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  1. (bug) pokemon in ball

    Starting at gen 6, female Pokémon gain the ability to pass down their Balls. In gen 7, any breedable Pokémon (even male-only or genderless species) are capable of doing so. This gives us the possibility to breed several previously unobtainable ability-Ball combinations, due to some of them, such as the Safari Ball, being long-lost stuff. In most cases, this is not a problem at all, since a pre-gen 5 Pokémon caught in a Safari Ball can breed with a gen 5-onwards one of the same species, opposite gender, and hidden ability, it is possible to legitimately generate HA Safari Ball offspring. However, Johto's Safari Zone features several genderless Pokémon. Due to the aforementioned new mechanic, these Pokémon can indeed be bred in Safari Balls, but it's not possible for them to have their hidden abilities due to their inability to breed with members of their own species. Since they can only breed with Ditto, and Ditto cannot pass down neither abilities nor Balls, it's impossible for them to get the Safari Ball + Hidden Ability combination. PKHeX overlooks that, and no one seems to have noticed it, so thanks for pointing it out, I did some testing and found out all of the following Pokémon, along with their respective evolutions, seem to be affected by this issue: Magnemite Voltorb Lunatone (this one doesn't have an actual HA, but setting its ability to "Levitate (H)" is still taken as legal with a Safari Ball) Solrock (same as Lunatone) Beldum Bronzor Disclaimer: I'm not a staff member, nor have anything to do with PKHeX's development.
  2. I was gonna comment the same sort of thing a while ago, but then I thought there was no way for the Charizard to be hatched in gen 2 and then sent to gen 1 while keeping Belly Drum, since the move itself doesn't exist at all in said gen. In other words, it still shouldn't be able to know both moves unless I'm missing something.
  3. Project 802 - Saves with Legal Pokemon

    Well, as far as I know, that's true, gen 3-5 Wurmple's evolution is determined by its PID, but when a pre-gen 6 Mon is sent over to gen 6 or 7, it's given an EC, which is identical to its PID, so I guess the problem is still the same. I might be wrong since I'm no programmer, but that's what I've found out from experience and some reading.
  4. Project 802 - Saves with Legal Pokemon

    Found a couple of issues: Hatched, being impossible to legitimately do so: Ditto, Unown. Impossible met location: BW2 Excadrill hatched at BW1 Victory Road, BW2 Amoongus caught at Route 10. Ability-PID mismatch: Chinchou, Lanturn, Togepi, Togetic, Blissey. Ability Capsule was introduced one gen later. Evolution-EC mismatch: Cascoon, Dustox. Minor issues: Event Beartic in regular PokéBall (should be in Cherish Ball).
  5. So...well, I farmed FC with the sole purpose of getting a dye shop. Sophocles kept refusing to give me one and just offered useless stuff all along but I finally had some luck.
    Spent a bunch of berries, but guess it was worth it, I've harvested hundreds of them anyway.
    My clothes finally match my lipstick (?
    Didn't wanna use the default purple color since it was way too light.

    Uh..are any of you guys this picky about customization?

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    2. Got_Eevees


      -_- Yes, SM is too childish.

      X and Y have slightly eh...less-advanced graphics but clothes,those are the deal-makers.

      The boy looks more mature,a teen.

      The girl,feminine and mysterious.

    3. Got_Eevees


      Correction: The boy look more mature, an older teen.

