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  1. Hiya, it's been some time. Work has kept me busy so all I've been doing in the forum during the last few months is lurking every now and then to keep myself up-to-date with stuff. Just wanted to comment on this, as I recently replayed the game and in fact extracted all special ep. Mons. ...They've been modified since then, but nothing restarting the special eps. and extracting'em again can't fix. Regarding the temporary members, though, as far as my capabilities and patience go, they can't be easily extracted -- at least I was unable to.
  2. At the beginning, I thought this thing was some placeholder of sorts and its model wasn't supposed to be seen. Then it was confirmed as an actual Mon. Alright. Its design ain't really bad. ...But, how comes it is a mythical Mon? It looks like something born from industrial waste accidentally imbued in some radioactive substance during the modern or contemporary era. It...kinda bothers me, to a certain extent.
  3. I'm assuming you re-randomized the same ROM, where the trainers' Mons were already overleveled. If that's they'll remain that way because that'd be what the tool now recognizes as their "original" level, therefore leaving it as is. Try randomizing an unedited game, making sure that setting is off from the start.
  4. Since the Kalos times, what matter the most to me are the aesthetics, I've always been into customization and whatnot, so I want more of it. You know, more hairstyle and hair color options (come on, GF, I want anime-esque stuff, if NPCs can have purple hair, why am I bound to use only generic, realistic colors?), clothing variety (geez, they're headquartered in Setagaya, if they're out of clothing ideas, Shibuya is north east from there, it can't be that hard to visit Harajuku for some inspiration (?)), Ball seals (I really liked using the alphabet seals back in G4 :FeelLikeAFiveYearsOld:) and, please, let MC have facial expressions other than o ͜ o Now, gameplay-wise: It'd be nice to have some PWT-like facility. I really liked it. Let us have all the damn berries. If the AI can use custap berries, a non-hacker player should be able to use'em, too. A stable chaining system. DexNav was a pain to use in areas with a low amount of grass tiles, and SOS battles take forever when it comes to Pokémon you'd actually want to chain. Bring National Dex back. I was hyped when I saw all previous gen Mons got new entries, and then got disappointed when I found out there was no national Dex. My fav Mon is Pidgeot and I'm mad cuz no new Dex entry. A better online system. Festival Plaza was awful and GF should be fully aware about the players' opinion by now. The option to selectively enable or disable animations. I wanna see the move animations, but I definitely don't wanna see item activation, status/weather damage, nor any other end-of-turn animations. They're especially obnoxious in double/triple battles. A PokéBall-specialized shop that actually sells all kinds of PokéBalls. I'm willing to pay Poké¥100000 for, say, a single Dream Ball. I just want the possibility to have it. As many of you, I want more mega-evolutions. Or, at the very least, more regional variants. Ever since G6, I've been hoping to see a pegasus Rapidash. As someone suggested above, a Jurassic Park would be nice. I honestly expexted USUM to have it, since it seemed to fill whatever was incumplete in SM, but alas.. Something I liked from USUM was the many side quests it had. Side quests make in-game worlds feel more natural, and USUM did a neat job at subtly giving us a more mature, somewhat realistic view of something aimed at children. I'd like future games to follow that road. If some half-naked masked man wants to have a foursome with me and two children, I'd like to be able to refuse (?) And, I know this is never gonna happen, but I'd like some sort of bond building with certain relevant NPCs. Not like some dating sim, of course, but it'd e nice to have'em say different lines and give you certain items according to how close you're to them. Yeah, this is merely a whim. I just want an excuse to shipp characters and more yuribait. Guess that's it.
  5. Well, thing looks legal. Most likely blatantly hacked, but within legal limits -- ribbon and all, so it should be safe to keep. The answer is prolly what theSLAYER stated above, but I know little to nothing about that WTBot so I can't accurately say anything.
  6. I'm guessing the guy removed the ribbon that would prevent a legit Zeraora from being WT'd, but if you can't trade it now then I'm not really sure about what to think. If you could upload the Zeraora as a .pk7 file, or at least show us screenshots of it, we might be able to tell. Regardless of that, though, I do recommend you to release it, along with anything else you might've gotten from him.
