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  1. I mostly work in sprites sadly. only barley learned hex editing for episode 7.5
  2. added part 3.5 and 11. Also uploaded new version of part 7.5
  3. You need to put a copy of your rom in the PPRE folder. then you open PPRE and type the name of the rom in the top field to load it (don't forget .nds ad the end). then you should be able it access all it's features. When done enter a new name in the bottom field to create a new rom.
  4. Sorry man, I have not gotten that far in modding DS games. My changes are all cosmetic that already exist in the game.
  5. That's nuts! I actually came across your post just yesterday after someone was asking about pokemon overworld sprites in hg/ss. It won't help that specific person but was hoping to add it to my tools download link for people to try using. Wish I had found out for my rom hack...
  6. Good to know! I am sure others will also find this useful.
  7. Hello Halfshadow, I apologize but my experience with rom hacking was cosmetic changes and nothing really beyond that. I never touched items....
  8. actually found it! it was in Data->field_cutin-> #13 with pallet #3However you also will change the bird sprite you ride. #7. So you want to be sure to edit that properly as wellI actually made a video series that not only shows the location of this file, but also how to import it and also how to get around the fact that changing the palette of this sprite also changes the color of the blue/black "bird" sprite you jump on. Also various other things like elite four, vs faces, and pokemon sprite editing.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lakp5ZRN7rE&list=PLKTW2ZuQjbEEVYHhxRZF9N8v_9AUneJq1
  9. Hi everyone! I just uploaded some Pokemon DS rom hacking tutorial vids and wanted to post them here in case they help anyone out. They are definitely not high level stuff, mostly a showcase of how to use tools like Tinke, Kiwi, PokeDS/Pis, DS Text Editor, and PPRE for trainer editing. So more of a "rom hacking for dummies" kind of guide. Topics Discussed: Pt 1: Overworld Sprites (including the elusive HM summon sprite) Pt 2: Trainer Front/Back sprites and VS faces before a gym battle Pt 3: Pokemon Sprites Pt 3.5: Advance Pokemon Edits Pt 4: Text Editing (OLD WAY) Pt 4.5: Text Editing 2 (BETTER WAY) Pt 5: Opening, Intro, Ending locations Pt 6: Enemy Trainer Pokemon Teams Pt 7: Pokemon Icons Pt 7.5: Pokemon Icon Pallets Pt 8: How to use Photoshop and Graphic Gale Pt 9: Diamond/Pearl Battle Sprites Pt 10: Trainer Cards (Both Gen 4 and 5) Pt 11: HG SS Pokemon Follow Overworld Sprites Pt 12: 3D BMD0 Overworld Cutscene Trainer Sprites Pt 13: Pokemon Cries to Pretty Much Anything If you have any questions, leaving a youtube comment would be a much faster way to reach me.
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