    4. Ruby Genseki

      Ruby Genseki

      Idk, XY had some pretty childish stuff as well. Namely, that pink Slurpuff dress

  6. Invalid: Encounter Type PID mismatch

    You're welcome! And, just so you know, changing the met level to at least 37 (Duskull's evo level), the program takes it was most likely transferred when already evolved, that's why it works
  7. V-create Ray not legal? PKMSM

    Your Rayquaza seems to be illegal indeed. This Rayquaza was obtainable only in BW1. Yours says it's from Black 2. It was a Japan-only event, therefore, its language (but not necessarily its region, since it's a pre-G6 Mon) should be set to Japanese. PKHeX overlooks some things, so you should do a bit of research yourself in order to make sure your stuff is all right-- here, try this one. 384 - レックウザ - 96490E6203B3.pk7
  8. So...while unsuccessfully looking for something I decided to go and complete this other thing I was doing a while ago, which allowed me to find out a couple of extra things: Aether Paradise's floors 1 and B1 actually have another variant each. While regular 1F's ID is 197, there's an identical map with the ID #198. The only difference is, as you might see, that this version's got a single NPC, whereas the regular version has this very same NPC among several others. As for the B1F, its map ID is 200, but there's an identical map with the ID 201. It's got several employees on it. I came across these two maps several times in the past while looking for other things, but never took the time to explore them a little bit. Now, as you might've already guessed, I've found out they're the variants used during the player's second visit to Aether. The employees in B1F can be interacted with, but I didn't manage to be able to rebattle them even with a rematch code. Another thing I found was a buggy Festival Plaza Map. It's most likely the real thing, but since I simply warped there and it's some sort of "special" map, it couldn't properly load. And there's the Festival Plaza castle as well:
  9. Invalid: Encounter Type PID mismatch

    I've already explained but guess you didn't get it. Whatever-- here, your thing is now legal. 356 - Reaper - 822FA1CFE4BA.pk7
  10. Invalid: Encounter Type PID mismatch

    The Banette seems to be fixed by simply making it look hatched. 354 - Joker - AFB4142D1AFC.pk7 However, I cannot help you with the other two.
  11. I wouldn't do it myself, tho. I dobut any sane person would willingly jeopardize such a job .-. unless they have some better opportunity out there, that is. I've been thinking about this since several months ago.
  12. Sucker Punch Hitmontop Problem

    The problem is that your Hitmontop was sent over to gen 5 at Lv. 12, and thus, as a Tyrogue. Tyrogue itself cannot learn Sucker Punch, so it must be a Hitmontop in order to do it, and it doesn't evolve until Lv. 20. Look at this: By changing the met level to 20, PKHeX takes it was indeed transferred as a Hitmontop, and therefore it's now legal.
  13. Unable to find starting backpack

    Then I guess I'm some sort of witch? Hahaha, jk. All you gotta do is to de-select any custom clothes you're wearing, and then, ta-dah! default clothes! PS: It has nothing to do with your topic, but I'll have you know anyway, you've got several poorly hacked Pokémon in your living Dex. You've even got N's Zekrom from Black (I guess obtained via some "Catch Trainer's Pokémon" cheat).
  14. Well then, if it is actually possible to legitimately get the Wonder Card for at least a short moment, then they'd be forced to consider the shiny thing as legal since they released it themselves. Someone'd be fired, but I dobut they'd simply say something they released themselves is not legal.
  15. Invalid: Encounter Type PID mismatch

    These Pokémon are simply poorly generated. Banette's PID type is that of a hatched Pokémon. Dusclops is supposedly from either Colosseum or XD, whih means it was purified at some point, and thus, it should have the National Ribbon. It nature doesn't match its PID, either: while it's relaxed, its PID says that is should be jolly. It seems to have the PID type of a hatched Pokémon, but since there's no breeding mechanic in its origin game, it's impossible for it to legally have it. The Seismic Toss move is flagged as illegal. This is due to the Pokémon being apparently leaving gen 3 at Lv. 19, and since it couldn't be a Dusclops until Lv. 37, the program assumes it evolved on a later gen, and therefore, it was unable to legitimately learn Seismic Toss since it should have been a Dusclops in gen 3 in order to be able to do it. Togetic has got egg PID type as well. That seems to be the only issue with it. There's also this thing about the fateful encounter flag but I'm not sure about it. Probably, these Pokémon have some PID-IV mismatch as well. Their IVs are way too perfect (alternating between ideal 0's and 31's) for gens 3 and 4.