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  1. @DestroyMagnet Bulbapedia has all Gen 2 PCNY campaigns documented, which if I recall correctly was taken from the old official PCNY website which would post about the events weekly. There is a lot we do not have: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Gotta_Catch_'Em_All_event_Pokémon#Distribution_weeks For Gen 3, Bulbapedia does not have all PCNY campaigns documented, only those which we have had pk3 samples surface of. The documentation is weak and pieced together as information turns up, as I don't think the offical PCNY website recorded any from this generation. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_PCNY_event_Pokémon_distributions_in_Generation_III
  2. Oddly I don't see those event flags on my latest version of PKHeX (Edit: oh you have 3-14, I have 2-14), but you should still check the event constants. I remember doing this manually a few years ago, it may help you out.
  3. Yeah, that varies from person to person depending on personal perspective. If you only acknowledge legitimacy as events that come from the original distribution period, then it's understandable if these are not for everyone. Personally, for me the only reason it matters in this case is the incrementing TIDs, as these are all low number and consecutive, which we will inevitably have lots of now. Those from the original period would surface online with random TIDs and show their place in history, even though we know of instances the machines were reset during some campaigns during the original period. So I do understand it in that aspect. If it weren't for the unique TIDs, it would not matter at all to me, just as distributing with the 10ANNIV software outside of the original distribution period. It doesn't make a difference to me, and I don't agree with terms like "replica". The software is official and untouched, we didn't rebuild it to distribute pokemon with identical results. Though yeah, that's a decision for each person to make for themselves. If it were easy to obtain more original period PCNYs, then it'd be different. However they are very hard to find and sold at artificial asinine prices, so at that point it is ludicrous and I could care less if we are distributing them again in modern day with the original hardware.
  4. One of the Slot A memory cards we obtained had a date range (3 Jan 2003 - 30 Jan 2003) written on the label that corresponds with the following four Gen 2 campaigns: When data is deleted from a memory card, it still remains hidden in the raw data until it is overwritten by new save data. That is the ONLY reason @Gridelin was able to recover Evolution Stone, Monster Week 1, and the Gen 2 campaigns from one of the other Slot A memory cards. Unfortunately for the memory card the original owner's ex gf overwrote, the save data for Phantasy Star was large enough to completely wipe over the raw remnant data of whatever was on that particular memory card, presumably what was on the label. So that is lost forever, unless the same memory card used at one of the other three kiosks turns up. That is why we have two memory cards that contain Campaigns 3, 4, 5, and 6 consecutively, and two memory cards that contain Campaign 1. They were from different kiosk stations (PCNYa/b/c/d). The rest of the campaigns were remnant deleted data from these cards. With the PCNY campaigns we do have, yes we have all the pokemon within those campaigns. Though we are still missing many of the other campaigns that were not on these memory cards.
  5. Naturally any time we upload pokemon here they will be downloaded and used by a lot of people, so it's not an issue to us. If it's not an issue for you personally, feel free to upload them!
  6. The "Mew Machines" distribute identical Mews, only with the TID's incrementing from 00001 with each Mew distributed. We always welcome more Gen 1 and Gen 2 event pokemon here, so it will definitely be appreciated if you can share them.
  7. The main post answers all of your questions, but if English is not your native language I can understand if there is confusion. I will try to clarify. These pokemon are legitimate, not hacks made in PKHeX. The photo was provided for that reason to provide proof. That photo is of one of the original machines used to distribute at the Pokemon Center New York. The machine recently showed up, and now ProjectPokemon owns it and is able to distribute these old pokemon with it. Let me know if you still need any clarification.
  8. I think @Sabresite was either saying or just assuming that Campaign 2 is the Pokemon Box Promo, but he can clarify. Yes, all Gen 2 PCNY egg distributions have special moves. Not the legendaries. These particular Gen 3 pokemon here don't have special moves, and most others don't, but there were Wish Egg distributions for Gen 3 at PCNY. The Wish Eggs were a distributed from a GBA devcart by sending a wondercard via link cable, like the Aurora Ticket. We may hopefully see that software surface sometime.
