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  1. I also want to imput a master ball.
  2. I moved to pokemon X.There, there is no diancite.I found this this link but they said that mystery gift is not a pokemon.How do we input this?
  3. I forgot to mention that for the area for pokemon,items(etc) I do not have the battle plazza photo club thing too
  4. Actually I did change map coordinates(I use charwizard fly on another save file the Cut and paste coords)I just copied stuff like,rotom name,amount of steps highest wormhole travel distance, times laid down in lusamine's bed.What are story flags?Thanks for the quick response
  5. I started my save file but not my citra keeps crashing.Also,I do not have rotom or pokerides.What is the thing I missed? My_UltraMoon_Save
  6. [Staff Edit] I found a pokemon ultra moon file file. However,it was a boy so I used a route 1 girl save file and then edited it to be the same as that save file. When I logged in everything was the same but I had no rotom and on the menu only two options were avalible: pokemon and something else. Pokemon rides were not there to. Where are these functions located? Why can't we change gender?
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