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  1. USUM - Villainous Bosses' Pokemon (Japan)

    Oh, I was expecting them to at least give away the legendaries. If these Mons don't have some special move or whatsoever, well...meh, just a filler event to delay even further the interesting ones. (That poster made me cringe...)
  2. Couldn't we simply get a Diancie? :c If we wanted shiny Groudon/Kyogre we could simply SR for them, I want an Alola-born Diancie :T
  3. Er... Then you still like'em somewhat. Te estás volviendo gay, wey (?) Nothing wrong with that, as long as you recognize liking traps and being straight are incompatible, regardless of your own gender
  4. Seems like you're not the only ones who think Ash looks girly.
  5. [BUG] About Gen1-2 GB and VC Shiny

    Thing is, glitch stuff is still not legal, so, whatever you do in order to get a shiny VC Mew will not be legit.
  6. [BUG] About Gen1-2 GB and VC Shiny

    Well...VC glitch Mew could be shiny were it to have the right IVs, but you cannot legitimately send one of these over to gen 7. There was a Mew event for the VC which can be put in Poké Bank, but, AFAICR, due to how these events work, all of its IVs were preset, and they used that to make sure it couldn't be shiny when transferred. To this date, the only legitimately possible shiny Mews are those caught in Faraway Island (Emerald), which can only come from japanese games.
  7. [BUG] About Gen1-2 GB and VC Shiny

    That's only after the USUM update. Before that, the gender of G1 Vc Mons was not decided by IVs, just randomly given, and even the shiny calculation was different. you could actually get, say, a female shiny Charizard. This is no longer possible after said update, but since it was at some point, these Mons aren't necessarily illegal.
  8. [BUG]Apricorns Ball Fossils

    These Balls were obtainable in gen 5, and you could use whatever Ball you had on your bag to catch Entree Forest Mons. The Dream Balls were given to you merely as an optional resource, either to not have to use the Balls you've bought yourself were you to be low on stock, or in case you wanted to have your Mons in some pink, fabulous Ball, but their use was not mandatory. Combee was obtainable back in HGSS via heatbutting trees, and therefore, catchable in Apricorn Balls.
  9. That's what I meant by "sections", as using a different value zooms it either closer of farther (depending on whether said value is lower or higher, respectively). That single value delimits the zooming range of the other 3 bytes. Same es true for vertical camera, but haven't checked which are the actual legit valued for 146F. Also, editing these two bytes just moved the camera to the right for me.
  10. Offset 1468 did nothing for me. But, indeed, higher values move it to the left, so I guess we've solved the overall movement thing. I haven't been able to fully determine what does 146B do, but pretty much like 146F (vertical cam) and 1473 (zoom), seems to control "sections" within which 146A acts. Apparently, there are only 3 legitimately possible values for this offset: 00: No horizontal movement has been done. 41: Right horizontal movement. C1: Left horizontal movement. I'm guessing values lower than 90-or-so are for "right" sections, and higher than that should be for the left ones. [EDIT] Also, some other misc data I've found: 1458: Hairstyle. Haven't checked whether it affects color or not. 145C: Bottom clothes (shorts, skirts, etc).
  11. The partially open eyes + close zoom is godly. I'd been wanting to do this for so long. Also, tested all of that out. The horizontal camera offsets didn't work for me, but everything else did. Using the vertical camera, zoom and rotation offsets managed to get a booty shot, though "censored" by the bag. Damn you UN.
  12. This Sylveon was hatched in X, and the only way for it to legitimately learn Hyper Voice is via tutor (which, in gen 6, are mostly exclusive to ORAS. Since no trade data exists, the program takes it's never left X, which means it couldn't legitimately have Hyper Voice. You say it's properly flagged as legal when you put it in an ORAS box. Yeah, that's true, however, it's not a bug, but something way simpler: When you place it on a box (or party) on a save that's not its origin one, trade data is automatically generated, and thus, it becomes possible for it to have the move. That's what happens.
  13. My pokemon don't obey me anymore

    Did you really finish the game? or just the last grand trial? You need to be the champion in order to get the last stamp. If so, I'm genuinely curious about how could you have possibly messed that up when editing your items, but that aside... You can edit your stamps by opening the "Trainer Info" window, going to the "Misc" tab, and highlighting the 6th stamp. That should do it, but I do not recommend it if you haven't actually beaten the E4. You might wanna check your "Event Flags" window and make sure this one is checked, too: And, just out of curiosity...didja mess with yout OT name/TID/SID combo? or are you talking just about traded Pokémon? I ask this because Pokémon with your own OT will never disobey regardless of level, save for certain exceptions back in gen 3, but if you messed with that..well...
  14. Since I spent several days hunting down the warp hole legendaries (and had other matters to attend IRL as well), I just got to the League, and well, this was kinda...cute. They're actually giving more feeling to keeping your starter until the end.

    Though, the game doesn't care about Ball, gender, met location, origin game..not even PID. Only species, OT/TID/SID combo, and EC, need to match in order to play this event. Still, didn't expect the game to store something such as your starter's EC.

  15. At that time, I was on the altar.