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  1. paf

    pid type

    How could I gen a Overwold8 pid type to fix some legality issues in last update of pkhex?thanks for any help
  2. I cleaned a lot.evertime I put my game in slot the game is read.I have the last version of luma.I'd like a way to access my sav that I could.I beleive pksm messed ut my cartdrige
  3. about luma and starting the game in a non-CFW device
  4. yes I have a lot of backed up saves.when I play the game these are the pictures.
  5. I could not acess the save from my cartridge. 1-the game is in slot. 2-I can see it in home screen; the error I get when I start it is the one in img from the first post in this topic; 3-when I open checkpoint I just find the US that is in my SD card but the CARTRIDGE; 4-when I got to extdata I can see my US CARTRIDGE; 5-when I use JKSM i got the error: this file cannot be opened when I tried to erase or restore my save from CARTRIDGE; here are picture of them any ohter way of restoring my save or recover my CARTDRIGE?
  6. is there any way I could access my save?IMy game can be read by my 3ds.but I cannot restore my save.when I try do this in checkpoint the list of backps of pokemon ultra sun doesn't appear.In FBI I got the msg in attchment and in JKSM I got this msg:this file cannot be opened when I tried erasing the save.thanks for any help
  7. I was using pksm to edit the save of my pokemon ultra sun card game so, after saving it everytime I try to start my game in 3ds I get the error showed in picture.Is there any way to recover my pokemon ultra sun game?I have an original pokemon ultra sun game card.sorry if I am in wrong place.thanks for any help.
  8. paf

    alola raichu bug

    another question, how are the moves of pokemon suggested when I click on current moves?randomly?
  9. paf

    alola raichu bug

    In last update, there is bug in legality of alolan raichu in pokemon moon savs.mine is at level 58 and was caught in the right place for pikachu from SOS battles.The picture shows the problem.
  10. another bug in pkhex is when transfering a pokemon with an item from gen 4 to 5 the item is going to gen 5 as well.
  11. paf

    Box 2 bug

    another bug in gen 4 saves is pkhex is setting all transfered pokemon from gen 3 games as having egg type pid and showing encounter type mismatch error.
  12. paf

    Box 2 bug

    In last uppdate, there ia a bug in box 2 from gen 4 saves.I found out it in hg/ss and platinum saves. first when you load your save the pokemon that are in slot 14(hg/ss) or 13(platinum) do not appear.if you try do set any pokemon to the described slot, the pokemon disappear.if you move a pokemon from another slot in that box to the described slot and after that move it to any other slot in that box the pokemon disappear as well.I did not try to verify this bug in pokemon diamond and pearl saves.In attchment are some pictures to make easier to undestand the bug.
  13. Can last version of pkHex open a Default.ST2 file from version 3,7 of PokeStock?I've tried to open mine and got the following error. I could only open my Default.STK file from PokeStock in Pkhex. If not is there any plan of doing that in next release?
  14. paf

    bug in last update

    sorry if this has already been reported.but there is a bug about legality of bank ha regis, demo japanese steelix and bank ha gen 2 final evolutions in x,y,or,as saves.the regis are also with the same proble in us/um saves.
  15. yes.that way the only sav I had from it.I lent my ds to my cousin and afer he played pokemon x I need to bring my sav back to pokemon x game.I don't have any copy of it in pc because I formated it recently.I am thinking about using a tool to recover files that were deleted from my sd card.maybe I could find some working back up there.will this work?
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