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  1. My 3DS hasn't been turned on for a long while now, and I know it doesn't have custom firmware on it along with having the wireless disabled most of the time. So, it's unlikely for my 3DS to be banned from going online. - Soldjermon
  2. What I think about this, and my opinion is? If being able to get shiny Mew within the game itself from exploiting the glitch, I would think it's legal, since you're not using anything the edit the save file(to make the Mew just be in your inventory and have crazy stats) or using cheating device(like AR) to force a shiny Mew to spawn. It's a glitch deep within the game code, so it's an oversight and was never patched. Though, if I was able to get one myself by using the glitch, I would just keep it and use it for my own benefit; whether it is legal or not; since I don't like trading with other people online. So what if it has just a general PID and SID from your own game save file from gen1? As long as we have one to help fill our Pokédex and keep shiny Mew for ourselves, there's no problem with it - at least for what I see. - Soldjermon
  3. Oh, okay. Thanks for helping to clear things up. Sorry about that. ^^; - Soldjermon
  4. Now here's a couple issues where I came across with the 2FA here. #1: No backup recovery code(s) in case you lose your authenticator This is very bad if someone is able to steal your phone itself; which basically no way to get your account back ever again since there's no backup recovery codes. Unless there's a way for admins themselves to disable the 2FA on your account(and a way to contact them without being logged in), this is a really risky move. #2: 2FA was required for me There was no way around it, was forced to enable 2FA just to even get back on to the message board to see what's up; since I was currently logged in at the time. I hope that this could clear things up a bit, in case if anyone else runs into these. - Soldjermon
  5. *sighs* it's so sad that Grovyle91 had disappeared once again back in October of 2010.. if anyone wants the PMGE to be updated, you're out of luck. it's like most other programs on this message board, that had suddenly stopped updating and doesn't support or lack most features for the newer Pokémon games. so it is best to just deal with it and move on; or someone that has the knowledge can make their own PMGE that supports all Pokémon games and have all the features with it. - Soldjermon
  6. it's because that the Gracidea flower only works when it is day time and when Shaymin is not frozen. if Shaymin is frozen and it is night time, it doesn't work at all; even if the "Fateful Encounter" check is enabled. also, you should research of how the Gracidea flower really works before asking. ;P now you know. - Soldjermon
  7. STBE and Codr, both of you should all realize; as well as everyone else here, that everyone has different opinions and tastes for everything. it's just that we all cannot please everyone in the whole world. some people like Pokésav, some people like Pokégen... hell, some people like both equally and use both. it is all of what both programs can do and what features that they provide. just look of what both Pokégen and Pokésav can do on their own and compare. Pokésav Pro - can edit events Pro - can do almost everything within a save file Con - uses big windows Pokégen Pro - uses small windows and also uses tabs Pro - has better Pokédex editing features Con - mainly does Pokémon editing those are the ones I can think of for the time being. so it really comes down to this decision for everyone... which would be best to suit your needs, or would you use both equally? think about it. - Soldjermon
  8. since that mystery gift editor's Pokémon editing has not been finished yet( not sure of when it'll be finished either ), here's my suggestion. what you need pokésav or pokégen mystery gift editor instructions make a Pokémon you want on either pokésav or pokégen, save the Pokémon in a PKM file after you get done editing that one Pokémon you want. go onto mystery gift editor and upload the PKM file onto both wondercard and mystery gift parts. put whatever the heck you want on your wondercard and/or mystery gift. save your wondercard and your mystery gift in separate files, and put them to where you can find them easily on your computer. I hope that would help you. I'm not sure that my explanation had made sense, but at least I'm trying. XP - Soldjermon
  9. I really do like using the mystery gift editor, but for some odd reason, when I import the mystery gift files, the information from those files doesn't automatically fill in the mystery gift information on the editor, and are completely blank like nothing ever happened. I got a screenshot to show you of what I mean. link to image file could it be just me being on windows XP, or is it a real bug that only effects me? XP I don't know why this is happening.. I'm also using the latest version that has just been released too. - Soldjermon
  10. back in the red, blue and yellow days, cheating on Pokémon didn't come cross my mind until I had beaten red, my very first Pokémon game. once I had traveled to California to visit my cousins, I had bought a used gameshark for my gameboy, and that's where cheating on my video games had started. I had hacked almost everything you could think of, and it was fun as heck. After I beaten Pokémon Crystal, I had completely lost interest of the Pokémon franchise until Pokémon Diamond and Pearl came out. that's where I found out about the 3rd generation and completely skipped them; which prompted me to play them and the revisions of Red and Green. >3> but of course, I've hacked those games like crazy to get what I want from those games. when I gotten Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum came out, I got them and also hacked on those games too. so yes, I do not care about people telling me that cheating/hacking is stupid. it's because that I like playing outside of the rules of all of the games that I play. it's fun to me! - Soldjermon
  11. good news everyone! I've finally gotten around to put every single Pokémon event; from the very beginning to the latest one that was just posted earlier today, into one zip file! they've all been split and organized by official events and fan-made events; then by item, Pokémon and Pokéwalker courses; then by region; then alphabetized by names of the Pokémon, items and Pokéwalker courses. so there was a lot of organization. >3> I've also discovered that there was a couple fan-created Pokémon events that I've seen in one of the zip files that I've downloaded from this thread. so I decided to add them into the zip file, but completely separate from the official events. also, I couldn't update the contributions list, because I wasn't able to be online while I was trying to do all of this. I wish I could have updated the contributions list, but certain things happen in my life which I don't want to say; which lead me to not have internet anymore on my own computers.. *sigh* but anyway, here's the file that everyone is wanting to have. linky to zip file anyway, enjoy the zip file! - Soldjermon