  7. I don't quite like it, either. Prolly because it's already been memed as "Argentina Ball" among latino fans. Though, it's curious to see Ash using something other than a regular ol' Poké Ball. Might be somewhat related to Zeraora?
  8. The power to confess my feelings to her :c Joking aside, some sort of biologic immortality and no aging would be pretty neat. Even if it means leaving those I love behind in time, I'd like to live through different eras. An "inventory" like those you have in games would be nice as well. I mean, I do like carrying a bag around and I'm actually so used to it that I feel uneasy when I don't have it. But..well, sometimes you wanna take something that doesn't fit in a bag and that's a problem.
  9. Yeah, that's why I was afraid of this possibility. You just confirmed it and that was like another stab to ensure my hype's death (? Still, Pikachu is somewhat passable, as it's an electric Mon with advantage against a couple of types. But Eevee is normal and has no coverage nor whatsoever, so an unevolvable one is pretty much..well...useless, even for a walkthrough. Unless they're making it awfully easy just for the sake of new players (which, then again, is almost sure to happen). Had this into account but since there's no way this is a G8 game (srsly, GF, you can't) it might still be compatibile with G7, pretty much like Colo/XD back in the day.
  10. This was...quite the hype killer for me. Unlike many people I've seen, I was genuinely excited about going back to Kanto. But those GO mechanics killed it for me. I'm not even gonna bother saving up money for a Switch. Not until GF announces something worth the trouble. I was fearing this, too, so ty. Even more of a hype killer. Just... Plz no. Still, complaining aside, these games might have trade compatibility with SMUSUM. Remember the GO origin mark?
  11. Aaand here it is. I leaped into that black hole I refer to as my recycle bin and found an old US save right after completing the water trial, so I was able to keep my word (discussed via PM, to make things clear to others).
  12. You sure about this? Or at least, you sure it affects every single Pokémon regardless of their origin? Back then, I went through the trouble of getting all the ORAS contest ribbons with a Pidgeot from LeafGreen and his OT affection didn't increase at all. Moreover, I had read a Pokémon entering a contest would have its affection increased only when current handler = OT. Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe this sorta bug you mention was a thing but they eventually fixed it. Idk, just wanted to say that.
  13. Have you tried injecting a wonder card like this one into your save? It can be done via PKHeX, here: Though, if you find it too hard to do, upload your save here and someone else might do it for you. If you answer before 5am (GMT -3), I could do it myself.
  14. Whew, seems like you just indiscriminately modified flags and values w/o thinking about the consequences. If you simply warp here and there by changing coords, story events won't take place and therefore no features will be added accordingly. The game does not magically add stuff according to your location -- since most of the data required to properly edit that stuff is yet undiscovered, you gotta either go through the whole game to properly get everything, or use someone else's completed save. Whichever the case, I sorta fixed yours -- left MC at home and the game acts as if you hadn't received your starter (so I'm assuming you edited it as soon as Meowth woke you up).
  15. This kinda depresses me. I'd kill to be able to legitimately get Porygon line, fossil Pokémon and Type: Null in Beast Balls.
  16. In case you still haven't, I found SM menu data. Took me just a few minutes this time. Replace the values between offsets 4200-421F with: 0C 00 FF 2F 00 01 02 03 08 07 06 0B 0A 09 05 04 00 00 06 00 01 03 80 00 20 4A 7A 46 97 D9 87 46 That'll make all the icons to appear. However, some of them won't work as the "obtained" flag hasn't been triggered, and that includes the Pelago one, so even with this you'll be unable to access it. I don't have a SM save near that point to look for the constant, nor the time to get there from a freshly started game, so if you still going through the game, I'll have to leave that part up to you. PS: Already checked 470, to no avail.
