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  1. hey can someone give me the code for this event, i have been trying with pokesave and just cant do it, so can someone help me get the code for it, any help would be greatly apreciated, oh and for platinum
  2. Can someone please help me with this? I'd like the Toys R Us Darkrai for both Diamond and Platinum. I know it wouldn't be normally available on Platinum but it's a cool collectible Pokemon. x3 Please and Thank You. Appreciatevly yours, Melody
  3. I want a sav file with a complete national pokedex. I tried doing it myself, but failed. WHen I ticked both sinnoh and sinnoh+national it didn't work, then I tried just sinnoh, then just sinnoh+national but didn't work. So, I just want to start fairly in the beginning, like in twinleaf town or sandgem or something, but not a finished game... THANKS.
  4. FC: 1761 9260 9483 Pokemon: Gyarados Nickname: None ID: 11991 Secret ID: Don't know(Would like a legit one thnx) OT: Nicole Level: 100 Ability: Intimidate Held Item: Life Orb Move Set: Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Ice Fang, Earthquake PP Usage For Move Set: Legally Maxed Nature: Adamant Egg: Yes Shiny: Yes Pokerus Infected: Cured Ball Caught In: Pokeball Battle Stats: Whatever it is at lvl 100 EV Stats: 4 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Speed IV Stats: 30 HP, 31 Atk, 15 Defense, 31 Speed, 25 Sp.Atk, 30 Sp.Def Ribbons: None Contest Stats: None Location Met: Egg hatched in Solaceon Town Where: Trade Request: Wi-Fi Trade Which Game: Pearl Please and Thnx! =D If there is more info you need on the pokemon pm me. If you can make it as legit as possible that would be great! Thnx
  5. I am havin trouble findin a code for all wild shiny pokemon in DP that works with the calculator pokemon modifier code.
  6. Sorry, I've got one more request for a pokemon please! Thanks a lot in advance again! I tried to track everything cause last time I didn't. Species (Pokémon): Cyndaquil Held Item: Lucky egg Box its in: Box #5 Trainer ID: 42261 OT (Original Trainer): Meghan Level: 60 Nature: Quiet Gender: boy Shiny (yes/no): No Ball Caught In: Master ball Location Obtained: Floroma Town (level 10) (date: 07, 06, 2008) IVs: 31 EVs: 255 Contest stats: 255 Nickname: (no nickname) Ability: Anticipation Moveset: Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Hypnosis, Amnesia PP left: 30 PP left to ALL please Ribbons: Obtained ALL ribbons! Request Type (Trade/AR Code): Action Replay code please
  7. Okay, I have Pokésav, I just extremely fail at making legal Pokémon. I'm in need of a Slaking and a Magnezone, but neither are there in the list of pkmn files, is there any way someone could make me legal ones? I can edit the rest from there. Thanks~
  8. After trying (and failing) I finally come to my last resort. I tried to do a Japanese wonder card found on the pokemon database, but I seem to not be able to use Japanese on my pokesav, and while i can see the wonder card on the mystery gift screen (with all ?'s), there's is no guy in the green hat to talk to to receive it. So what im asking is for someone to make me an AR code real quick for a Tanabanta Jirachi (either this years or last years). Also i assume the nature / ivs are random when you pick it up? Thanks!
  9. I'm just looking for an AR code for a Dusknoir. I'd like for it to be: -Infected with PokeRus -Shiny -Adamant nature -Nicknamed "Dusknoir", just so I can change it later myself. -Level 15 -Caught in a Dusk Ball -Box18 Slot1 or 1st slot in party for Platinum version Other details such as EV and IV stats can just be normal. Sorry I didn't request this in another thread, but I wasn't sure if it fit. Thanks to anyone who makes it
  10. I'm back on the boards and I'm here to offer free Pokemon for Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. You must have the following: 1. A Nintendo DS 2. A copy of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum 3. A worthless Pokemon to trade with since you have no choice to trade in order to receive your Pokemon 4. Nintendo WFC Now that I got those things out of the way, here's what you need to provide me with. Name: ID: SID: Lv: Gender Nature: Shiny: IVs: EVs: Contest Stats Nickname: Trainer Name & Gender: Moves: PP Maxed: Met at Level: Met at Location: Date Met: Egg Hatched at: Egg Received: Game Region: Language: Fateful Encounter: Also, since I'm working now, I won't get to your requests at night or on Sundays. I will notify all that made request on the status of their Pokemon. Feel free to ask me any questions and I will be gladly to assist you. Good luck and happy requesting.
