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  1. My request hasn't been done since like 2 weeks ago..(Since I put it up :[ )
  2. If you could get around to my request, that would be awesome
  3. Naw man, everybody has those days. I don't need to know but im sure you can pull through no problem. Im just a little impatient, because i wanna start playing on wifi haha.
  4. can you help me out with my code? I am available atm for trading over wifi.
  5. Can you try loading this code onto your AR and then trade to me over Wi-Fi? 94000130 FCFF0000 B2111880 00000000 E00000A8 000000EC 027988F9 F8B50000 0D3C9C04 C652FB0A 23E9647F B01D15D1 79328676 EAA68A88 C127504E 27363BE0 F0C77CB2 FFF2805E 21DA213B 7C586D0E B633C4F5 EE16132C D1558C1E 289B7B1D EE9504D1 C0F0B2D6 2B654B25 BDC2FA83 A7CA6CBB 7F67A34F 55C4E146 59845EF0 264E6D7A 238B161B 5EA58383 E3EE2204 B853E5E4 E6DEC519 20D1D413 8E888D47 694F3F11 5A8DB48B 898B0B57 2DCC421A 54BE958F DF52F7BF 7556B021 9BE51A01 D17CB8D9 6968867F A9AC8557 B993D0EF 0C87B1A9 73E52C62 B3E73535 AAD9A4CC 9F3361DC 70576CC3 FEF5B15C 7D6D4386 45A904F6 A13E3741 71D73B50 2B39478F E563409B 00000000 E0000194 000000EC DAD003F1 0C0C0000 A94560A7 CCB48355 25500520 8EB76C29 84EF74A4 936E5E96 F01111BE BB389D85 F219D726 5E153354 9F799BBF EF964D5B 7EB03F83 3865C517 E7F393D5 CC489467 400E8F99 DBC3298A F212DDE7 B8ACA494 4B933D2E F97B5C40 52A9F18A BB82F990 35B33DFC 58A4FC1B 4D214DD6 126D89F8 491391B3 2D31D0C8 071AEAFB 47751752 EBB1C92B 111A3714 6E93E881 16282301 D74D4158 BE5610C0 49A0AA8B 34AC5E68 26C11BF1 E1C5CE7D 8F6F5C49 CE070273 F347A95C F31A1971 4156BE62 30987757 8DEFDCA4 D801F802 41BFBA62 03F112CE 261D7BF6 2E94B25B E2A61B38 BB58C494 C009E124 00000000 E0000280 000000EC C6FEC6FD 579F0000 0EF63ED2 3CE8DBAA 5A8CB6FA E97D351A 1FECE3A0 87F1DBF7 0F4081F0 AD48B319 483B9232 7C101EAD 0731AFDF 0FC0CA60 736F257B 172608B5 1FC1AF12 37C03D7A 76ABC7A7 340AF777 720FD5DA 56DDB6B9 ACE9814F BA5B35D9 CF53D47D 8625A436 ED78ADDD F8D84736 4887275B 1F80E0FE 7AF446AD 20BD6E23 73694D32 2875F580 71CC7FCA AD40C83F 8EA8050A 59728EA4 F1422ADE F340E8E0 93562245 C108374E F1001263 838A7F31 ED92FC1D D8DF70F7 31A733FE DAAA8EC0 5677965B 6B8D3720 726DD9B7 E7DE9824 DAF6A368 2D9BCE93 2F9B4279 2F9AB575 025234D2 880429D8 B110DA96 00000000 E000036C 000000EC C9CB2414 DDEB0000 F4E492C7 261E6FBE 9610047C C0272C64 33488535 C25DD734 D63CF689 000CB1C4 584C2B7E 5F9FA91A 6AE0F150 9062E461 56C3889B 7B2E4AC1 214F1257 A829248B 99E5FFD6 8CA2A39B A24353F6 333C9231 4721790C 8F045DD1 C9F55FF4 B8C40108 362A32EA ACA5D897 8E369829 9D3C4ADC 97D6B4CC 45BCDE97 15A486F2 678B44A7 DE2CCBF4 CF8DCB55 AFD5D262 B0BC1193 22528A29 5167DF69 ECA821C5 F59D54CC 6AED11E2 DB994D1C 7F0AB6A5 5425CA9A B9C22A46 FD3CA51A 0FF234E1 02F06FF7 A01A658E 8A8DCB47 4C1BA8AE ABFE9450 2B41EF87 9D70A93A 1884BD13 F5353405 E10AAC14 00000000 E0000458 000000EC 86FC86FD 93360000 569FBE0D 49411E29 19C49C82 A5C80EB0 AD71F16A 6A3ED0F9 7C862024 D5055694 E7ABC856 08AB5AE0 12E7CC32 DD29B644 63CADC07 88B05287 F0C32FD5 EEA82332 F34F65F9 DA6D6C68 7A136409 AE781C70 DF30A6D6 39E34E94 79E8CA3E DF9F43DA F1A86849 1F036C33 F260C3A1 D6681E9E 851235A2 44428A97 4ED4FAEC DAE6675D 56600F54 CF5A9FA6 88B7E283 E36853D9 DC8E4900 86D2ACA1 479DDFD4 5BF5565B 0203FA1E 3F946249 6B1184C4 ABC54CDB 67628051 562C2431 8C2F351A 7D6B92DD ABE085A2 99D8D2ED 97E6033E 6570CD27 2BC7A8FC 6F0CE896 F57A60C1 ACD24E45 0EF4B6B0 00000000 E0000544 000000EC EA17CA0B 1E760000 AE0E8FA1 ABC548C6 48B80515 3B457917 466B5AE6 12032BBB 89B463C3 729EC666 BD28484B 9351A94D 7A1BCF88 591A6396 9CE4AE3B 09CE0E8E DC5AC67A AACE2959 F274D419 CD4F9807 62C3F3A2 BBACE13B 114EA0E2 040E78EA 019BAE74 60475551 F3ECCBD1 22F09049 AC1DC86A C9CB3457 12F5AADC D82C653F A1881853 2B03D2E9 6DC0FB32 80C37503 5C0D30AA 9E6B7605 504C37FD E766DDF8 87686D79 F2471BB4 F1F07B05 4E701E5D EEC23D1F 5FEAAC0B FD06F422 24787EAC 995E45C8 35E94B28 BA5BD2EF 9DAD16C6 A031659F 4DAB7ECD EBAEFB4B 5251D66E 30682F57 11EB3EE0 7636C9DA 00000000 D2000000 00000000
  6. Dont think it'll work in Plat but you can try
  7. Right click the .PKM file and open with PokeSav.
  8. Hey, when will ypu be finished with my request? Im ready to trade on wifi.
  9. Hi, could anybody with an AR please load these Poke's and trade them to me over Wi-Fi? The only thing you need to do is put in a Secret ID, so feel free to put whatever in it. If you could do it today, I'd appreciate it. Will be trading random poke's I caught in-game for these. And, I'll be online, just PM me via Inbos or at chrismax9@hotmail.com. Thank you! EDIT: Mewchu was nice enough to make this into a code, so im just looking for somebody to load it and trade it to me now. PokeSAV.sav
  10. hey, kunaidude. could you please check your inbox?
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