  17. I've been gone for a long time as college and work are taking most of my time (and most of my spare time is now spent at keeping up with seasonal animes), but happened to be lurking here last night and saw jojo's request regarding Poké Pelago, so decided to try it out, as I had plenty of research material -- by which I mean hundreds of save backups on a recycle bin that hasn't been emptied in years. This is what I found out: The encounter with Mohn after the fire trial is controlled by event constant 470. When he's ready to show up, its value is 18000, and after he talks to you becomes 18200. However, as I expected beforehand, changing that alone won't do any good, as the menu will lack the Pelago icon even if the event is flagged as done. After a long and extremely tedious search in HxD, found the menu data. Then replaced the values between offsets 4600-462F with this: That enabled a functional Pelago icon on the menu, so I tried it on an even earlier save (before being dragged to the Trainers' School) and worked just fine, got access to Poké Pelago without having even completed the first trial. No Charizard ride flag needs to be manipulated. So, got these and dumped'em: 041 - Zubat - 7D4CC628B493.pk7 086 - Seel - BBC8B9E66C4A.pk7 278 - Wingull - 61E2C8C68B7D.pk7 731 - Pikipek - 4556223AD842.pk7 Lacking Cutiefly Also, these three stayed, so here, in case you want the things to have actual trainer data: 086 - Seel - B5D8B9E66C4A.pk7 278 - Wingull - E954E6BE24C2.pk7 731 - Pikipek - BA51A9B71124.pk7 Seel is the same as the dumped one, but Wingull and Pikipek are different. Also, met dates might seem impossible as of today, but that's just cuz I changed my device's date to accelerate the process. *All of this applies solely to USUM. Haven't checked whether SM is any different or not.
  18. Whew, college and work have kept me busy, so...if any of you see this, well, I'm not dead (at least biologically (?)), just don't have as much spare time as I used to

  19. You sure you're using the latest PKHeX build? If so, you might upload your save file here so some of us can check it.
  20. Well, as promised, here are the two variants of Giovanni's Mewtwo: 150 - Mewtwo - A252FB89C34A.pk7 — Physical set + Mewtwonite X (exclusive to US) 150 - Mewtwo - 8709B2F7E2AF.pk7 — Special set + Mewtwonite Y (exclusive to UM) Got the other bosses' legendaries as well: 382 - Kyogre - D7101C05036F.pk7 — Archie's Kyogre 383 - Groudon - 782C410FE872.pk7 — Maxie's Groudon 483 - Dialga - 4F2496FBDACA.pk7 — Cyrus's Dialga (US) 484 - Palkia - EC1CC4CB0F34.pk7 — Cyrus's Palkia (UM) 644 - Zekrom - 67E1AABD7D55.pk7 — Ghetsis's Zekrom (US) 643 - Reshiram - D9EF241AC747.pk7 — Ghetsis's Reshiram (UM) 716-01 - Xerneas - A6E03FBCC0F5.pk7 — Lyssandre's Xerneas (US) 717 - Yveltal - 2C878F7DB29D.pk7 — Lyssandre's Yveltal (UM) Also, got this Muk from a grunt. It's nothing special but made me laugh since I had a confined Hoopa as my lead and thing just exploded.
  21. Was planning to wait until I had the Mewtwo to upload everything, but if you want Solgaleo Nebbycrozma right now, then here it is. Also... Got this one this time around. As well as these ones. Though I must point out that, while Bulbapedia says that Sophocles's Magnezone's supposed to have Sturdy, the one I dumped has Analytic. The US counterparts for these ones. And last, there was a second trial Fomantis in Lush Jungle, which could appear instead of the Comfey, depending on which wrong honey bush you chose. It's slightly different from the first one (it's Lv. 21 and has Ingrain instead of Leafage). I've had these ones dumped for some time now but I hadn't moved on to the RR Episode yet as I wanted to hunt down every Ultra Space legendary before entering the HoF. Now, since I'm done with that, I'm planning to start the RR thing tonight. Should have Gio's Mewtwo (and prolly the other bosses' legends as well) within a couple of days.
  22. I'm not into ROM editing, so I'm not sure about what would you need to do that -- sorry, but what I told you is all I know about this subject.
  23. AFAIK, that's done by swapping models, not making the actual Mon able to use the move. In other words, what you saw was most likely Decidueye/Eevee/etc with Bidoof's model.
  24. Ruby Genseki

    crabawler bug

    According to Serebii as well, the range is 26-29. Tried to check it myself in both versions but had no luck (as some of the data is generated before the Crabrawler is even encountered, I'd have to wait for midnight to test again). You sure you haven't edited it? Thing was caught months ago so you might've changed its met level and don't remember it.
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