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  1. Are u saying im not old enough to understand life? I did.
  2. What? Why? I am not paying for an update!
  3. i was talking about the animation. my guess is that if the kyurem is set to normal forme, the save(or rom) probably locks the data at 1FA04 until future use, therefore giving it the Unfused status --posts merged-- From kaphotics' research 7A000-7BFFF tournament data --posts merged-- while the ball is rolling, does anybody know how to calculate a pid [every type of pid] on paper
  4. 1) It is probably written on the alt. forms section of the pkm 2) This is probably stored in the rom
  5. shouldn't the LA be exact? it would be a better future
  6. are u talking about the gts automatic distribution function that we want to put in our apps? go on the wiki and search GTS and it will be one of the results
  7. does anyone know the party slot locations? it will be hard for me to find because i cloned my party mon 6 times each
  8. yes, i did. i dont have two ds', so i used pokecheck and edited it Note: this is not my trainer name
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