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  1. No problem, yeah I already thought this would be the case, that's why I asked. It's a shame really, sure the story is short, but it's a (free,) nice, short and cute story. I just don't get why they only make these promotions available through certain limited methods which are only available in certain specific countries.
  2. Unfortunately, it's only available in certain countries (US only?) and in order to read it you have to use Apple's iBook or Amazon's Kinde. However, I got a hold on a copy and converted it to .pdf so that nobody will be limited by these rules. I am willing to share it here, but before I do I wanted to ask if it's OK? It is free after all, but as @evandixon says this is likely temporarily and it will presumably cost money at some point in the future.
  3. New Detective Pikachu incoming. Found it on the Japanese server. Top image is static, but the bottom is scrolling. It has its own music, but I do not recognize it since I haven’t played the game yet.
  4. @King Impoleon Could be, although we already have a Team Rocket, Team Galactic and Team Skull theme. Now that we know two Team Plasma themes are coming, the only villainous team without a theme would be Team Magma and Team Aqua. It would be cool if they also released those, but I wonder which character designs they would choose; the original or the remake variants. If it's related to Pokémon Center's Team Rainbow Rocket campaign it would probably be their original design though.
  5. Was hoping to find a Pokémon Crystal theme on the Japanese server, but found these two instead: Japanese name: ポケモン 敵組織~プラズマ団(BW) English translated name: Pokémon Villainous Organization - Team Plasma (BW) Music: Pokémon Black & White - Team Plasma Battle Theme The top screen is scrolling and has Ghetsis, N, Anthea, Concordia and Genesect in the foreground and Bisharp, Hydreigon, Confagrigus, Zorua, Darmanitan, Team Plasma grunts and the Seven Sages in the background. The bottom screen has the Team Plasma logo with lightning has has animated walking Team Plasma grunts. Japanese name: ポケモン 敵組織~プラズマ団(B2W2) English translated name: Pokémon Villainous Organization - Team Plasma (B2W2) Music: Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 - Team Plasma Battle Theme The top screen is scrolling and has N, Ghetsis, the Shadow Triad, Colress, Klinklang and Kyurem in the foreground and Team Plasma grunts, Anthea and Concordia in the background in front of the a frozen Opelucid City. The bottom screen has the Team Plasma logo with lightning has has animated walking Team Plasma grunts.
  6. Just found out that the theme is now also uploaded to the American server, Europe will probably follow soon as well I guess. There's also a nice Champions theme of Zelda Breath of the Wild coming, for anyone who's interested.
  7. Hehe, 'Cool' huh? I see what you did there... Right, forgot to add that it's the original theme from Diamond & Pearl (updated my post). Sinnoh remake hint lol? Edit: The theme just got announced officially. You can simply buy it in the Theme Shop.
  8. Found another upcoming Pokémon 3DS Theme on the Japanese server. Winter is coming... Name: Pokémon - Winter Hide-and-Seek Music: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Jubilife City Theme (Daytime)
  9. Looks like the theme got officially announced today! It will be released this Friday, the release date of the games. No preload or eShop-only purchase is required, it will simply be available in the 3DS Theme Shop and costs $1.99 / £1.79 / €1,99.
  10. Yeah, those files would still be considered copyrighted, but then a lot of other files on this site would technically be considered copyrighted as well. Also, I don't think you can just copyright every string/int/whatever you want. I am not a lawyer though. There was a lot of controversy about encryption keys in the past though and I don't really know what the stances about this are currently, but the impact of simply copyrighting a number would be huge. I don't think it's useful for us to get into the whole legal/illegal argument here since I don't think it would add much to this topic, but if there are any admins/mods who could shine some light on this it would be much appreciated.
  11. Sure, that would basically be piracy and is against the rules (and law ). What I meant to say is that we maybe could add a section to the site that list all the Pokémon related 3DS themes (just like Bulbapedia and Serebii do), but then in a similar way as the C-Gear Skins list but without a download button. We would only post a screenshot/preview of the theme, similar to the images I posted in this thread. But then again this has been done already on other site, so it wouldn't add much. The only thing I meant with uploading the themes itself was in correlation with the Theme Shop shutting down eventually. When this happens, it will become legally impossible to get these themes ever again. I know I am just speculation, but if this would ever occur, I was wondering if it then was oké for us to then share the theme files on this website (just the raw body_LZ.bin and the bgm.bcstm files, not a .cia). I do not intent to break any rules or something, I just want to know where you guys would stand on this if this would ever happen?
  12. @Cecillia If you need a list of all the 3DS themes, you can check out these lists on Bulbapedia or Serebii. I thought about making a post where I would list all Pokémon related themes with images and such, but these list have already been made so it would be kinda pointless. If there are any new upcoming Pokémon related 3DS themes, I guess I'll post about them here. Don't know if it is worth to create a new topic about, since the 3DS is kinda at the end of its life and I don't think we will get much more new Themes. Maybe we get a Crystal theme similar to the Gold and Silver ones or some other generic ones, but that will most likely be it. Don't know if it is worth anything, but it could be cool to add a section about Themes to the site, similar to the C-Gear Skins. Of course you will not be able to download the theme files itself, since you have to pay for them and stuff, but maybe we could list all themes with a preview. Although, the Theme Shop will most likely go down sometime in the future and it would be a shame if these themes get lost forever. Guess that's talk for the future though. Thoughts?
  13. Found this image earlier today, have yet to verify it myself though: Never mind lol, I must be blind or something. Thank you @wrathsoffire76 for correcting me and for giving the real scans.
  14. @theSLAYER The only thing we can do is wait for the official reveal and release method I guess. The theme is now also uploaded to the Japanese CDN. Hoping the US will get it as well, but I don't see why not. Edit: The Necrozma theme is now also uploaded to the the USA's CDN. And for anyone who is curious, below is the generic Pikachu theme you get when you pre-load USUM:
  15. Haha nice, didn't know that. Also, the pre-loads of USUM just went live in Europe and you get a free theme by doing so, but for some reason you get a generic Pikachu theme instead of this Necrozma one lol.
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