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  1. I need an Ultra moon save

    You sure you're using the latest PKHeX build? If so, you might upload your save file here so some of us can check it.
  2. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Well, as promised, here are the two variants of Giovanni's Mewtwo: 150 - Mewtwo - A252FB89C34A.pk7 — Physical set + Mewtwonite X (exclusive to US) 150 - Mewtwo - 8709B2F7E2AF.pk7 — Special set + Mewtwonite Y (exclusive to UM) Got the other bosses' legendaries as well: 382 - Kyogre - D7101C05036F.pk7 — Archie's Kyogre 383 - Groudon - 782C410FE872.pk7 — Maxie's Groudon 483 - Dialga - 4F2496FBDACA.pk7 — Cyrus's Dialga (US) 484 - Palkia - EC1CC4CB0F34.pk7 — Cyrus's Palkia (UM) 644 - Zekrom - 67E1AABD7D55.pk7 — Ghetsis's Zekrom (US) 643 - Reshiram - D9EF241AC747.pk7 — Ghetsis's Reshiram (UM) 716-01 - Xerneas - A6E03FBCC0F5.pk7 — Lyssandre's Xerneas (US) 717 - Yveltal - 2C878F7DB29D.pk7 — Lyssandre's Yveltal (UM) Also, got this Muk from a grunt. It's nothing special but made me laugh since I had a confined Hoopa as my lead and thing just exploded.
  3. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Was planning to wait until I had the Mewtwo to upload everything, but if you want Solgaleo Nebbycrozma right now, then here it is. Also... Got this one this time around. As well as these ones. Though I must point out that, while Bulbapedia says that Sophocles's Magnezone's supposed to have Sturdy, the one I dumped has Analytic. The US counterparts for these ones. And last, there was a second trial Fomantis in Lush Jungle, which could appear instead of the Comfey, depending on which wrong honey bush you chose. It's slightly different from the first one (it's Lv. 21 and has Ingrain instead of Leafage). I've had these ones dumped for some time now but I hadn't moved on to the RR Episode yet as I wanted to hunt down every Ultra Space legendary before entering the HoF. Now, since I'm done with that, I'm planning to start the RR thing tonight. Should have Gio's Mewtwo (and prolly the other bosses' legends as well) within a couple of days.
  4. Any Pokemon can use ANY Exclusive Z-Move

    I'm not into ROM editing, so I'm not sure about what would you need to do that -- sorry, but what I told you is all I know about this subject.
  5. Any Pokemon can use ANY Exclusive Z-Move

    AFAIK, that's done by swapping models, not making the actual Mon able to use the move. In other words, what you saw was most likely Decidueye/Eevee/etc with Bidoof's model.
  6. crabawler bug

    According to Serebii as well, the range is 26-29. Tried to check it myself in both versions but had no luck (as some of the data is generated before the Crabrawler is even encountered, I'd have to wait for midnight to test again). You sure you haven't edited it? Thing was caught months ago so you might've changed its met level and don't remember it.
  7. crabawler bug

    That's because Lv. 25 was obtainable in SM only. In USUM, its level range was increased to 26-29.
  8. Pokemon Crystal bred Pokemon location data

    Met level should be set to 1 and that's it, legal "hatched" Mon regardless of location (as long as it's a legitimately posible one, of course) and time of the day.
  9. Gen 3: Suicune unaffected by Roamer's glitch

    Right, forgot to mention the illegality reason, but it's the typical Encounter/PID mismatch Here: G3 roamers are supposed to use method 1, AFAIK.
  10. Gen 3: Suicune unaffected by Roamer's glitch

    Seems like it's an error by PKHeX. As far as RNG Reporter shows, there are 2 possible IV combinations for that PID via method 1 and PKHeX accepts the second one as legal (taking the glitch into consideration, of course). Either that, or there's some "prevent all 0" flag I don't know about, preventing it from being obtainable.
  11. USUM - Year of Legendary (2018)

    In past gens, it was not uncommon for event Mons to have "00000" as their SID, and although I hadn't seen this happen on gen 7, look at this: The TID alone is actually 2/2/18, the event's starting date, so the lack of SID might be intentional. Either that, or they're planning to change both SID and TID in order to get a combo resulting in "020218" again.
  12. USUM - Year of Legendary (2018)

    Here: Palkia (Sun) Dialga (Moon) Palkia (US) Dialga (UM) Please note that, even though the WCs look final, there might still be some change between these ones and the actual final thing.
  13. Year of the Legendary Pokémon

    Well, of course, but that's not why I'm disappointed. Some of us were expecting these event Mons to have moves that we couldn't teach'em in-game, such as...Idk, do you know about the TRU Arceus? that one from gen 4 with the Creation Trio's signature moves? These were event-exclusive moves, no other Arceus can legitimately have'em. But the legendaries being given away this years don't have anything special -- they're no different from the ones we could catch in-game, except for being in Cherish Balls and having a fancy ribbon.
  14. I need an Ultra moon save

    Maybe it's something related to how your device handles the files when downloading/editing? Trythis rar file and tell me what happens, should weigh 435KB when extracted (it's your own save)
  15. I need an Ultra moon save

    ...Did you put your file in the proper folder, at least?