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  1. theFlash899

    Shiny Pokemon

    this is where i post up shiny pokemon images
  2. i have also Researched that both Shiny Sogaleo and Shiny Lunala will be at level 60. Shiny Lunala Will have the movesets: Moongeist Beam Psyshock Moonblast Moonlight Shiny Sogaleo will have the Movesets: SunSteel Strike Zen headbutt Noble Roar Morning Sun
  3. i think this is meant to be 14 Sep 2019 to 27 Sep 2019 Just correcting the mistake you made @theSLAYER
  4. I have been good and welcome back to Projectpokemon i hope you are doing good i also joined 1 year ago so you might not know me. I have been upto just playing pokemon Mystery dungeon games both sky and darkness What have you been upto these days since you are not a big pokemon person
  5. Oh i see That makes sense well Thanks for telling me this i just wanted to inform you just in case if another person pointed out this as well. I am so sorry if i disrupted you.
  6. Wow that is So cool i never knew that you can get the Pokemon LGPE Sprites Like this Good Job Man I Love it I am very sorry @theSLAYER But i found some pikachu images that does not show up. Is there No spirits for these pokemon Yet.
  7. i do not get the .ini bit please help me on that can u show me a print screen or a tutorial on this please thank you
  8. i have a question to ask can i use pkhex on pokemon soul sliver while playing at an emulator called nocashgb and edit the save file. thank you
  9. Hey @Thanatos-Zero and welcome to Project Pokemon please feel welcome to ask any of the staff members if u need anything .
  10. @Knoxyz pm me Please. Please Help thank u  

    1. Knoxyz


      ayo what ya need help with

  11. i am very sorry if i did this in the wrong area i did not know where to put this post. anyways Nintendo has released a new firmware of on the 3ds. What is new to this version?? well Nintendo has made further improvements to the system stability and a few minor adjustments. Should Hombrew users update to this version? currently i personally think that you should not update to this firmware until further information comes out. Thank you for reading this information
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