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  1. It's not exactly hard, just slightly more advanced. The easy part is building an AAC using Audacity (it has to be a specific profile). The slightly more advanced part would be having to hex edit the values for looping, as we currently have no tools to edit the BCSAR.
  2. I have figured this out. I just had to rebuild the game's sound data with a tool from the Nitro SDK.
  3. Hello, I attempted to replace the Nitro Sound Bank (SBNK) of a song in the SDAT of Pokémon White 2, also replacing the Nitro Wave Archive (SWAR) and Nitro Song Sequence (SSEQ). When I try to play the song via VGMTrans, it plays just fine. However, when I replace the SDAT of a ROM with this modified one, and try to play the song, nothing plays. Would anyone know how to fix this?