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  1. Oh, I see. Sorry. I just used the Jolly one we already have
  2. Any idea why the Pokegen PID finder kicks out illegal PIDs for this out of the blue?
  3. I still don't fully get why there are only 9 Shiny Jirachi
  4. Got it to work, I think I tried to open both the boy and girl ones a the same time Thanx, let me try the conversion from PK3 now it worked, thank you so much
  5. Yeh I did that, and it still didn't like the extracted file, something about file size, I'll try it again
  6. 94000130 FFFB0000 B2101D40 00000000 E001DE34 00000088 00000001 62BE0000 9D9DBAD9 A463F947 7A103F4D 9FF13221 426B918D F936180A 99B5C564 39FC8EDE EC97DE4F 65934713 6A8BC6FE 61F52CFD 6C38634A B24C4DAF 31BB2A13 0D366806 B3451C9D 12099CD2 EAF1F43A F11B29E8 0DE406F6 4ADDA224 4736B8F3 A986BF63 03A30E2F FBBC82F3 E3CF0B84 095BCCAD 37E49155 C9705972 5055B5A5 770505B5 D2000000 00000000 this gives me a TRU arceus, but it's stuck on lonely, can I change the nature?
  7. Switch this in on E-Killer, then let Volt Absorb do the rest I like it
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