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  1. I had the preload installed, but I have deleted the ticket and title however the CIA still will not install, the download isn't bad either. I'm pretty lost on how to go about fixing this. Edit: I'm probably fucked, but any suggestions would be appreciated
  2. You can't edit scripts yet, but there is research being done. As for music, you will have to export what ever song you want to import as .brstm (or .bcstm) and set loop points using something like BrawlBox before inserting it into the game.
  3. So alot of people have been asking how I do animation swaps and stuff in my hacks, so I decided to post a tutorial. You will need: pk3DS (Latest Version) Ohana3DSRebirth (mariosonicds build) Step 1: Uncompress a/1/7/0 in pk3DS Step 2: Find the bin that contains the model that you want to use Step 3. Uncompress the bin in pk3DS, You should get a folder named ID_CM (ID being whatever number the file is) Step 4. Inside that folder you should see 9 bin files, copy the file named 0.bin Step 5. Find the bin the contains the animations you want to use, and uncompress it Step 6: You should get another folder named ID_CM that also has 9 bin files in it, overwrite the 0.bin in that folder with the one you copied Step 7: Pack the folder, you should now have a file named ID.CM Step 8. Rename the file to ID.BIN and replace the existing file Step 9. Repack the GARC Now you should have different animation ;). If you have any questions let me know!
  4. More information on SaveDataFiler can be found on GBATemp. If your still having trouble, I have a tutorial posted on here that you should refer to:
  5. You will need a CIA installer like FBI to install it, install it to either your EmuNAND or SysNAND (whichever one you are playing the game on.) And yes, as mentioned above, "The blue skull thingy" isn't related to SaveDataFiler.
  6. Do this: Hover over title ID, Press R+X, Import save, Hover over title ID again and press R+X. Then you shouldn't get that error anymore.
  7. Well did you export it? If you exported your save and tried editing it you should know where it is stored. And your gonna want to use SaveDataFiler. Lots of people have had this issue and it's because they use JK's Save Manager or some other one. SaveDataFiler let's you remove SecureValue.
  8. You can still use the save you extracted this time just be sure to remove the SecureValue.
  9. It's not stored in NARC it is stored in the .SDAT. Use Tinke to view it.
  10. No, Homebrew doesn't limit what kinds of games you can play. (If that's what you mean) Unless you are running on an outdated firmware you should be able to play all carts/downloaded games.
  11. Edit: Fixed I'm having some issues with SMTE in pk3DS This started happening yesterday, whenever I go to edit a trainer battle with pk3DS, starting the battle in game just crashes it before it even shows the intro sequence for the battle model. I've have had no issues with this in the past, It just kind of randomly started doing this. I know the issue isn't with my romfs in general, because I was able to repack and install the unedited romfs, but the edited one crashes the game when I go to battle the trainer I edited. The stuff I am changing is the Pokemon, and the trainer class (specifically Pokemon Trainer - 140, to Ace Trainer - 005) I am editing the battle against Guzma in postgame I've spend at least 10 hours yesterday trying to fix this yesterday but to no avail. The version of pk3DS I am using is a commit from like a week and a half ago, but I have not had any issues with it up until now Someone please help me I have no idea what else to try so I am asking here.
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