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  1. I know I've been gone for a while. I've been in kitchen and I cooked up something big! I'm working on a scripting engine for XD (similar to xse for the gba games) and it's going to dramatically increase the possibilities for hacking the game. I've started a thread for it >> here << and anyone can help out. For now I've dumped all the scripts in the game with all the functions that are known for now. If you would like to contribute it would be helpful if you read through the scripts and see if you can figure out what any of the undocumented functions do. It's often quite obviou
  2. I have created a new scripting language for Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. This will make editing scripts much easier and far more intuitive than before. So far only the decompiler is done which converts the raw binary data into human readable .xds scripts. It's quite a big project on it's own so I felt it needed a thread to collect input and document its progress. For now I have dumped every script in the game and uploaded them here: Pokemon XD .xds files A syntax highlighting scheme and a colour scheme for the Sublime Text 3 text editor developed just for .xds files are also in
  3. That's good to hear ? Sorry about the bugs. Hope you can enjoy the game again now!
  4. Whoops, there was a typo in the previous fix. I've reuploaded v1.1.5 with the proper fix. Simply redownload it from the same link and apply to a clean iso.
  5. Thanks for letting me know. This has now been fixed and a new patch is being uploaded.
  6. Hello and thank you for the kind words. ? "I love programming but find that theres not enough applicable scenarios to do it in everyday life." ^ I find this very relatable and this has been a great project for me in terms of using programming to do things I actually like and not just for work. There is no source code available for the game in a high level language like C or java. All we have is the compiled code which consists of the Assembly Code and accompanying binary data. I essentially look through the game data in a hex editor or using dolphin emulator's debug mode and fig
  7. It turned out it wasn't too difficult to add the option to switch between single and double battles in orre colosseum. It's now an option is v1.1.4 ? Managed to find and fix the outrage issue in v1.1.4 ?
  8. Yeah outrage has been broken for a while but I have no idea when or why it changed. I'll try and see again though. Snattle's porygon 2 is an exception and is specifically programmed to have trickster. ?
  9. I hadn't realised the spread damage had changed between generations. I'll see what I can do ? It's not done yet but should be done tonight.
  10. All trade evolutions are simply changed to evolving at level 40. I have no idea what happens with slowpoke in this scenario as it has 2 level up evolutions. I should probably just change that but for now slowpoke isn't obtainable through ordinary means. The XD randomiser already exists. The only reason for changing Jynx to fairy type was that there weren't a lot of fairy type pokemon in the game and I needed a good number since there are 5 zones in mt. battle which specialise in fairy types as well as lovrina using mono fairy teams. I chose Jynx simply because like you said, it visu
  11. I literally wrote up the code to change the descriptions but I must have forgot to run it. This has been fixed for the next update. Thanks for letting me know. I've now fixed this issue for the next update. Is that not already the case in vanilla XD? If not then while I could probably do it, it would be a low priority right now. Sorry! ? A lot of the new moves I had to program from scratch in the last big move update just use the white stat raise animation because I got lazy. I just used the same code for both increasing and decreasing, whereas technically they're suppo
  12. I would agree but I put a lot of effort into designing a good selection of TMs, tutor moves and relearn moves and making all those options reusable and easily accessible. This makes it very feasible to switch your strategies for single/double battles quite easily. Honestly, without reason to switch up the team a lot of these features go unused and as the developer it makes me sad XD. I've been asked about EV reducing berries recently actually so it's on my todo list. I'll get around to it soon! Yeah it's tough for me to find all the bugs myself so it would be very helpful to get a li
  13. I really appreciate that. Thank you! Thank you for letting me know. This has been fixed in v1.1.2 which is now available for download ?
  14. Yeah my bad. I made some new code to handle shadow pokemon generation but forgot to take out the old code. I'll upload a new update tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know.
  15. I theorised a strategy to reimplement follow me months ago but it's low priority right now unfortunately. There are a lot of strategies that can make the game surprisingly easy. There are items like the assault vest, eviolite and aura filter which can boost your defenses. Moves like fake out and wide guard can prevent attacks. You have access to intimidate, snarl, burning moves, etc. to decrease the opponents atk/sp.atk. you can put opponents to sleep or protect on their attack and then use disable. If you're hoping for less strategy there's always the option to train at mt.batt
  16. Pokemon XG v1.1.1 is available for download. This fixes some smaller bugs in v1.1.0 and is compatible with save files started on v1.1.0 Remind me on the weekend and I'll cook up a patch for that. Unfortunately most of the game files are compressed so it's not as simple as just changing bytes in a hex editor. You have to take the file out, decompress it, then change the bytes and then recompress the file and put it back in ?
  17. There was a bug in v1.1.0 which caused the game to crash when you reached the oasis pokespot and makes it impossible to progress in the game. This has now been fixed and the download link for v1.1.0 is now for the fixed version. If you downloaded the old version then simply redownload the patch from the same link and apply it to a clean iso. Thanks I'll get those fixed right away! Good to hear. Will you be streaming again? No programming required with the hack tools. Just clicking buttons mainly. The main reason I haven't got a windows version out yet is tha
  18. Pokemon XG v1.1.0 and GoD Tool v0.6 are now available for download. I have also uploaded v1.0.7-3 which fixes the game breaking bugs from v1.0.7-2 and is compatible with v1.0.7-2 save files. v1.1.0 requires a brand new save file. I haven't entirely decided what to do with the caves. Been more focused on figuring out if it's possible in the first place. I'd like to flesh out the post game a bit so probably post ? I believe the disk comes completely filled, however, I deleted a bunch of vestigial files from colosseum and the game runs perfectly without them. It was enough
  19. Sorry it's been so long everyone. I'm graduating in a few weeks so I've been grinding IRL recently. This will be a huge post responding to most of what I missed the last few months :-) I'm close to getting pyrite cave back. The models and files are all still there (although the scripts and stuff are all empty). The main issue is that it doesn't contain any connection data between the rooms but I was last researching the warps so it's mostly figured out. It will take some work though so will probably focus on hack tools first. I also think I'm at a point where I can add overworld
  20. I believe that was an issue a few versions back. Unfortunately there isn't any solution in-game. One option is to edit the game so that another trainer has shadow carvanha, giving you another chance to catch it. If you're on mac you could easily do this with my XD hack tools. If not I can help whip up a patch for you that updates your version. Apparently, disabling panic handlers in the dolphin options solves that problem.
  21. In case you missed it, this is what I wrote above the download link: Mausoleum was just a test and was never intended to be a proper hack. I didn't even have proper hack tools when I started so most of it was done by hand using a hex editor. So yeah don't worry, I agree with you. :-) A few people have shown interest in helping port the hack tools to windows so I hope you'll be able to make something better soon!
  22. Currently edits pokémon stats, moves, trainers, pokespots and can apply some patches like the physical special split. I'll make a proper tutorial eventually but you can use the trainer editor to change the species of any of the shadow pokemon. An item editor will be added soon That probably has nothing to do with the hack tools. Maybe you haven't visited Eagun yet? One day Increasing the number of shadow pokemon requires a few steps that are quite fiddly. I'll add a patch to GoD tool soon which handles all of that automagically. Give me a couple of weeks ;-
  23. Sorry life happened. I'll get everything sorted out soon. Unfortunately that is beyond my current ability. I'll look into over the summer holidays but it'll be a lot of work so won't be any time soon I'm not sure what you mean I was planning to release it a while back but I just needed to clean up a few things first. Ended up being swamped with other commitments however I'll get back to it soon. I hope your people are still interested :-)
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