  9. I figured I should also make this note before anyone asks, about why the Johto Legend campaign has TID 00061. Well my save corrupted when I distributed TID 00050, so I had to restore my last backup from after TID 00049. It took me too much time to start over at that point over one little hiccup, so I went up to TID 00061 so 60 pokemon from the campaign were still provided. What we can learn from this is to reference what @Gold Ursaring said here, and assume it is arguably indeed true about the machine itself, and not kids pulling carts out at the wrong time causing the corruption.
  10. If you'd like to ship me your cartridge to dump for you, you can send me a private message. I'm willing to help. If you'd rather me send you the dumper I understand, though I'm actively using for the time being, so it'd be quickest with the former option. For credibility, I've done this before:
  11. I don't have any familiarity with Home, ithough f if it's anything like Pokebank when it first went online I assume the hack checks are a ludicrous mess. Bad hacks may easily go through, legit stuff may be a no go. Regardless, these are 100% legitimate pokemon events, so in theory they should go through with now problem. Does not matter what PKHeX says.
  12. PKHeX does not have most older events properly documented, so you will often see older events marked as illegal even though they are not.
  13. @theSLAYER I mentioned in the second paragraph that Gen 2 will be ideally uploaded in a few days, as it is still being filled up with pokemon. My limited free time, and the need to zero out the Gen 2 software's unique "one-pokemon-per-campaign" date flag in the save's hex between each distribution, all makes it take a bit of time. The reason I uploaded the Gen 3 saves now instead of waiting until I also had the Gen 2 save is because this link is needed before Saturday morning to go along with some further public documentation. Ideally I'll have the Gen 2 save uploaded by or on Saturday, but no guarantee. @TheSchilling Are you referring to the campaign data from the actual distribution machine's memory cards? All of the machine's software and data are totally unusable unless you have the original machine in your possession, so there's no point in anyone uploading them until we have an emulation or public hardware solution available. Which if you refer to my explanation in the main post, it will likely take quite some time. Don't worry, the data is in possession of enough people to where it won't end up being lost. It will eventually be public one way or another, I will make sure of that.
  14. 7967 downloads

    This page contains several savefiles dumped from cartridges that were distributed a plethora of event pokemon directly from the Pokemon Center New York PCNY distribution hardware that recently surfaced. Hopefully it provides enough public satisfaction for everyone, while the preservation team undertakes this grand and lengthy task of hopefully enabling the software to become usable via emulation, as well as hopefully producing hardware mods for a publicly feasible physical method of distributing. This is our most major project by a long shot and will likely take quite some time, however now that everything is permanently in Project Pokemon's possession, any roadblocks toward the final goals would be on the technical side. Luckily the best minds are at work on each aspect of this project, so without revealing any further details in regards to that, have patience and remain optimistic. -------------------- For Generation III, a full box per campaign was distributed, with the TID for each incrementing from 00001 to 00030. The Ruby savefile is a male trainer so the OT names are all blue colored, and was loaded using the PCNYc memory card in Slot B of the NR GameCube. The Sapphire savefile is a female trainer so the OT names are all red colored, and was loaded