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  1. lasciel

    legality issues

    alright, it actually seems to be just the bred ones, possibly an issue with first forms from ultra space wilds? heres some samples (these were rnged on USUM) Edit: will pm kaphotics the files edit: pmed him the files since I don't want random people getting a hold of these since I RNGed those
  2. lasciel

    legality issues

    So you need me to post pkm files for all the ultra space wilds pokemon? You can probably just check it yourself none of them show up legal in apricorn/beast balls.
  3. lasciel

    legality issues

    None of the ultra space wilds pokemon are shown as legal in apricorn balls/beast balls.
  4. by ability setting do you mean the ability index? if so that'd be great ,also i appreciate the quick response
  5. So since bank updated I updated the abilities for apricorn pokemon that were bred in gen 6 to their hidden abilities using the batch editor and changed their met locations to the breeding center in gen 7 and origin game as moon (which worked fine), but after I rewrote the file over my moon cartridge the ability changes weren't showing up in pokemon bank. edit: the ability changes show up fine in pkhex though, and the batch editor for hidden abilities/abilities seem to work for pokemon that were really bred in gen 7 but not for previous gen 6 pokemon even with batch editor changes to origi
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