  11. pokemon: Mamoswine Nickname: Mamoscack Hold item: Masterball ID: 05945 Secret ID: 05945? Gender: Male Nature: doesn't matter Ivs: Speed Evs: Defense and Attack Stats: i dont know what you mean by this Contests won: cute Ribbons: none Moves: earthquake, ice fang, stone edge, mist Ability: snow cloak Ball caught in: pokeball Shiny?: yes Egg?: no Pokerus?: yes Where found: route 217 What time found: apirl 2, 2009 Region found in: shinoh Unown/deoxys/burmy/wormadam/shellos/gastrodon form: none Code or wifi trade?: wifi trade if anyone accepted this please send me a comfirmation email : commanderbdokey@Live.com pacific time
  12. Alright. Well, I have an Action Reply, But I tried to make the team myself, and my game didn't want to work. So, I tried My Friend's Pearl. And That didn't work either. So I need A Code For Platinum With the Following Team. All Pokemon Have the Following ID Number and OT OT: Alex (Male) ID Number: 22004 Empoleon- Modest- Lv. 100 Ability: Torrent Ev Spread: 12hp/252At/12SpD/232 Spe Ivs: All 31 Stats: Hp:372, Atk: 271, Def: 275, SpA: 353, SpD: 301, Spe: 219 Attacks: Agility, Substitute, Ice Beam, Surf. Flygon- Naughty- Lv. 100 Ability: Levitate Ev Spread: 252At/88SpA/176Spe Ivs: All 31 Stats: Hp: 364, Atk: 328, Def: 233, SpA: 259, SpD: 259, Spe: 299 Attacks: Earthquake, U-Turn, Outrage, Fireblast Gengar- Hasty- Lv. 100 Ability: Levitate (Shiny) Ev Spread: 100Atk, 156SpA, 252 Spe Ivs: All 31 Stats: Hp: 324, Atk: 206, Def: 219, SpA: 394, SpD: 249, Spe: 350 Attacks: ShadowBall, FocusPunch, Subsitute, Explosion Registeel- Impish- Lv.100 Ability: Clear Body Ev Spread: 252Hp, 168Atk, 88Def. Ivs: All 31 Stats: Hp:364, Atk: 249, Def: 438, SpA: 249, SpD: 438, Spe: 199 Magmortar- Modest-Lv100 Ability: FlameBody Ev Spread: 252SpA, 4SpD, 252Spe Ivs: Hp:25, Atk: 22, Def: 26, SpA: 31, SpD: 31, Spe: 31 Stats: Hp:285, Atk: 195, Def: 165: SpA: 383, SpD: 227: Spe: 265 Attacks: FireBlast, FocusBlast, ThunderBolt, Hiddenpower. (ice) Roserade- Timid- Lv100 Ability: Natural Cure (Shiny) Ev Spread: 6Hp/252SpA/252Spe Ivs: Hp:26, Atk: 18, Def: 31, SpA: 26, SpD: 23, Spe:14 Stats: Hp: 257, Atk 146, Def: 148, SpA: 344, SpD: 238, Spe: 288 Attacks: SleepPowder, ToxicSpikes, GrassKnot, HiddenPower (Fire) Thanks In Advance to anyone willing to do this for me. I Need it done ASAP though.
