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  1. I've looked up and down this forum and even asked on the IRC but haven't found any help, so I'm asking here. I would like to know the best and safest way of creating my own Wonder Cards. As in, making my own event PCD with a Pokemon I've created (and to be as close to being legit without actually fully being legit, of course). I would like it to act just like an event Wonder Card if at all possible; generating random IVs and Natures at the time of receiving it. I've heard that PokeSav is pretty much out of date, so I don't know if I should go with it, PokeGen or even another one I found called Pokemon Mystery Gift Editor. Any help in the right direction would be very much appreciated. I've been wracking my brain the past couple of days trying to find information on this. As a bonus request, I would like to know if there's anywhere I can find a list of Wonder Card IDs that have already been used for events. I remember them being listed on this website somewhere but it seems they aren't any longer. Thanks!
  2. Huh. I wonder if it's who I think it is.
  3. I personally use a SanDisk Sansa I got off Woot for real cheap. I used to use an old generation of the iPod and would like to get a new one at some point, but it's just out of my reach currently. As long as I'm not forced to use iTunes to load any songs onto an mp3 player, I'm okay with it.
  4. Well, I chose Piplup for Diamond and Turtwig for Platinum both without the help of a guide, but my DS fell on my keyboard and didn't let me add Piplup in time. Mainly did so for their looks as I don't like apes.
  5. I think I'll go with Jumpluff. He's both cute and from the best generation!
  6. So many people here are making the assumption that this is Platinum specific. Like I've said a number of times on the old thread as well as the IRC, my Diamond would only rip at 256k (FLASH 2M) for the longest time. This is specific to all Pokemon games for the DS. They all have the same save structure. That being said, there needs to be an update to both Rudolph's tools that will deal with this specific problem. Either that, or a brand new program.
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