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  1. Where could I found pkhex pokewalker's documentation?
  2. In encounter database, I could find just one pokewalker pid that hold all the natures of my pkms as hard it does not matter what pkm is and the pokewalker pid is always the same.isn't there a tool or rule to gen the pokewalker pids?I could note for two legals pkms I have here that at least 4 digts of that pid as letter ''F'' but I don't know if this is a rule
  3. How could I gen a Pokewalker PID type for Gen 4 HG/SS pkm?I did not see in tutorial
  4. I'll catch it as soon as possible because it has changed to mudsdale because of weather chaniging in wild area
  5. it has appeared again.so it think that this is better proof
  6. this garbodor in sword and shield games. find as overworld spawn
  7. So how Could I change a daily swarm in BD,SP save?
  8. how does it work?I downloaded the Release v1.0 and put in place that is usage and the game continues freezing in gts
  9. is there a way or possiblity of changing my version from BD to SP in my save so I could take some version exclusive pokemon without playing it again with new pkhex?
  10. Is there a way of passing my BD save to SP version?I try pasting it but I continue finding BD exclusives both in eterna forest, for instance and in Grand Undround.thanks for any help
  11. paf

    pid type

    How could I gen a Overwold8 pid type to fix some legality issues in last update of pkhex?thanks for any help
  12. I cleaned a lot.evertime I put my game in slot the game is read.I have the last version of luma.I'd like a way to access my sav that I could.I beleive pksm messed ut my cartdrige
  13. about luma and starting the game in a non-CFW device
  14. yes I have a lot of backed up saves.when I play the game these are the pictures.
  15. I could not acess the save from my cartridge. 1-the game is in slot. 2-I can see it in home screen; the error I get when I start it is the one in img from the first post in this topic; 3-when I open checkpoint I just find the US that is in my SD card but the CARTRIDGE; 4-when I got to extdata I can see my US CARTRIDGE; 5-when I use JKSM i got the error: this file cannot be opened when I tried to erase or restore my save from CARTRIDGE; here are picture of them any ohter way of restoring my save or recover my CARTDRIGE?
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