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  1. Please somebody fix these issues. they continue in last update build
  2. sorry if these bugs have already been reported. All of them are not legal flagged in last pkhex, crystal save, but they are legal in fact 1- belly drum in level 44 poliwhirl from silver cave during day time. 2-level 18 electabuzz from route 10, during day time 3-level 40 krabby and kingler from route 41 during day time 4-level 23 nidorino from route 14, during day time 5-level 22 natu from ruins of alph, during morning time. I beleive this data is in pkhex but when I load my save the meet location is showing none for my natu beyond this : all encounter type from stadium gym leader castle gift (OT STADIUM, TID 2000_) in red saves. hitmonchan for instance is flagged as mt mortar tyrogue.so when it is traded to crstal save, it is flagged as not legal pkm because of its moves. eevee is flagged as goldenrod city gift and omnyte as just an egg pkm.
  3. sorry, if this is the wrong place but where could I find the link to download this plugin for using it in pkhex?thanks anyway.
  4. A legality bug:all 4 iv 31 with HA pkm are flag as not legal and HA mismatch in sword and shield saves. And TR marked body press in runerigus as well
  5. How could I edit that flag to test it @theSLAYER? In pkhex? sorry for the question
  6. In last update, in XD saves, you cannot have your starter eeeve evolved as umbreon.when I opened my sav I notice the attchment.I also took an XD starter eevee from encounter database and It cannot evolve into umbreon.I beleive this is a bug
  7. Ok, so weird.I've never thought an emulator could turn a pokemon hacked for itself
  8. In FR/LG, some bugs I found Route 12 snorlax, gift egg togepi and game corner bought porygon.They can also have pid type method 4. as I found. Snorlax and Togepi I have two of them in my FR/LG save.porygon just in my LG sav. I tried to redo snorlax encounter 6 times.All of them were pid type method 1, it is rare but they can have mehod 4 pid as well.
  9. I found the disassembly but I did not undestand anything.I''l wait for your huge help.thanks a lot bro Do you know what flag or constant I should edit to make that fossil able to revived in cinnabar island? thanks for any help @theSLAYER
  10. what is event's flag/ constant name? I looked for it but I could not find it.
  11. what event flag or constant I should edit to make possible to revive the old amber and helix/dome fossil in FR/Lg?I could recollect the again editting pkhex event flags, but I could not to revive them in canabar city. thanks for any help.
  12. paf

    Xd/ colosseum

    It is an error in last update only unless the support to that type of save have ended
  13. paf

    Xd/ colosseum

    Just to let us to know in last update opening pokemon colosseum or xd in .gci format is not working anymore.
  14. Does anybody have and if possible could share the final version of Pokestation PokéApp? (I believe is beta 609). It is a very good tool with some gen 1-5 information.for some reason a lost the last version I had installed when I backed up my pc. it could be found in this link: http://pokecheats.net/tools/pokeapp.php but the link and the forum from there are dead, thanks for any help. sorry if I posted in a wrong place and if to request this is not proper here.
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