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  1. oh maybe, that tradition is so stupid i forgot about it
  2. when i open b06 on windows, theres a longe pause then a window pops up saying 'this verison is not stable. it is recommended you use a previous version of ppre - V' with an OK button, i press OK and anotehr window pops up saying 'this application will now terminate' and a OK button, i press ok, it terminates, thats it :B wat do
  3. This random wifi thing is pissing me off, even when i catch 3 totally untouched pokemon and try and get on random with them, it kicks me off, and yes they were the only pokemon in my party, just caught 5 mins before i tried to get on. Can somone post 3 .pkmn files of pokemon that they have gotten onto random wi-fi with please? So i can compare and contrats as to wtf is going on
  4. IT doesnt check PIds because i edited a pokemon in the box, with pokesav, i changed iv's ev's and nature (even though it doesnt work) and it was useable on random wifi then i went and changed its ability to its dream world ability and it wouldnt let me on.
  5. Thanks for the new codes guys, im gonna see if using the wild pokemon modifier, then the ev iv nature and bility mods allow a pokemon on wifi: -- Can any capable hackers do a little investigating into what wifi is checking for when you try to random battle? I took a clean pokemon, and opened it in pokesav, only edited its iv's then refreshed its stats so they were proper, then saved try to go on wifi with it, and got the 'There was a problem with your pokemon, you can't participate' message I assume pokesav is rearranging ssome checksum on the pokemon that wifi specifically looks at, seeing as how all i did was change his IV's. EDIT1- Yep, using the combination of those codes on a clean poke, then going on random wifi still gives you the bad pokemon message; on a side note, the EV mod is still mixing up speed and sp.def
  6. i thinks hes referring to how the stats are layed out in riolu's code
  7. Sweet, these gave the right Ev's but i dont think in the right stats.. in game the stats are like this right? HP Atk Def Sp.Atk Sp.Def Speed ? I tried my 6hp/252 sp.atk/252 spe spread again but when i used the EV viewer i think it put the sp.atk one in the wrong spot, this is where it put them (using the order i just posted above) first - 6 <--thats fine second - 0 third - 0 4th - 0 (this should be sp.atk i beleive) 5th - 252 (this is sp.def?) 6th - 252 (this is speed, and is fine) EDIT1- i opened my sav in pokesav and checked the poke, and indeed it put the ev's in sp.def instead of sp.atk EDIT2- i tested my theory by just putting 00 in the "sp.atk" spot and FC in the "sp.def" spot to see if it was just reversed, but it gave the exact same results as before so i guess sp.atk/sp.def themselves are bugged EDIT3- Hm, now either my pokemon is permanently bugged or only HP,sp.def and speed work, as i just tested atk and defense, and there was no change, it still showed my ev's as 6 hp/252 sp.def/252 spe EDIT4- I just confirmed using a japanese translation guide on smogon that the order the stats show in-game are infact HP Atk Def Sp.Atk Sp.Def Speed
  8. Will saving back to the savefile be available in the next beta? Seeing as how this crappy BW pokesav can do it.
  9. I was able to mark the pokemon this time but it didnt give it the EV's, all it did was screw its name up =P; it's name was Rucca, then after the code turned it into Rucc???
  10. Well i guess some aren't dream world specific abilities but abilities in general..hmm an example being the ability: Perversity basically, the new 5th gen abilities is what i meant.
  11. Ah no worries, quick question though, did you include the new dream world abilities in the list? If so this will help huuge with testing shit to see what/how stuff works; with no poke editor out for BW, the global link down and minimal codes, getting these combinations of pokemon+ability is hard =P
  12. Ah ok then, well that eliminates that theory, also, please don't forget a nature modifier , with the nature mod, iv and ev mods, i can definetly hold out on COM to release a new pokesav.
  13. Wait i just realized, after your edit there are black and whtie versions for your codes yet there was no specific version for the EV code, im playing black version perhaps this was the isshu, or does version not matter with that code =P
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