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  1. All of the sources I've read say that injecting hacked Pokemon is only possible for NTSC-J 3DS consoles and NTSC-J games. However, there are some people selling "unlocked" North American Pokemon Y games on EBay, with the valid ...-USA serial: http://www.ebay.com/itm/221409980880 (They're making around $5 per sale after the cost of the game, postage and commissions) I'd like to be able to edit my own NTSC-U Pokemon game without having to import a Japanese 3DS... is this possible and if so, how to do this? :frown:
  2. MarkusE

    Pokemon Class ID

    I knew about 0x42, just didn't realise that it overrode the PID flag. Thanks!
  3. MarkusE

    Pokemon Class ID

    How are Dream World Pokemon handled? Is there a Class 3?
  4. I'm pretty sure that 0x87 is the last used byte (with nonzero values) in the PKM data structure that we haven't completely figured out at this point. :smile: 0x04-05, 0x42-43, 0x5E and 0x64-67 are almost certainly just padding, not unknown. The whole world (including some very dedicated Japanese hackers on 2ch) have been trying to find nonzero values for those bytes since D/P came out four years ago...and nothing. The fact that they tend to be placed at or near the end of a 0x20 encryption block suggests that they are most likely filler bytes.
  5. Have we ever properly figured out what the 0x87 .pkm value is supposed to represent? Given these parameters - Dex No. - Nature - IV(hp, atk, def, spe, spa, spd) - EV(hp, atk, def, spe, spa, spd) - Pokéathlon base stats(speed, pow, skill, stam, jump) - 0x87 value we should be able to generate all the info shown on the "performance" screen: If a Pokémon has never participated in the Pokéathlon even once, the value is, of course, initialised to 0. Once it has participated for the first time, assuming it hasn't taken any Aprishakes, the value is set to 0x7F. However, after taking the Aprishakes, that's when the confusion starts: the value appears to jump erratically (I've gotten 0x30-something and 0x50-something from taking the same Aprishake) This offset is not editable from PokeSAV. However, I think most sophisticated hackers here have (hopefully) moved beyond that by now I think it'd be advantageous for the community if we got this figured out I'll do some more testing later.
  6. Thorf, did you order express or regular shipping? I chose what they call "Normal Mail," which cost me $6. It takes 10 business days to ship from HK to USA. They took 2 days to send me the initial invoice, 3 more days to process my payment (utterly ridiculous, since PayPal is instant), and it's been 4 days since they (claim to have) shipped the item. Based on my experience with Play-Asia, another HK-based company, 10 days usually means 15-20. So I might not have this for a while *sigh* The only alternative was Express Mail shipping, which costs over $20 and would have taken 5 business days. You live in Japan, so no wonder you got it so quickly!
  7. How exactly did you order the NDS Adaptor from EMS? I filled out the order form which turned out to be an email submit. I sent the email 12 hours ago and they haven't responded. Do they send an invoice to your email or something like that? Or is there a shopping cart or a way to pay directly via PayPal or credit card? Thanks.
  8. Is anyone in Japan working on this? I imagine there would be quite a big demand for it!
  9. Rein rev 15 and higher also thinks HG/SS is only 8192 bytes.
  10. The problem is that Rudolph, SaTa (the guy behind Rein), and other folks are all definitely retired from DS hacking.
  11. I have the full list of 0x46 values, as well as most of the relevant HGSS SAV structure mapped out. I'll be happy to help you guys, but I need help myself. Here's a deal: find me a way to write a HGSS save file to a retail cart and I'll post the list. :smile:
  12. My SoulSilver import copy arrived from Play-Asia today, so I've been wanting to write my 512KB R4 save to my actual cart (no more ROM freezes!) In the past (for D, P, and Pt), this has always worked perfectly via REIN. However, it doesn't seem to work with HGSS carts: When I go to RESTORE. it says TYPE=0 SIZE=8192 byte, then it spits out this error: TYPE=0 DS SAVE TYPE ERROR NG FAILED RESTORE. Does anyone know either how to get around this with REIN or another save-restore tool that is confirmed to be compatible with HGSS? Much thanks.
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