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  1. The staff said that the eventdex will be up in "a few days" WELL, it feels like a FEW months to me. man.
  2. Here's the code 94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E00170C4 00000088 450E8DEA E37F0000 A63F79DA 08BA8E11 5E20776E BC38F6ED BC13A499 7FE68B0A 106E9F7D 75F363A0 508490E5 9EBEEA26 5731F5A2 D58DEB0D 4825C587 1B48580B 8B2B0324 05340953 A4AB467B 78C4B072 C7050B1C 6B982F40 86F7D0B5 FA68C664 DEE6ABC7 DC00EF7D A25F288B 5FD397EC 9318E4DA 6B3ABD0A D34D854A A8F394A6 E1952F19 A1D4A50C D2000000 00000000
  3. A few months ago on PP's main website there was a Event download page (.pkm files) what happened to it? i miss it. plz bring it back to the site
  4. (i didn't see a firered forum so i posted it here) move at your own desire staff. I need a gameshark code for Pkmn Firered to make Suicuine stop moving and teleporting to diffrent locations in Kanto. Thanks!`
  5. the fast hatch code not instant egg
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