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  1. I have found the location of my sprites in HG/SS. a/0/0/4. I extract the narc, which I have to add the extension to. This may be the first problem, I am unsure. However, when I open it in PokePic DS, the only images I get are garbled messes. I am trying to make custom shinies for some of my favorite pokemon. Any advice to fix this? What am I doing wrong? Also, for whatever reason, I can't find a version of PokePic that is not in Italian.
  2. Okay. I am very new to hex editing. Like extremely new. Last time I coded anything was a virus in 1994, OK? So, I am absolutely unsure of what I am doing wrong. I opened my hex editor and went to change the 08 to QQ, then I realized that I couldn't. Too many bits. So, I figured out what that meant and changed it correctly, but when I put in FF, the game crashes. I might add that I am using a rom hack for Storm Silver. So, maybe that's the problem. At any rate, if someone could post a video of how to get this done, it would be so much easier to follow. Honestly, I watched a lot of hex editing videos, but none addressed this specifically. Anybody, please, post a video.
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