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  1. thank u so much. I update pkhex when it got the note up the right side. anyway thank for your time.
  2. sorry. I don't know which step i did wrong, when I export sav main. the Block Editing i did all gone.
  3. like this ? if you need , I can upload the file after importing
  4. Sorry for my wrong commentary. I import current block for Wild Area Event #7: Gigantamax Toxtricity I import the 4 files for the correct object. (I do it almost 6-8 times) But when I export the save and put it into Switch Switch always stops me from even launching the game. I have the files that has no file imported, and the game run it normal. but if i do the Block Editing , Switch always stops me from even launching the game. or I need to do Block Editing before the Wild Area Event #7 version? (I didn't do Block Editing before) Thank for your
  5. I just want to import Wild Area Event #7: Gigantamax Toxtricity. but Switch shut down the software stops me from even launching the game do i need to import recent wild area event or just the #7 one?
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