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  1. Version 1.0.1


    A tool for hacking Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. It isn't complete but it is still being actively worked on and will be updated with new features over time. Mac OSX only and designed for US versions of XD. ?
  2. The download link for v1.0.7 has been adding to the original post. It's not 100% tested so do let me know if there are any bugs. I've also updated the change log with the rest of the new changes. As per usual, v1.0.7 requires a completely new save file. I won't be working on new features for XG for a little while to focus on my studies but my next goals will be more post game content, getting overworld models for all pokespot pokemon and battle cds :-)
  3. Sorry it's super late but I'm pretty sure the evolution stones were given to some of the shadow pokemon as held items.
  4. Sorry it's a bit late but here's the link: Pokemon Mausoleum Download Page
  5. That's not supposed to happen. Which version is that on and do you have any AR codes on? Wild Chansey's at pokespots hold them. :-) Somewhere along the line I changed the exp rate for the beldum evolution line to make them easier to level up. That means the exact exp requirements for each level are different. There will be a lot of inconsistencies when using old saves on new versions. There is an event rayquaza that also learns v-create. ;-) I think I took it out but will look into putting it back in somewhere I've been spreading my time between testing the new version and working on the hack tools. I think 1.0.7 should be mostly okay and I've fixed the bad kinds of bugs which crash the game. It's not 100% tested but I'll attempt to upload it soon and hopefully not too many bugs crop up. On the bright side, I've put in the foundational work so I can do some cool stuff in the future. I'm looking into adding more post game content and quests so I've been making sure my tools are powerful enough to facilitate this.
  6. Unfortunately I don't know anything about hacking those games but maybe @psy_commando can help with that?
  7. Sorry, it will still be a little longer. I have a few more things I'd like to add to flesh out the game a bit more. I resumed university a couple of weeks ago as well so haven't had as much time as I'd like. Shadow Lugia was kept low. It's a bigger jump because there are going to be quite a few changes. It was originally just bug fixes but now there's also new content. Each time I look at the code, I find something new and I just think to myself "hmm, how can I use this to make the game better?" and then end up spending a week on a new feature. I can't help it. Yes, I'd definitely recommend playing on nintendon't. There aren't too many other options and there's no way to play it without homebrew software like nintendon't. You can try playing around with the graphics settings in Dolphin to see what works best. You can also try Dolphin 5 if you aren't already on it. This is a bug when emulating XD on Dolphin. All you need to do is change one of the settings. Go to: Options > Graphics Settings > Hacks and slide the "Texture Cache" slider to "Safe". If it says the files don't match then it means you may have a slightly different version of the ISO to the one I used. They have to match exactly. Make sure it's the US version and hasn't been trimmed or anything like that.
  8. I'm glad you managed to get it working :-) Yes it does remove the likes of syther/onix evolutions and just makes them regular level 40 evolutions. I actually have no clue what would happen with slowpoke at level 40. I didn't consider it. Maybe max happiness would be a better alternative for trade evolutions. Alright, I'll work on that ;-) I don't think they can be converted. I will be making some pre-randomised patches though so feel free to use one of them.
  9. I'll probably tinker around a bit more and take some footage and screenshots and publish them properly. Just wrapping up some stuff for XG and the XD hack tools. Off the top of my head: An old, unused screenshot of gateon port which shows the main character in a different outfit and slight differences to the area itself. A bunch of old screenshots of various maps showing subtle differences from their final versions. An unused room which is almost identical to one of the rooms in the S.S. Libra except the textures are very different and it has a wooden pattern all over. The battle intro to the deep colosseum still exists but I wasn't able to load it meaningfully. A reference to the under in the world map "The Under. An abandoned underground town." but there is no real data for it. There are still a lot of test files and files copied over from colosseum so I'm sure I'll find more stuff.
  10. It is possible to get a mac virtual machine on windows but other than that you'd need access to a mac unfortunately. One day though :-)
  11. I work with the swift programming language which is currently mac only and I've been working on the code for years so there's quite a lot and it will take a while to port it to another language that I'm not as familiar with. My plan is to at least get tools out for mac first so there is at least an option and then once that's out I can work on making something multiplatform. I return to university next week though and won't have much free time so it potentially be at least year.
  12. The randomiser functionality has been incorporated into Gale of Darkness Tool. This makes it easier to make small tweaks after randomising (e.g. making sure the starters are viable) and to apply patches such as the physical/special split. Available here -> Gale of Darkness Tool
  13. Wow that is a pretty crazy glitch! I've never seen anything like it before. I'm hoping it's just some random glitch to do with Dolphin's settings or some rogue AR code or something. I'll double check to make sure I didn't accidentally overwrite some of the collision data for that map or something but for now I'll be on the look out to see if it happens again.