using the PCNYd memory card in Slot B of the NR GameCube. Seven Gen 3 campaigns were preserved from the Slot A memory cards obtained. Each box in both savefiles have at least a few of every pokemon from the respective campaigns. For Generation II, three full boxes per campaign were distributed, with the TID for each incrementing from 00001 to 00060. This Gold savefile was loaded using the PCNYc memory card in Slot B of the NR GameCube. Four Gen 2 campaigns were preserved from the Slot A memory cards obtained. Each box will have at least a few of every pokemon from the respective campaigns, even those with normally extremely rare unlikely odds. -------------------- Generation III: Evolution Stone Campaign: 30 Aug 2003 - 4 Sept 2003 Pikachu Lv50 - Thunder Stone 25% Gloom Lv50 - Sun Stone 25% / Leaf Stone 25% Staryu Lv50 - Water Stone 25% ----- Monster Week 1 Campaign: 18 Oct 2003 - 24 Oct 2003 Cacturne Lv50 - 25% Duskull Lv25 - 25% Shuppet Lv25 - 25% Shedinja Lv50 - 25% ----- Campaign 1: 15 May 2004 - 22 May 2004 Houndour Lv5 - 50% Mareep Lv5 - 50% ----- Campaign 3: 31 July 2004 - Aug 6 2004 Azurill Lv5 - 20% / Soothe Bell 5% Wynaut Lv5 - 25% Gorebyss Lv20 - 25% Huntail Lv20 - 25% ----- Campaign 4: 7 Aug 2004 - 13 Aug 2004 Zangoose Lv18 - 20% / Quick Claw 5% Seviper Lv19 - 25% Milotic Lv35 - 25% Kingdra Lv35 - 25% ----- Campaign 5: 14 Aug 2004 - 20 Aug 2004 Armaldo Lv40 - 25% Sableye Lv18 - 20% / Bright Powder 5% Mawile Lv18 - 25% Cradily Lv40 - 25% ----- Campaign 6: 21 Aug 2004 - 27 Aug 2004 Machamp Lv30 - 20% / Choice Band 5% Ludicolo Lv20 - 25% Shiftry Lv20 - 25% Golem Lv30 - 25% -------------------- Generation II: Silver Cave Campaign: 1 Nov 2002 - 7 Nov 2002 Synthesis Tangela Egg - Normal 17% / Shiny 3% Low Kick Ponyta Egg - Normal 17% / Shiny 3% Low Kick Doduo Egg - Normal 17% / Shiny 3% Hypnosis Misdreavus Egg - Normal 17% / Shiny 3% Rage Larvitar Egg - Normal 17% / Shiny 3% ----- Union Cave Campaign: 8 Nov 2002 - 14 Nov 2002 Twister Staryu Egg - Normal 18.5% / Shiny 3.5% Metal Claw Krabby Egg - Normal 18.5% / Shiny 3.5% Sharpen Onix Egg - Normal 18.5% / Shiny 3.5% Swords Dance Goldeen Egg - Normal 18.5% / Shiny 3.5% Future Sight Lapras Egg - Normal 11% / Shiny 2% ----- Johto Legend Campaign: 15 Nov 2002 - 21 Nov 2002 Shiny Raikou Lv40 - 33% Shiny Entei Lv40 - 33% Shiny Suicune Lv40 - 33% Shiny Lugia Lv40 - 0.5% Shiny Ho-oh Lv40 - 0.5% ----- Celebi Present Campaign: 22 Nov 2002 - 28 Nov 2002 Celebi Lv5 - 98.5% Shiny Celebi Lv5 - 1% Shiny Mew Lv5 - 0.5%
  15. I just wanted to post this here. We have a new theoretical idea how these Mew/Celebi machines worked. In several posts I've made during the past years I've said it was probably a devcart inside a SGB2/SFC linked to a GBP. This was based on the fact you can see the SFC controller in photos, as well as a cartridge slot that looks like a GBP. Upon discovering the PCNY machine, our theory has changed. Partly, but not limited to, the fact the PCNY writer's cartridge slot has a faux-GameBoy plastic cover for that illusion. I'll leave out specific details for now, but basically the PCNY cartridge writer is called Machine 2. We think Machine 1 is possibly none other than the Mew/Celebi Machine, which would mean it could theoretically be a devcart in a SGB1/SFC with the cartridge writer plugged into Port 2. Upon learning how the PCNY machine works, this process makes the most sense to be the same case for these original machines. If none other than considering the fact they all support cartridges being constantly inserted/removed without the need of a system reboot, this theory stands very well. Now even more so than in the past, I hope we will one day obtain the software and the cart writer used inside these machines, if not even an entire intact unit. If a few Machine 2s still exist in some form, then Machine 1s more than likely do as well. The question is how and when will they surface?
