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  1. In case you missed it, this is what I wrote above the download link: Mausoleum was just a test and was never intended to be a proper hack. I didn't even have proper hack tools when I started so most of it was done by hand using a hex editor. So yeah don't worry, I agree with you. :-) A few people have shown interest in helping port the hack tools to windows so I hope you'll be able to make something better soon!
  2. Currently edits pokémon stats, moves, trainers, pokespots and can apply some patches like the physical special split. I'll make a proper tutorial eventually but you can use the trainer editor to change the species of any of the shadow pokemon. An item editor will be added soon That probably has nothing to do with the hack tools. Maybe you haven't visited Eagun yet? One day Increasing the number of shadow pokemon requires a few steps that are quite fiddly. I'll add a patch to GoD tool soon which handles all of that automagically. Give me a couple of weeks ;-)
  3. Sorry life happened. I'll get everything sorted out soon. Unfortunately that is beyond my current ability. I'll look into over the summer holidays but it'll be a lot of work so won't be any time soon I'm not sure what you mean I was planning to release it a while back but I just needed to clean up a few things first. Ended up being swamped with other commitments however I'll get back to it soon. I hope your people are still interested :-)
  4. It should be up in around 15 minutes. :-) I have a lot planned for the future of XG so there's plenty more to look forward to. Thanks G! Yeah the work was good. Had to rush out the previous version to focus on work so didn't catch the previous bugs but I'm glad they're at least sorted now. v1.0.7-2 is now available for download. This fixes the major bugs reported in v1.0.7 and is fully compatible with v1.0.7 save files. Let me know if any other issues come up. :-)
  5. I should have a fix for the main bugs being mentioned here out today. I had to remove follow me for wide guard due to technical limitations. I opted for wide guard because it meant I could be more liberal with moves like shadow shake which are OP. It also gives more options for protecting allies against moves like bulldoze and discharge which now hit your allies as well. Pokemon that aren't obtainable in-game have weird movesets because it takes a lot of time to change all the movesets in the game. If, for example, I replaced the move focus energy with quiver dance then any pokemon that used to learn FE will now have have QD in that slot. I am working on changing them all eventually but since they don't matter unless thos pokemon are hacked in, it's a low priority. That primeape has close combat, not super power and close combat is bugged as we know. I'm not sure why it seems to show as superpower for you but superpower itself is not affected by the bug. I accidentally overwrote some of my code which caused a few of the new moves to be bugged and is also the reason robo groudon froze in the second battle as others mentioned. This is fixed in the upcoming update. The cave pokespot and duking trade bugs were due to a small errors on my part but have been fixed as well. The new update will be compatible with 1.0.7 save files. Nope :-) I reached out to the creator of the save editor to make it more flexible but he never replied. All of the stats and other data is hard coded so I thought it would be useful to be able to load that data from a text file instead. However, his source code is online so I can modify it. I'd have to release a new version every time I update any of that data in XG but at this point it's unlikely to change too much so it should be okay.
  6. The patch can be applied on any OS as long as you have a patching program like NUPS. Yeah wish I could have got it out sooner. Still playing through USun myself!
  7. I’ll look into but it won’t be any time soon unfortunately. ?
  8. My error. It's just meant to be the 25% one :-)
  9. Version 2.5.1


    Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness hack tools and randomisers. If you need advice or support you can find me in the Gamecube Pokemon Games ROM hacking Discord. Join the discord server for information on the beta version of the windows tool. The all-in-one tool for hacking and randomising the Gamecube Pokemon Games. The tool can be used for: - Trainers - Pokemon, Move, Item Stats - Pokespots - Gift Pokemon - Type Matchups - Scripts and Game Text - Item Boxes - Textures and Images - Patches like Physical/Special Split - Randomiser - Save editor - Unzip .fsys files The tool can also be used to export/import files from/to any Gamecube ISO.