  14. I have a few things on my plate right now but if you're still interested then please remind me in a week's time :-)
  15. I'll start off with my usual apology for taking so long for a lot of these responses. :-) I am back to working on XG with some neat changes coming. I've also got my XD randomiser mostly done and as I've been promising for the longest time I have started work on hack tools for pokemon XD. I'll be updating it as I work on it and so far have the pokemon stat editor mostly complete. These will be for mac OSX as per usual so windows users may want to start preparing a virtual machine. As per your advice I decided to get a fresh new ISO that should hopefully be easier to obtain now. I'll also look into making a patching program specifically for XD which takes different ISO configurations into account :-) Most gen 1-3 evolution lines are available but not all. Bonsly is the only playable gen 4 as munchlax was never actually coded into XD. It just has a name and an overworld model but no battle animations as far as I can tell. Most pokemon you'd be interested in should be there but if there were some you were hoping to see that didn't make the cut, hack tools are on the way. I'm cool with names being strange or fancy but the XD names just felt like random syllables strung together with little thought behind them. For a game with so much detail and inspiration behind it, they really seemed so out of place and if I were building the game from scratch it's a design choice I would eschew. As a game that many people haven't played recently and many haven't ever played I wanted to design it as if it were a first play through. That being said, I finally caved and decided to keep at least the names of the main story NPCs as they were in the original. XD is a beloved game and it is a lot more popular than I'd originally believed so there are a lot of people who still feel nostalgic about the old names. Even I still refer to the characters by their original names so I decided that maybe I'd been too stringent. :-) This issue happened to me exactly one time and I was never able to reproduce it. I'm not sure what causes it but since it never happened again I was never able to narrow down the cause. Very few others have complained about it as well so I gave up on it. All I can suggest is maybe trying a different version of dolphin. Versus mode was purposely broken to give space for story mode data :-) I know exactly what you mean. The lack of the physical/special split in older games makes them harder to pick up sometimes. It was precisely because of how easy it was to implement in XD that I started working on XD instead of colosseum. I haven't changed the experience mechanics. I did figure out where the code that handles all that is so I could tweak things in theory but I couldn't figure out any particular changes I wanted to make. Plus as you mentioned even a small change would require the game to be rebalanced. It certainly is possible if someone was looking to do it for a different hack :-) At this point in time the most we can do is change the textures. It would in theory be possible to retexture the main character's face to look more subjectively feminine. I was looking into changing the textures a bit but there are multiple copies across multiple files due to different models for different parts of the game like battles or cutscenes so it's a fair bit of work to even make a small change. It seems doable though. 1. I'm aware of that visual glitch but not sure what causes it. It could be something in XD itself. There are a lot of weird little errors that you'd never have noticed because the pokemon available in game were so limited. 2. It's way too much effort to cross check with their canon move sets and to check that all NPCs have legit moves. There were also some moves that I wanted pokemon to learn that they couldn't normally or there were some moves that were key to some pokemon that aren't in XD at so had to be replaced with similar moves (e.g. some pokemon having super power since close combat isn't available). I just went with my gut. 3. They're actually implemented as separate pokemon because it's a lot easier than reprogramming the game to allow NPC nicknames. 4. As mentioned above I finalled gave in and decided to change the NPC names back. I still stand by lovrina's speech though. She was always pretty annoying in the original. Her charm was always the juxtaposition of a genius scientist with a bratty teen attitude. If she wasn't annoying I wouldn't be doing my job properly :-) 5. I tried to keep the selection quite general and give a wide range of typings. There are only so many TMs available so there's no point wasting one on a move that can only be learned by a handful of pokemon. I found it quite hard to find a good balance of moves and have changed the selections around many, many times. Were there any moves in particular you felt were missing? I'm open to suggestion :-) 6. The shadow pokemon are distributed such that at any point in the game, the player is given a fair selection of different pokemon types and play styles. The list was refined a few times over and ultimately, golem didn't make the final cut. However, when I extended the number of pokespot pokemon I was able to add it in but at a lower level since pokespots are unlocked quite early. I'm glad you enjoyed it :-) In response to the repeated pokemon and repeated TMs, I've watched a lot of play throughs of XD and XG to gather data and I wanted to cater to as many different play styles as possible. For example, a lot of TMs are obtained from the colosseum challenges or mt. battle but most people don't even do them. Some TMs are obtained really late in the game but a lot of people don't play much of the post game so those TMs end up going unused. Depending on how much of the side content you play and how much you explore you may get a lot