  16. I am very relieved that this information is finally going public. In late 2018 and early 2019, myself, YoshiMoshi, and a couple others unnamed decided to put in full effort to dig up the proof of what ourselves and community had suspected for years in regards to the GBA distribution carts being sold on eBay. YoshiMoshi and I took upon the task of rewriting a devcart, and the two unnamed dug into the actual sales market. Well after a ton of work being more lengthy than I can even remember to detail, so much information had been compiled to prove every aspect of this dirty and manipulative market that we suspected was being monopolized by individual( s ) since approximately 2014. Basically if you were one of the elite few private collectors or hoarders with access to an ultra rare rom, and happened to either have fully working rare official dev hardware AND software, or with a lot of digging found an obscure compiled custom fork of FAS1 (un-compiled source code was very old and required proper knowledge to modify and update in order to compile yourself), all you'd have to do is buy a cheap GBA devcart for approx $100-$400, then sell it anywhere between $1000-$3000 for mass profit. I don't really need to go into what I've been telling people one-on-one about this, InsaneNutter's post is pretty much a mirror of that. Key things I will reiterate which you should keep in mind: One, approximately 5 or less devices per event should exist, as before Gen IV distribution carts were not mass produced for nationwide events, rather held at select few cities around the world. The vast amount of 10ANNIV and Aurora Ticket cartridges that have sold over the years certainly does not account for this very simple fact. Two, the carts used at the events were sealed into a GBA/GBA SP via a screwed on metal brace and secured with official Nintendo non-tamper tape. No one in their right mind would physically damage the device and its physical value in order to dump the rom, when with a bit of research during that time period it can teach you how to dump the rom via the link port. Even with the possibility of a fool decision by an owner, it still certainly does not to account for all the loose carts being sold. How many sealed units have you ever seen for sale? Most likely none. How many pictures have you seen of a particular event's device that was not from the same photo session? Most likely one set. How many loose carts have you seen for sale? Many if you've kept an eye on this stuff for a long time. The nature of this market speaks for itself when you consider all the facts. Do not buy loose GBA distribution carts if your goal it to obtain something original or a piece of history. If you are a physical collector, suffice with finding a cheap devcart to rewrite, you'll save a ton of money and the insult of being scammed. I hate to say it's a lost cause if you want an original sealed unit, but all I can say is I wish you a ton of luck, they never pop up for sale and I think all have settled with permanent owners for many years now. They all appeared originally on NintendoAge around 2012, supposedly after the Nintendo HQ in Germany had its physical properties liquidated. All were seemingly sold and I think most never showed up for sale again, other than maybe an occasional private deal behind the scenes. With my retirement in March, I left an infodump containing the devcart writing details and some rather controversial market information with the preservation team and told them to make it public sometime in 2019 when they were ready. I figured the last thing I could do to benefit the community before calling quits is doing what was necessary to finally get the filthy sales market to start imploding, and to help people from being scammed, all by providing the knowledge we had obtained. With time and more public exposure that would surely happen. Look what happened with Mystery Mew FireRed cart sales since the savefiles were finally publicized in early 2016. Very few pop up for sale anymore, and when they do they do not sell quickly and sit for a long time, until the listing is either pulled or an uneducated person comes along, and usually not sold at high prices. Initially these types of things being public allows scammers to jump on a train and make some money for a small window of time, but with that they could also flood the market and raise suspicion to the cautious buyer who will then do research. With time and more and more public exposure, these dirty markets will eventually be destroyed. You can't always cry about not doing something like this because of the potential negative risks, someone HAS to take the first step towards balancing the scales. Like InsaneNutter said, at this point the damage has already been done over the last 6 or so years, keeping this information private only benefits the scammers to keep doing what they've been doing. Certain aspects of the information obtained related to the sales market I had also initially hoped to be public, but it is indeed controversial as it would be severely and directly