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  1. Hey! I've been using PPTE to edit trainers in Platinum. I was doing the Roarks team and realized that if I can't specify the ability of his pokemon, he doesn't become as difficult as I would like him to be. And I hate hacks that have artificial difficulty, so I make sure that the gym leaders and stuff use strategic teams, which can't really be done if they have just any ability. Is there a way to edit the trainers on such a level that abilities can be selected for pokemon Please and thank you
  2. I've finally finished editing all the pokemon in my hack so I wanted to start making my level curve. I picked up PPTE to edit trainers, but noticed it can't specify what ability a pokemon has. Is there any way to specify that? I feel its necessary for my hack, since most of the difficulty will stems from how well the pokemon is utilized. And while I'm here I might as well ask: PPRE can edit trainers as well, what do the u0h and such values mean? PPRE does not save any additions or changes to the script that may be made. How can I have it save? Is there a way to find out what overlays are used during battles and the overworld in platinum? Is the wish to add fairy type to the game far-fetched?
  3. I was wondering if there are any sprite makers who could help me. I wanted some overworld sprites for the hoenn gym leaders and battle sprites in the ds style for a platinum hack. If or better yet, so only I need to do work, does anyone know or have a resource of sprites like that? I also want to know if there's a sprite for Steven in battle. If there isn't one I may just use one from Drayano's SS/SG, if he'd let me.
  4. Edit Attack HG, SS, Platinum

    I've been looking into this and what I discovered is this: 00 32 00 64 23 00 00 00 00 73 05 04 00 00 2B 00 This is Pound's data in a hex editor. The first byte (00) is the moves category (physical). 01 is special, and 02 is status. The second byte (32) is the move's power in hex. 50 is 32 Third byte is Move effect 00 is a normal hit. I don't know what the list is in hex. Fourth is accuracy, fifth is PP. No idea what everything else is. This is for platinum. Oh i think that type may be the sixth byte but it could be any of the zeros because its a normal type move. There is a simple move editor for D/P/Pl on this site
  5. would you mind sharing the address? I wanted to edit the shiny rate in my hack
  6. Hi, I'm new. I've been here for a while, just never had a voice. Anyway, I'm making a hack of Platinum, you know basic stuff, 493,difficulty and maybe fairy-type, still looking into that. But point of this topic is about adding new moves. I figured I would just add the text for the move, Like the Name and the " (pokemon) used (move)!" Text. Then I edited the aspects of the move. Its: Water Type Special BP:110 PP:10 Hits both pokemon in battle. Oh by the by, I'm trying to add Origin Pulse. And everything works, The game recognizes the move as a move, but the problem is that whenever the move is used in battle, it shows the animation for "Hitting Yourself In Confusion" and does EXACTLY 1 HP to the pokemon that uses it. I think it may be because the move has no description, but I have no clue. I have replaced moves such as sheer cold, with Moonblast, with the ??? type and it still did damage. Has anyone added moves to any gen 4 game before or might know why the move doesn't work properly? Any help is appreciated, Thank you.