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  1. Who will win now i just had a pokemon battle like this on my 3ds and Zeraora won with the first move fire punch and surprisingly lucario survied it used close combat and lucario was mega evolved. so my zeraora ended with 47hp then i had ended the Battle with plasma fist and i won. but if you guys battle then there battle techniques will be different who knows what will happen,
  2. If you want to talk about your favorite Pokemon, mega, shiny, legendary, mythical, or ultra beast/ or other if i forgot something than you are at the right place here you can talk about anything that is about Pokemon. hope you enjoy.
  3. If any 1 likes Pokemon and wants to talk about there favorite Pokemon then your with the right person.


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      Lucario for life. i trust mega battles with the mega beedrill, lucario, or/and charizard y

  4. Hello everybody today i will do my Thursday - saturday battle routine where if i lose i owe you 2 shiny pokemon if i win i get nothing because i don't really want anything. and if i do want something it's probably to evolve a pokemon but other than that, im cool. now a reason im not doing it today tho is because i heard about this and it seem really cool so im really glad im here. and i am a social person so i would die if i had no one to talk to. just to let y'all know leafeon is like my top 10 favorite pokemon. favorite eeveelution to. 




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      know i don't know if it's any1 birthday i got this from google images but if it is any1 birthday  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALWAYS LET ME KNOW!:PSMD-Amazed:🎂

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