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  1. weather the games you own are digital or physical doesn´t really matter at all. also, i´m gonna go under the impression that you don´t have a hacked 3ds or know anything about hacking at all. if you want to do it yourself or want me to remove the ribbons for you is entirely up to you.
  2. that usually happens. are you using the latest version? if not, then download the latest version of pk3DS. if that does not work, let me know.
  3. are you using the latest verson of pk3DS? if not, then download the latest version. if that doesn´t work, let me know.
  4. why do you want to remove the ribbons? also, you know, you can just remove the ribbons via PKHeX, right? unless you don´t know how, then i can help you with that?
  5. so, the sprites aren´t suppose to be in a .png,jpeg,etc. format? since the images are messed up, i would assume either you did something wrong or the images are set as an improper file format. i would the images themselves are the issue. not too fimiliar with the ds pkmn games, but it would be a safe bet that you would need to change/convert the sprite images to .png or some other image format. i could be wrong thought.
  6. there is no direct API i can direct you to as i could not find anything that directly relates to what you were looking for. you could try and copy FCEUX code and see if that works, but if not, let me know and i´ll let you know what else you can try.
  7. it´s been a while since i´ve messed with lua scripting and Desmume. ok, so i´m gonna go off the assumption that you do have prior knowledge with writing scripts and Lua Scripting. So far, i´ve found this fourm post about this subject,kinda, so it might help to an extent, but if it doesn´t, let me know and i´ll just tell you how instead. https://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=22681.0 but, in the instance you are unfamiliar with Lua scripting, here is an explanation about it: http://www.fceux.com/web/help/fceux.html?LuaScripting.html
  8. Haven´t gotten around to doing this, so might as well do it now: Hi, my name is Jaime, a.k.a VeteranJaime, and iv´e been an huge fan of this game ever since 2014. i started out with XY and my love for the series continued to escalate from there. some other things to know about me/stuff i´m good at: - Programmer for 4+ Years -Programming Languages i know/familiar with: HTML, CSS, C, C#, C++, Python, JavaScript - Modding/Modder for 4+ Years -Like watching Anime. My favorite and personal recommendation is Tanya the Evil(i think that´s what it´s called.) -Fan of RPG´s, Fighting, and Adventure games. -Nintendo Fan. My favorite game of all time has to me Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. Well, That´s all i can really think of saying about myself for now. i might update this later on if i feel like i want to add anything to this.
  9. not really. it just seems kinda pointless since we´re getting closer to Sword and Shield´s release date and people are turning their attention towards those games instead of taking the time out of my or anybody else´s day/week to go through all the USUM models, edit the textures, etc. tbh. i don´t want seem like i´m saying we´re lazy or anything, it´s just that we have LGPE and GO.
  10. that´s fine. i just didn´t know where to put this since this is the very first thread i have ever posted here and all. i just noticed that the switch guides and other resources section was empty and all so i just decided to put something there just for the sake of having something there. i might make a seperate thread about models, animations, etc. there instead along with a tutorial later on after Sword and Shield´s release about how to edit models/textures/animations and stuff of some sort.
  11. (Note: I know that the games aren´t out yet of the time i´m making this and i know that this is way too early to start having ANY type of discussion on this subject, so DO NOT yell at me about it,ok?! i just wanted to post this ahead of time just so i don´t have to worry about towards the game´s release date. any type of contribution to this would be appriciated. thank you for your understanding! now, let´s get show on the road,but not really lol.) With the realese of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield getting ever so closer to releasing worldwide, i thought i would be a good time to make this thread. this thread will be focusing on everything that is contained inside the game from game text and story text, encounter tables, trainers, model locations, and soooo much more! (Another note: a ton of the information that i talk about as the time of writing this/posting this will most likely exist during the SwSh Datamine later on,probably about a week or so before the games release, as i would assume in the instance that a review copy or multiple review copies get sent out and the entire ROM gets leaked on 4chan, just like it did for SM and USUM. but who knows tbh. that´s just my opinion. anything can happen at this point.) This thread will be updated as the games are either officially released worldwide(assuming there will be no review copies distributed or the ROM won´t be dumped) or when the ROM of either version gets dumped or leaked online(assuming that a review copy or multiple get sent out and expect this to be like the 7th gen games/the 3DS era all over again lol).
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