of repeats but people playing through more casually tend to miss a lot of the TMs. Similarly for the repeated pokemon, a lot of people don't bother with the pokespots. Also, as I mentioned, most people don't play much of the post game so and usually finalise their team well before that. This means that most pokemon obtained late, especially those on citadark isle, rarely get used. I needed a good balance of threatening, powerful shadow pokemon for the final dungeon of the game but at the same time couldn't leave all the good pokemon exclusively to the end because then people wouldn't be able to play the game with their favourite pokemon. Also for the few people that play the post game, they would appreciate being able to obtain a fully evolved salamence right at the end of the game instead of having to grind a bagon from the start. Either way, it surprises me that people find having multiple pokemon so weird. Most pokemon games give you multiple opportunities to get the same pokemon. It gives you more chances to roll for the ivs, nature and ability you want or have more than one on your team if you like the pokemon that much. It's only really a problem if there's a particular pokemon you wanted that isn't obtainable that could have been in that location. At this point just about any pokemon you could want should be in though :-) I'm slowly working on removing a lot of the TMs from their old locations but it's not easy to edit scripts right now as I still do them in a hex editor and it can take a while to do each one. Moving on, a problem I had when playing earlier versions of XG was it still felt quite easy. I went into every single battle 100% certain I would catch the shadow pokemon. It's not much of a game when everything is going to be that easy. Especially in a game that gives you the ability to save before any encounter and let's you retry at will (plus a lot of people use state saves, save editors, action replay codes,etc.) why does it need to be that easy? It's nice to have a bit of a challenge and it's also healthy for the game if it frustrates you a little as it makes it all the more satisfying when you do finally secure the snag. Plus the game gives you a lot of options to counter those kinds of gimmicks. You have easy access to moves like fake out and sleep/paralysis moves so there are ways around them if you play smart. I also secretly gave particularly troublesome pokemon really high catch rates but don't tell anyone ;). In the upcoming version, shadow shake doesn't hit pokemon off the ground anymore and NPC teams with shadow shake are built around this for the most part. There is a lot of text in the game so it's hard to keep track of but I fix them as they come up so thank you. Aurora veil was fixed months ago but I never got around to pushing out the update. The issue with miror b. not always showing up is something which I believe is in vanilla XD as well. As far as I can tell, the developers purposely programmed it that way. It seems to just be a troll like munchlax showing up for the spot monitor. I have a lot of trouble with the AI. I haven't found a way to reprogram it yet so some pokemon will have to be broken for a little while. The move names change a lot too but the obligatory word "shadow" in shadow moves decreases the options as there is indeed a character limit. Sorry for the long response but I hope I explained my thought processes effectively. I really do appreciate feedback and will bear it in mind in future decisions. This is the first ever pokemon XD hack so there's still a lot to figure out :-) I think it's because your iso doesn't match mine. I've been told my iso was quite old and hard to find now so I'll be using a more recent one for future versions. There hasn't really been much research on the topic as far as I know. All I can tell is that the play time of the next save has to be greater than the play time of the previous save (Maybe it also checks things like number of shadow pokemon caught and other things that can never decrease through normal gameplay). Also, it seems that the game keeps multiple save files at once and just loads the most recent one. It keeps the previous ones just to check for consistency. I think that by reducing the number of times saved, it caused the game to think the previous save file was the most recent one and completely ignore the corrupted save. This is really useful knowledge though. It seems like it could be a very reliable work around to the corruption issue as long as the previous save wasn't too far back. I'm glad you found it! I'm planning to use a new ROM for newer releases so hopefully it shouldn't be a problem for others in the future. :-D
  16. I guess that's just how hypnosis worked in Gen 3. Not sure how it's supposed to work in newer gens. The TM list is outdated. Sorry about that. I think it should be there somewhere but can't remember where. I have changed Regi Bomb's effect. Thank you :-) Trick room has it's proper mechanics which means every second one reverts it to normal. However, trickster doesn't reverse trick room. If trick room is already active then trickster doesn't change anything. It essentially exists to guarantee that certain NPCs always get up trick room without accidentally reversing it. I think that's the way trick room is supposed to work, right? The turn it is activated counts as a turn even though it goes last so that turn is irrelevant. Correct me if I'm mistaken. I think curse should work just fine. Thank you for the kind words. I really like XD as well and I'm glad I get to share my hack with other fans. I have actually improved the AI ever so slightly. Most trainers are now using the AI from orre colosseum which is meant to be better. The old AI seemed to pick moves pretty randomly whereas the orre colosseum one chooses mostly super effective but occasionally mixes it up in case you switch. It's still not very good