attacking a particular individual who has indulged in these activities. As InsaneNutter said we're not about causing drama, only providing knowledge. As InsaneNutter also said, the diligent person can find this information if they really want to, as it is in private circulation. Despite the knowledge it would provide, it would be rather inappropriate and unprofessional for us to post that stuff on the forums. Myself personally, I do not want to be responsible for putting anyone under direct public attack, regardless of circumstances. They may not have a conscience but I do. What is absolutely necessary to know has been made public with this thread. The photos InsaneNutter provided above are mostly new to the public, we found those as well. As noted earlier, very few sets of photos exist of these devices. I wanted to leave off this post by pointing out the European Eon Ticket. This was something I initially wanted to maybe try tracking down in 2019, but the flame of interest for Pokemon and video games at that point was fully gone for me. Suffice to say no one has found it yet, I'm not even sure if any effort had been put into it because the loose leads toward it were ancient and unlikely to yield results. However this proves it does indeed exist with a private collector, so the rom is more than likely dumped and out there. Do not give up hope for preserving more distribution software in the future. With Christmas next week, the final distribution project I worked on from 2018 will finally culminate over a year later with it's publicity on the 25th. This stuff is out there, and when we think we've hit the end, things always pop up again and again. A recent example being the Gen 2 and 3 PCNY softwares. I recently even heard a rumor about another GBA rom that may be out there. It's also wise to keep an occasional eye on auction sites like Mercari Japan and Yahoo Japan, where YoshiMoshi found the first publicly known Japanese distribution cart in 2018. I'd like to think that public preservation of Pokemon rarities will continue for many years to come, it's essential to the future of the fanbase for decades to come. That's true whether you realize it or not, and one day in the distant future this data will be too long past for anything new to have a chance of showing up, despite what the lack of existing publicly is robbing of the fans that will, and already have, come and gone.
  17. I was just sent this link via email, amazing news important enough for me to log in again and reply. This is the most important Pokemon distribution device to surface so far! I'm still curious about these things to know when they show up, even if they're of no use to me these days. I stand by willing to help if in need, or with any sort information related. Glad to see extraordinary finds are indeed not yet over and passed! Keep us updated.
  18. I have one more semi-related cartridge label in need of translation:
  19. What's it say in the box above 64Kbit? I didn't see that text on the other carts.
  20. I'm going to ask a very similar translation request here since it doesn't warrant a new thread. Just want to know what all the Japanese text is saying: Edit: It looks nearly identical to the text on YoshiMoshi's cart, with only unique text in the box above 64Kbit.
  21. I've had an account there since September 2016 and don't recall any trouble setting it up... maybe its some kind of new feature? Also, yes I do use my Gmail when making forum accounts.
  22. Likelihood any of these savefiles are all long dead. Gen II events that aren't in Stadium, or already privately dumped, are lost for good. I think if someone on this forum had one they'd be willing to contribute, they would have come forward already.
  23. I always figure the main reason most people used the Stadium storage system was to back up their pokemon to start a new game without loosing them. Some may have been transferred back, some not. That's what you'll usually see in storage, tons of random pokemon. I figure some Celebis went through this process. Like you said, some people probably know what they have. Though when they no longer care, the cart will end up somewhere with a new owner, by internet or locally, whether we find it or not. I'm sure there's some out there. It's a very hard goal, but dedication usually pays off. At least, it's something we can aim to achieve within the coming years. I'm personally sick of spending money on this stuff, so I'd rather look towards finding a private collector to deal with... if possible lol... In regards to the clock message you mention, idk. My Crystal gave me clock reset messages upon boot for a couple years before it actually lost the savefile. It must have had trouble retaining the RTC data with the battery getting weaker, but with any other cartridge their deaths came with no warning. It was odd. All I know is when the battery drains totally, there's zero power running through the cart to retain any RAM, so the savefile will be gone regardless of seeing a message or not.
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