly nature - Explosion - Light Screen - Reflect - Taunt CAUGHT AT VALOR CAVERN [met @ lv50] --- Vasu Kingdra (F) @ Damp Rock Ability: Swift Swim EVs: 252 HP/252 Atk/6 Spd IVs: 29 HP / 31 Atk / 24 Def / 31 Spe / 8 Spa / 31 Spd Adamant nature - Rain Dance - Dragon Dance - Outrage - Waterfall HATCHED AT SOLACEON TOWN --- Scissors Scizor (M) @ Leftovers Ability: Technician EVs: 252 HP / 6 Def / 252 Spd IVs: 31 HP / 9 Atk / 29 Def / 31 Spe / 3 Spa / 31 Spd Jolly nature - Baton Pass - Agility - Roost - Swords Dance HATCHED AT ROUTE 209 --- The Champ (Machamp) (F) @ Leftovers Ability: No Guard EVs: 6 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd IVs: 22 HP / 31 Atk / 24 Def / 31 Spe / 8 Spa / 27 Spd Adamant nature - Dynamicpunch - Earthquake - Stone Edge - Mega Kick HATCHED AT ROUTE 210 --- Doakes (Breloom) (M) @ Toxic Orb Ability: Poison Heal EVs: 6 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd IVs: 28 HP / 31 Atk / 20 Def / 31 Spe / 4 Spa / 19 Spd Jolly nature - Substitute - Leech Seed - Focus Punch - Spore HATCHED AT SANDGEM TOWN --- Pikachu (Jolteon) (M) @ Choice Specs Ability: Volt Absorb EVs: 6 HP / 252 Spd / 252 SAtk IVs: 29 HP / 2 Atk / 28 Def / 31 Spe / 31 Spa / 27 Spd Modest nature - Thunderbolt - Shadow Ball - Hidden Power - Signal Beam HATCHED AT SOLACEON TOWN --- Thanks for even considering. :3 If someone does this, they'll need my friend code to trade with me. That code is 1032 3586 9304. You can PM me on here to let me know you're ready, post in this thread, or tell me on the Project Pokemon IRC.
  22. I would like a vitamin modifier code to boast a pokemons evs to 252 or any number under 255 evs, like the pokemon platinum code. much appreciated!
  23. Hi, I know thats a lot to request, but I can't for the life of me get pokesav working myself, and I really wanna get this team going. Let me know what I need to do, friend code etc! Thank you
  24. Can someone make a code so that during the Super Contest, you get 15 hearts or so during the Presentation part whenever you do a move? I know that there was a similar code for the GBA games.
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