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  1. kerfun

    PokeSav vs PokeGen

    I agree, in my opinion, PokeGen is much more user friendlu They have nice sprites, and it's more colorful Though PokeGen can't do some of the things PokeSav can do, it suits my needs better.
  2. kerfun

    PokeSav vs PokeGen

    Thanks so much Tbird, now I can see why everyone reccomends PokeGen over PokeSav
  3. kerfun

    PokeSav vs PokeGen

    So i've been looking around a lot of threads, and i'm seeing that people reccomend PokeGen over PokeSav. The thing is, i'm having trouble saving my created pokemon onto the save file. And everytime i try to work on a new pokemon, my old pokemon edits are gone D: Would it be okay if i just used pokegen for the PID/IV generator. I think that it's much better than PokeSav's PID/IV generator. Or is there a different way to save on pokeGen?
  4. My Kyogre is: Rare GBA <A-B-D-F> Type My Mewtwo is: Uncommon GBA <A-B And is PokeGen the same as PokeSav?
  5. Hi there! I've just recently started using PokeSav, and i've hit a snag I'm trying to edit my Smeargle and Abomasnow. I can edit their level and EVs just fine, but when i start to edit their IVs and Nature, everything starts going wrong. I put them in the hack check, and Abomasnow's Type is: Hacked or Unknown Pokemon While Smeargle's Type is: Never Seen This. B-A-C-E [unrestricted] I've have sucessfully edited a Mewtwo and Kyogre before, and I had no problems passing the hack checks. (However, these are pokemon thar were migrated from RSELGFR, so is there a different method of editing them? The abomasnow and smeargle were caught in the wild.) I have included copies of both their save files. I would appreciate it if you can tell me what I am doing wrong, or perhaps direct me to a step by step guide. I have read the Stickied guide, but I am still having this problem Abomasnow: Smeargle: abomasnow.pkm Smeargle.pkm
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