  13. Species: DARKRAI Held Item: Reaper Cloth Trainer ID: 72945 OT: Hades Level: 100 Nature: Modest Gender: None Shiny: No IVs: All 31 EVs: All 255 Nickname: Thanathos Ability: Bad Dreams Moveset: Dark Void, Dream Eater, Dark Pulse, Magma Storm This is possible to receive through Wi-Fi, right? I'd like to get this via Wi-Fi. Timezone is EST for me, and I'm pretty much free most of the time, lol Friend Code: 1031 8190 9377 Thanks in advanced.
  14. Ok so basicaly post what info your pokemon will have and i will make them Anyone else who wishes to join me can do if they want Pokemon: Ability: Held Item Moveset: Nature: EVs: IVs: OT: NickName: ID: SecretID: Level: Stats: Atk Def Spe Sp.Atk Sp.Def Met At: Captured with: Ribbons: Contest stats: Fateful Encounter? That is the format to post it in it makes it clear so people can read it It is a bit long but it will do
  15. Check a Pokemon EV Infinite/Max Slot Coins Erase Pokemon in Box 1 Slot 1 Instantly make egg of pokemon in daycare centre See Contents of Egg Pofin Lv. 99 All Pokewatch Functions Daycare Egg - Female Natures (Each one of Natures have its own code Daycare Egg - Male Natures (Each one of Natures have its own code Wild Pokemon IV Modifiers (Each IV in each stat have its own Code Thank you
  16. I am looking for a c++ programmer who might be interested in helping me out in programming PokesavDS. I would prefer who has at least a few years in general programming, C/C++, Java, or C# are all good candidates. I personally have about 6 or 7 years of experience in programming but less is fine. I would prefer someone who knows their way around C/C++ fairly well... I don't want to discourage anyone with any programming experience from offering. But if you do offer do not do so halfheartedly, this isn't simple programming. Be expected to deal with recursive functions, classes, file handling, packed structures, bit shifting/manipulation, linked lists, UI Design, and all without the support of standard library functions (including streams like cout and cin). I will probably only need the help of one maybe two people. As with all things, to many cooks spoils the stew. If I do select you I will probably PM you with some generic programming questions to be sure your the real deal. While I have nothing against giving out the source to PokesavDS. I don't have time to help everyone setup the environment to compile and test it, as well as you get some leeway in deciding parts of the design. EDIT: There is no pay for this, only do it if your really interested. etc etc
  17. Hey i have tried out this team recently on shoddy and it worked pretty well as a stall in OU. I am too lazy to accually train the pokemon myself so can anyone please make team for me? (In ARDS form) Platinum, Max IV. Hippowdon@ Life Orb (nicknamed: Downer) Nature:Impish Ev's:252 HP / 168 Def / 88 SpD MoveSet: -Earthquake -Stealth Rock -Slack Off -Roar Metagross@ Occa Berry (nicknamed:Boomer) Nature:Adamant Ev's:252 HP/236 Atk/12 Def/ 8 Spe -Earthquake/Explosion -Bullet Punch -Meteor Mash -Agility Umbreon@ Leftovers (Darkness) Nature: Bold Ev's :252 HP/ 200 def/ 56 Spe MoveSet -Wish -Curse -Mean Look Rotom-H@ Choice Scarf (Baker) Nature: Timid Levitate / 252 Special Attack/ 252 Speed/ 4 HP Thunderbolt/Discharge -Overheat -Shadow Ball -Trick -Baton Pass Blissey @ Leftovers (Chi) Nature:Calm Ev;s: 252 HP/80 SpA/ 176 SpD MoveSet -Flamethrower -Toxic -Protect -Softboiled MY six Pokemon i've already had on my legit diamond so yea. Thank you very much in advance. ---------- Post added at 12:38 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:27 AM ---------- if no one started making it or if they are starting to make it than i would prefer it to originated from an egg hatched in twinleaf town or any random town. Thank you in advance
  18. (i didn't see a firered forum so i posted it here) move at your own desire staff. I need a gameshark code for Pkmn Firered to make Suicuine stop moving and teleporting to diffrent locations in Kanto. Thanks!`
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