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  1. Ah yeah I figured a hacked 3ds would be needed, no I don't really know anything about it honestly. If you'd be willing that would be amazing. Is it ok to post FCs on here or should I PM?
  2. It's stupid but I'm very particular about which ribbons I want on which Pokémon. Contest ones especially. I've never used PKHeX, but would be willing to learn. My copies of OR and X are both digital, not sure if that makes any difference. But honestly I can't see myself using it much after this, so thought it would make more sense to get someone to help instead.
  3. Hi. Not sure if this is the right place for this sort of request, I'm just hoping someone can help me by removing all ribbons from two of my 'mons. No event ribbons, just standard / champion / contest ribbons. Preferably via trade. Let me know if you can help, thanks
  4. I'm hoping to get some traded Pokemon edited, specifically I want the "Original Trainer" and "ID no." changed so that they appear to have always been mine. If this will make them illegal or unusable online then I won't bother, but if it is possible to edit them in this way without effecting their legality I'd definitely appreciate it.
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