though unfortunately. The shininess is normally determined the first time you encounter the pokemon. However, there is a bug with Zook's Zangoose where it is completely rerolled for the first 3 appearances. It is only the first time the player actually faces Zook that it's stats are saved. Whoops. Will be fixed in the next update The early pokemon deplete quickly but the ones later on will take a while. .gcm is the same as .iso. You can just rename it. However, if it isn't working that means you have a different iso to the one I used and you need to try another one. Hurricane should alway hit in rain. It is possible that there was a pokemon in play with the cloud nine ability which cancels the effects of weather. It is possible that it really was that slow. I'm assuming the flygon belonged to the NPC and most NPC pokemon don't have EVs, IVs or boosting natures. The final fight is scripted to activate when you visit Gateon Port for the first time after meeting the conditions. It isn't random like the other instances. Dusclops was probably going for trick room which has -9 priority. The AI really loves spamming trick room for some reason. If both pokemon have magic bounce then the move works. Otherwise there would be an infinite loop of the move bouncing back and forth :-) I really enjoyed your play through! Can't wait to see what kind of hack you make once tools are available. I do plan to work on colosseum eventually but the code and scripts just aren't as nicely structured as XD unfortunately I had to specifically program it not to work on shedinja because the focus sash is infinite in XG which would make shedinja a pain to K.O. Shadow moves have infinite pp. They are all stored as 5 in the data but the code never subtracts any pp. If there are no changes then you are playing a version that hasn't been patched or wasn't patched properly. In gen 3, when you knock out a pokemon in a double battle the next one is sent out immediately instead of at the end of the term. I fixed this but a side effect of that turns play out when they shouldn't. I found the code routine where the check should happen but it's fairly complex so I probably won't be able to figure that out just yet. I decided I didn't want to make too many random changes as it makes the hack harder to pick up. Hack tools will be released eventually and then anyone will be able to make their own little tweaks like that Every evolution line I wanted to add has been added. There is a reason for the repetition too. A flaw that XD has is that the pokemon you obtain at the end of the game come too late to be useful. So for example, if salamence were only available at the end then it would mean that a very popular pokemon cannot be used. At the same time, a lot of popular pokemon are powerful. So if popular pokemon are placed early in the game so they can be used, then it means all the final bosses will only have weak pokemon. By having the repeats, players can use the pokemon they want and still have a challenge at the end of the game. Also, a lot of repeats are in pokespots. I've found a lot of players don't spend much time with pokespots and so will often get to the repeats and not even notice they were repeats. Finally, some players don't like grinding to get powerful pokemon like salamence by evolving bagon but would like salamence available for post game challenges like mt. battle and orre colosseum. Having a few powerful repeats allows those trainers who don't care too much about using popular pokemon in game but still want a competitive edge for post game to easily obtain those pokemon. Just Thunder. Yeah, the AI just isn't very good. I think it's supposed to usually choose SE but occasionally mix it up to be less predictable. Depending on the RNG it sometimes mixes it up too much though. For the longest time I though colognes increased happiness and they have been documented online to do so. I only discovered a few weeks ago when looking through the data that they actually do not have any effect on the happiness of a pokemon. XD
  17. Version 1.1.5


    The world's first ever Pokemon XD:GoD hack! Original Topic:
  18. I'm looking forward to it I'm working on it for the next update That's a weird bug. I guess there was no target so it just skipped the turn entirely. You find some pp ups around the region in item boxes from time to time. You can try a pokemon XD guide or FAQ or something. Poison and bug aren't supposed to be super effective against lugia. Poison is neutral against both flying and psychic. Bug is super effective against psychic but resisted by flying so they cancel out to neutral damage.
  19. Just an update for anyone following the project. I am still actively working on the next update. First there will be a small update with mostly bug fixes and balances. The changes which I have completed so far include: heal before battle with rider willie and heal before snagem boss sucker punch programmed properly taunt lasts 4 turns tailwind lasts 4 turns aura filter grants immunity to shadow sky sand force/rush grant immunity to sandstorm fixed magic bounce switching the move you selected fixed the ability skill link not activating shadow shake doesn’t hit foes in the air fixed farfetch’d in wrong battle bingo card corrected various TM descriptions fixed battle bingo rewards items give greater happiness boosts rage mode damage boost to 30% shadow hunter/slayer get a further 50% boost against shadow pokemon sitrus berry heals 50% HP added the move hex reduced use of fake moves I have also officially begun working on Battle CDs. They will take a little bit longer since I am planning to redesign most of them from scratch. I have done 10% so far though so progress is being made.
  20. Yes it is. Once you beat a round, you unlock the next one and you can challenge any round you've already beat any time you like.
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