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  1. In Red Rescue Team can a quicksave file be edited? Also can a save state from VBAGX be edited as well? @evandixon
  2. None of the UPS patchers have been working for me. I'm using a scrubbed ISO. Is that the problem? The NUPS patcher just freezes and gives me a message about an exception error while giving me the option to continue or either quit.
  3. I want to listen to Pokemon Black and White's soundtrack but I have no idea how to use or do this. Okay so I found this which has bwmidi but how exactly am I supposed to play it?
  4. Super Mystery Dungeon Save Editing.
  5. If the encounter itself has a chance of being shiny why does the PID say Cannot be Shiny?
  6. How do you get the TID and SID if you only have the "six digit TID"? I think this might be how TID = Last five digits (SID/65536 + STID)
  7. Since this thread is already up I guess I'll use this. A Slowpoke I got from Poke Pelago shows up as illegal in PKHeX and Ash-Greninja will show up as legal if its origin game is Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon in PKHeX but you'll be unable to enter Battle Spot with it. So you have to change its origin game to Sun or Moon for it to be considered legal for Battle Spot. Also the Battle Tree Great Ribbon makes Necrozma show up as illegal in PKHeX. 079 - Slowpoke - 36571C0D4CF7.pk7
  8. Battle Spot keeps saying that there is a problem with one or more of my Pokemon. This is the team I keep trying to use on Battle Spot Free Battles Special Pokemon Allowed in US/UM. -snipped-
  9. I just realized something. I found Onix on Tuesday on MeleMele so maybe they're all in order. So Charmander would be Sunday, Squirtle Monday, Horsea Wednesday, Scatterbug Thursday, Bulbasaur Friday, and Litwick Saturday. Could someone try testing this?
  10. It should be Pokemon Dream Radar. All Dream Radar Pokemon should have the same met location, right? But I don't think PKHeX has the option to select Pokemon Dream Radar as the met location. I'm in PKHeX (20170128) and I don't see it. So it looks like Pokemon Dream Radar is in the latest build of PKHeX. I just wasn't using e-acute.
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