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  1. Can someone give me suggestions on a good fire type that I can use early in the game? I have my final team set up, but Reshiram only comes way after, and the other pokemon I want is on Route 18, which I think is unaccesible early in the game. Only have two badges.
  2. People...There will always be some "Game Breaking" pokemon. That's the way it is. If there was no game breaking pokemon, then people would say things like "Duh, this generation has the weakest and St00pidist pokemon EVER!" Appreciate the game for what it is. Accept change. Change happens. If they change something, it's their right to. They make the game. Sure we have pokemon hacks, but they try to impress you with different things. A lot of people are just focusing on the pokemon. Maybe try focusing on some other changes. Wow, the battle sprites aren't static. Gee that makes it more liking. Thats new. There will be always some pokemon you won't like. Just appreciate that they give you these games.
  3. In reality there isn't a two type combination that either resists, nomarlizes, or has immunity against anything. Ghost/Dark is beatable. All you have to do is a foresight type of move, then a fighting move and its super effective. It would be cool if in the next Generation (Generation 6) that you could upgrade the types sort of. Back on topic, I'm hoping for any legitimate fire type. In my preference, fire/water would be cool.
  4. I was wondering if I could make a request....If you guys could make pretty much fake wifi connection for the GTS, don't you think that you would be able to make something similar where the DS connects to the program through Mystery Gift Wifi, and it would send you a Wonder Card?
  5. Can someone please help me? From doing this long and complicated process, I can't buy anything from ITunes or Import anything...
  6. Me and my brother were looking at the tiers, and we saw most Weavile movesets with Ice Shard, and we were wondering why that it has the power and ability of quick attack, that it is seemingly a replacement for Ice Punch. Can someone elaborate on Ice Shard for me please?
  7. The reason why I think is because that it's Rock type, so it uses the super effective against pokemon that would be super effective to it. Last I checked Spikes and etc. are normal type, so they don't get the super effective bonus.
  8. Do you have to use an AR or Flashcart or hacking device to use this?
  9. I don't know if I should ask this here....But for some reason after I opened up Port 53, Itunes couldn't connect to the internet. This has never happened before... I was thinking of closing that port, but I can't remember how.... Can someone tell me how or if there might be another problem? This happened after I opened my ports, so I'm thinking it's because of that...
  10. I don't even think they've come out yet..... When they come out people will be able to make them.
  11. With the save file thing, these games could bring in a new era of Pokesaving. What if now, that you don't need a flashcart at all or AR to edit your save? With uploading your save, you could edit your save file at the source, so this could be a great moment for Pokemon history!
  12. I figured out what I did wrong. I needed to use Python 2.6.5. But for some reason I can't use sendpkm twice. I could send over my shiny awesome gible, but I can't bring over anything else. Anyway how to fix this?
  13. I still want Black. Reshiram just looks too awesome to not get.
  14. I can imagine the zebra to become a really really mean horse or something. One thing thats sort of odd, maybe its just me, but a lot of these new moves and abilities have to do with stat raising, which I don't think much of. I really like Reshiram though. I just think that he looks cooler then Zekrom. I'm a little bit Anime, like Code Geass and stuff like that, and Reshiram seems like it's from one of those shows. Zekrom doesn't really agree with me. They really ran out of originallity. A new pokemon that looks like a gear. Guess his name! "OMG is it like Super cool original name?!" No! His name is "Gear". And when he evolves, he becomes a Ferrari 599! "Holy Crap!" But you can't ride it, because then it will poop on you! Jokes aside, some of the pokemon have promise, like Zoroark, the legends, and the horse thingy.
  15. I'm having trouble with sendpkm, but when I get it to work we can trade.
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