  10. The download link for v1.0.7 has been adding to the original post. It's not 100% tested so do let me know if there are any bugs. I've also updated the change log with the rest of the new changes. As per usual, v1.0.7 requires a completely new save file. I won't be working on new features for XG for a little while to focus on my studies but my next goals will be more post game content, getting overworld models for all pokespot pokemon and battle cds :-)
  11. Sorry it's super late but I'm pretty sure the evolution stones were given to some of the shadow pokemon as held items.
  12. Sorry it's a bit late but here's the link: Pokemon Mausoleum Download Page
  13. That's not supposed to happen. Which version is that on and do you have any AR codes on? Wild Chansey's at pokespots hold them. :-) Somewhere along the line I changed the exp rate for the beldum evolution line to make them easier to level up. That means the exact exp requirements for each level are different. There will be a lot of inconsistencies when using old saves on new versions. There is an event rayquaza that also learns v-create. ;-) I think I took it out but will look into putting it back in somewhere I've been spreading my time between testing the new version and working on the hack tools. I think 1.0.7 should be mostly okay and I've fixed the bad kinds of bugs which crash the game. It's not 100% tested but I'll attempt to upload it soon and hopefully not too many bugs crop up. On the bright side, I've put in the foundational work so I can do some cool stuff in the future. I'm looking into adding more post game content and quests so I've been making sure my tools are powerful enough to facilitate this.
  14. Unfortunately I don't know anything about hacking those games but maybe @psy_commando can help with that?
  15. Sorry, it will still be a little longer. I have a few more things I'd like to add to flesh out the game a bit more. I resumed university a couple of weeks ago as well so haven't had as much time as I'd like. Shadow Lugia was kept low. It's a bigger jump because there are going to be quite a few changes. It was originally just bug fixes but now there's also new content. Each time I look at the code, I find something new and I just think to myself "hmm, how can I use this to make the game better?" and then end up spending a week on a new feature. I can't help it. Yes, I'd definitely recommend playing on nintendon't. There aren't too many other options and there's no way to play it without homebrew software like nintendon't. You can try playing around with the graphics settings in Dolphin to see what works best. You can also try Dolphin 5 if you aren't already on it. This is a bug when emulating XD on Dolphin. All you need to do is change one of the settings. Go to: Options > Graphics Settings > Hacks and slide the "Texture Cache" slider to "Safe". If it says the files don't match then it means you may have a slightly different version of the ISO to the one I used. They have to match exactly. Make sure it's the US version and hasn't been trimmed or anything like that.
  16. I'm glad you managed to get it working :-) Yes it does remove the likes of syther/onix evolutions and just makes them regular level 40 evolutions. I actually have no clue what would happen with slowpoke at level 40. I didn't consider it. Maybe max happiness would be a better alternative for trade evolutions. Alright, I'll work on that ;-) I don't think they can be converted. I will be making some pre-randomised patches though so feel free to use one of them.
  17. I'll probably tinker around a bit more and take some footage and screenshots and publish them properly. Just wrapping up some stuff for XG and the XD hack tools. Off the top of my head: An old, unused screenshot of gateon port which shows the main character in a different outfit and slight differences to the area itself. A bunch of old screenshots of various maps showing subtle differences from their final versions. An unused room which is almost identical to one of the rooms in the S.S. Libra except the textures are very different and it has a wooden pattern all over. The battle intro to the deep colosseum still exists but I wasn't able to load it meaningfully. A reference to the under in the world map "The Under. An abandoned underground town." but there is no real data for it. There are still a lot of test files and files copied over from colosseum so I'm sure I'll find more stuff.
  18. It is possible to get a mac virtual machine on windows but other than that you'd need access to a mac unfortunately. One day though :-)
  19. I work with the swift programming language which is currently mac only and I've been working on the code for years so there's quite a lot and it will take a while to port it to another language that I'm not as familiar with. My plan is to at least get tools out for mac first so there is at least an option and then once that's out I can work on making something multiplatform. I return to university next week though and won't have much free time so it potentially be at least year.
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