  12. I even tried it that way, and it still says that my gift had already been received. it looks like the mystery gift corresponding number only goes up to 3, while the wonder card ID goes up to infinity... I think. maybe that could be the reason why it's doing that? - Soldjermon
  13. I think I may have found a bug. when I try to put any mystery gift and wonder card from file into my game, my game thinks that the gift had already been received, even though that I didn't even get the gift yet. is that a bug in the program, or could it be that USA HeartGold and SoulSilver hasn't been configured yet to work perfectly? - Soldjermon
  14. it's because that the HGSS pokesav has not been edited for the USA version of HGSS on the AR codes part; and I don't think that anyone is willing to convert the HGSS pokesav to the USA versions either. the only way to make sure the codes work for the USA versions is to change the second and third lines of the whole AR code; or it could be the first and second lines of the whole AR code. I don't know of which one it is exactly, since I haven't tested them out yet. - Soldjermon
  15. here's another problem that arose by using pokemon generator. when I load a save, then load a pkm file, and then save the save file, the whole program crashes. could that be a bug that hasn't been fixed yet, or is it just me being outdated on the program? - Soldjermon
  16. hey NahuelDS, this is NOT a chat room! you have-to be patient of when people are going to reply! so don't double-triple post! yeesh! and by the way, the platinum pokesav hasn't been updated and COM did not enable those features in that program. so if you want the record system edit that are disabled to be edited, make your own program so you can do that. - Soldjermon
  17. hmm.. it seems that some people wanted every single event that happened since the beginning.. luckily for me, I had the whole zip file filled with the events that happened a long time ago that one of the staff(I think Fenzo and Sabresite) had up on the website, before this list started of the latest events. and luckily for you all, I'm going to post the zip file on here. ;3 (zip file updated, link is in last page of this whole thread... for now) here you all go. enjoy everyone! by the way, if you all want me to put the zip files of the latest events into this all-in-one zip file that I have here, please PM me about it and I'll go and do that. :3 one last thing(and totally off-topic), this is not advertising! x-x in case if you all think that it is. - Soldjermon
  18. it seems that PPSE-DS does not support M3 flash carts yet, since I have one. bummer.. I guess it can't support all of the flash carts. all it does is that, it gets stuck when the flash cart tries to load PPSE-DS. I wonder why. I'm even on the latest version too. x-x how irritating.. also, it seems that my M3 flash cart is thinking that PPSE-DS is a real game and not a homebrew program. one last thing, I even tried the DLDI patch, and that doesn't seem to work either. EDIT: I realized, it only works in the touchpod side, and not the sakura side. just to let you know. - Soldjermon
  19. well, once you actually converted and edited of what you need onto the save file, you would have-to convert it back to the original no$gba sav format, or the no$gba would just overwrite it and make you start over. - Soldjermon
  20. I actually have lost 0, because I'm usually lucky to find it again if I did lose it. luckily one time while I was at high school, I thought I had lost the original DS stylus, but it seems that once I went back to the room that the stylus dropped, it was still there and got it before anyone else gotten it. >3> this also happened the second time, but this time in my own home, in my own room. x-x the stylus was lost in my room for a couple of months in my room, until I finally found it again on the floor; close to the trash can. so, yeah.. I never permanently lost my original DS stylus, and I had my original DS for at least 5 years. o3o - Soldjermon
  21. incase you hadn't realized, that VBA is a program that only runs GBA games, think of it as the original GBA or the GBASP. no$GBA is a program that can run both NDS and GBA games. so, playing an NDS game on VBA, does not work at all. so, it is not possible to trade your pokemon from two NDS games on no$GBA, and I don't think it'll ever be possible either; since because the developer had vanished and never returned. - Soldjermon
  22. why would anyone insult you about this? you got to learn that people have their own state of opinions of everything. you posted this, so you're going to get opinions from some of us who wants to state opinions about Digimon and Ken Ichijouji, even if you would like them or not. for Digimon, I still like them to this day, hence my alias name that is a direct relation to digimon.. but I've only watched the first, second, and half of the third season. I like the first four seasons better than the newer ones myself. I liked digimon so much, that instead of choosing a favorite digimon, I created my own, which mostly everyone that I know of on the internet, knows about it, because I use that digimon name at almost every website or message board I go to. >3> ( that happened in in the year 1999, so my character is 11 years of age ) but it is kind of bullshit, when people compare digimon with pokemon, saying that digimon was a ripoff of pokemon.. it's a complete lie. how do I know? it's because I've studied both of them, and there is hardly anything that are similar to each other. I've also read some information about comparing to each other and I agree with the people who think that digimon is not a ripoff of pokemon. now for Ken Ichijouji. I have not heard about this much, so I can't give out an opinion about it. those are my opinions. take it or leave it. - Soldjermon
  23. good thing that I don't have-to be forced to join the official channel for that server anymore.. it was getting really annoying as.. well, you know the word. >3> - Soldjermon
  24. um.. bud.. I've been using mIRC for at least 10 years, I know my way around it. the server wouldn't connect for me. ;P but now it's working, since I tried it again. - Soldjermon
  25. well this sucks. old IRC server is down, and I can't even connect to the new one.. XP ugh! what more can go wrong...? - Soldjermon
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