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  1. Ohana3DS (BCH Tool)

    Check you gpu drivers and DirectX version.
  2. Ohana3DS (BCH Tool)

    You've hit the top left and went to open?
  3. New 3DS

    Yes, 'micro SD Management'. It's built into MSET (personally, i like to use it as a standalone app and use a downgraded MSET, but i digress)
  4. Ohana3DS (BCH Tool)

    Kashi plz I guess I'll update the OP with a newer build of rebirth while I'm here.
  5. Ohana3DS (BCH Tool)

    The original had problems running on some systems, but just to make sure, you're opening ohana and then it errors? or errors after you drop a bch into it?
  6. Ohana3DS (BCH Tool)

    Added the new Ohana for testing because why not.. It renders models better, has shaders this time, and supports animations. To load an animation, you first need to have loaded a model, then on the animations tab, load a bch containing animations. Press play and have fun.
  7. Ohana3DS (BCH Tool)

  8. Ohana3DS (BCH Tool)

    Ehh? the obj? Works perfectly fine in C4D :\
  9. Ohana3DS (BCH Tool)

    Really cool ^^ I always love to see what people make with our program.
  10. Ohana3DS (BCH Tool)

    BCH is one of the worst formats i've ever seen, so i'm still surprised we got anything working, lol.. so yea, theres still some hacky things we do to load models and we only know like 80% of the format, so this kind of think is bound to happen.. I'll try to look into it
  11. Ohana3DS (BCH Tool)

    should be fine if you're just editing.. this is just a rendering issue. you making sure its the right res?
  12. CIA decrypt/encrypt

    CIA has the same NCCH containers in them as the CCI (.3ds) so extracting a CCI from CIA is easy.. rebuilding would be a bit mor difficult though, lol. I think makerom can do this if you build the CXI and CFA.
  13. Ohana3DS (BCH Tool)

    well that seems to be a legitimate bug, so i updated it with a quick fix but the render might still look weird.. shouldnt effect anything game-wise if you were to just texture edit etc.
  14. Ohana3DS (BCH Tool)

    Inject what? This just allows for viewing and kinda modifying BCH and various image formats.
  15. Ohana3DS (BCH Tool)

    you shouldnt have to touch any code with that payload.. just obtain the keyX and put it in that file.